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The reliability and on-time-performance of jet charters are questionable since most private aviation companies are entirely focused on offering low-cost services in an effort to win over the masses. What’s more, these larger providers scale their business not only with focusing on cost savings, but by running their business like and airline and customers are sacrificing individualized attention. They end up dialing a “1-800” phone number and repeating their requirements multiple times to representatives who may not already be up to speed on their mission or preferences. Corporate Aviation addresses such and several other issues to offer a seamless experience to its users who value reliability, aircraft quality, safety, and individualized attention over cheap pricing.

When a user utilizes the services offered by Corporate Aviation, they are given one point of contact to guide clients from start to finish. This individual has a team behind them round the clock, 365 days a year to help operate each flight safely and efficiently. Needless to say, such personalized service paired with an experienced team is truly difficult to find in a market so focused on pricing. 

Private Jet Charter Services for Corporations 

Corporate Aviation is a private jet brokerage that is specifically designed to appeal to corporations and individuals flying anywhere from 25 to 500 hours per year and do not wish to own a plane or sign on to a long-term restrictive contract. 

Ryan Hall, President of Corporate Aviation, says, “We are designed to check all the boxes a company requires from a vendor who will be responsible for the safety and efficiency of their executive team on a frequent basis. Instead of investing in marketing and sales representatives, our resources are used to invest in corporate compliance and safety governance.”

Capped Rate Select Membership 

The Jet Card is a very popular way to fly among corporate private jet users. However, it has its downsides. Thus, to come up with a better membership program, Corporate Aviation introduced the Capped Rate Select Membership. It holds on to the benefits of the jet card while eliminating the aspects it sees as restrictive to the end user. 

Under this program, companies put funds in the account just like they would with a jet card. However, instead of being locked into a fixed hourly rate, Corporate Aviation takes these exact rates and makes them a “capped rate”. This means that the client will never have to pay more than the set hourly rate. Additionally, they also have access to discounts from this hourly rate when the market permits. 

Such a feature allows corporations to maintain the ease of use found with jet cards while making the most of their investment in private travel. 

Corporate Aviation: Offering Stress-Free Flying Experience 

Ryan says, “Corporate Aviation understands that clients are looking for value as opposed to the cheapest price.” Thus, to keep executives on time while being comfortable and safe, the company uses the highest quality aircraft in the market. What’s more, they are operated by the most experienced crews. Hence, delivering quality and reliability rather than offering low costs. 

The Challenger 300 and 350 have been the company’s most popular planes since they are relatively new, can hold an entire executive team, and can travel nonstop cross country without the fuel burn of a larger aircraft. Ryan says, “I can confidently say this is the most efficient plane as its quality and operating price are very attractive to companies we work with.”

When it comes to individuals flying for leisure, the Citation Excel is the most favored aircraft. A majority of the company’s individual clients fly between their homes in the Northeast and Florida. The Citation Excel can fly this nonstop as it holds an entire family along with pets. It is a great balance between quality and cost, making it ideal for family vacations or for going to New York for a meeting and being back in Naples before dinner. 

Nailing the Aviation Industry

In an industry with nearly 3,000 competitors, Corporate Aviation is among the 60 companies across the globe to hold an Argus Broker safety rating. Ryan explains, “This means that Argus, the leading 3rd party safety rating agency in private aviation, has conducted an in-depth audit of our business from end to end and has certified that we exceed all industry standards and regulations while holding exemplary business standing with partners and federal agencies.” Needless to say, this offers Corporate Aviation clients ease of mind that they are working with the best of the best. 

Corporate Aviation understands that for some companies, being efficient with their investment in private travel means purchasing an aircraft. Even though this is not always the case, in such cases Corporate Aviation assists in the acquisition process from beginning to end. It works like any other agent in the buying or selling process. What makes it different is that it brings its in-depth knowledge of the specific regulations large companies have in place. This makes the transition smooth and transparent for everyone involved, from the accounting team to the travel management team. 

Catering to the Personalized Needs

Personalized service instead of running a business for scale is highly crucial for the end user. Each of the company’s clients comes to Corporate Aviation with a different set of needs. It is the company’s job to comprehend these needs and offer the most ideal aircraft solution. 

For instance, two different clients traveling from New York to Los Angeles can have different requirements for their trip. The first may be traveling for an important business meeting while the other may be traveling home with their dog for the holidays. In such a scenario, the first client will be better off with a large aircraft that has a bed and high-speed Wi-Fi. This will allow them to reach their destination nonstop and well-rested. They can also work throughout the journey if they wish. 

On the other hand, Corporate Aviation may recommend a smaller aircraft to the latter, whose cost is the leading factor. Ryan says, “A smaller aircraft would potentially require a fuel stop but we would remind them this allows their dog to water the flowers halfway there instead of holding it for 5 hours.”

All in all, it is the company’s job to understand the exact requirements of each client and decide the best-suited aircraft accordingly. Comprehending needs and proposing the right aircraft is the first step to true white-glove service.

Confidence, Compliance, and Safety Over Pricing

In 2020, Corporate Aviation was established as a part of a private family office. This is why compliance and safety took precedence over pricing. This has shaped what the company stands for and how it works for its clients. Unlike other businesses that focus on marketing and a good sales pitch, Corporate Aviation has entirely concentrated on the client experience. 

Pull Quote: “We are designed to check all the boxes a company requires from a vendor who will be responsible for the safety and efficiency of their executive team on a frequent basis.”

Company Description: Corporate Aviation is a private jet brokerage that is specifically designed for corporations who do not wish to own an aircraft, but demand more than what the current charter market has to offer.

Company Name: Corporate Aviation

Founding Year: 2020

Office Locations: Fort Lauderdale, Fairfield CT, Boston MA

Official Website of the Company:

 Name of the Featured Leader: Ryan Hall

Designation of the Leader: President

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