Cycclone Magnetic Engine Development Co.: Designing and Developing Magnetic Engines via Innovation

Established in 2005, Cycclone Magnetic Engine Development Co. leverages  the concept of utilizing permanent magnets in a geometrical configuration that engages in velocity pole cloning, hence; Cyc –cyclonic motion and clone–cloning of magnetic poles. Although incorporated in Nevada, the compay’s office is currently located in Queensland, Australia. 

Incorporated from a Passion Project 

Cycclone Magnetic Engines was only a passion project until it became a backbone to reboot a shipping project. When Micheal Nugent (CEO) made the decision to place his magnetic engine project into the public market, he knew the main roadblock would be the “unproven technology” barrier. However, his belief and experience were one thing, legal compliance is another. Up until then, Micheal’s magnetic engine project did not even have a naming brand.    

Furthermore, Micheal had collaborative relationships with several very skilled engineers and the initial barrier had been crossed. Historical legal precedents were found and researched, and once legal standing was established, the brand Cycclone Magnetic Engines was born based on “Cyc”- (cyclonic motion) and “clone” – (cloning of magnetic poles).

The original Cycclone Magnetic Engines, Inc. company has been siloed to carry out litigation and reparations for shareholders and stakeholders. To move forward, the project has currently been reversed merged into China Dasheng Biotechnology Co. which is a USA company that trades on the OTC markets under the stock code of CDBT.  Henceforth, China Dasheng Biotechnology Co. CDBT will be renamed Cycclone Magnetic Engine Development Co.  

Spearheading on the Ultimate Mission

While the company has bread and butter transport operations and assets used as “rent payers”, Cycclone Magnetic Engines is a pure invention company, and no products are being sold at this time. Nevertheless, the company is driven by a mission to design and develop engines (not motors) that produce mechanical power on demand with permanent magnets as the driving force.  

Its vision is to complete the task—to take the 3D models produced to date and produce several new models to seek accepted principles, move to a short production run of 50 engines for open testing and look to become an engine manufacturer. 

Overcoming Hurdles to Scale Success

To speak of its journey, Cycclone Magnetic has overcome several obstacles to reach where it currently is. For instance, during the investigation by Australian Securities & Investment Commission, Micheal underwent a lot of ordeal. In fact, Micheal was criminally removed from the public company by ASIC employees, and then those employees targeted and used Cycclone Magnetic Engines to hide their crimes. The  ASIC (regulator) prodigiously broke the very financial laws they are supposed to administer, along with a Supreme Court Judge, as though they took lessons from perpetrators in their purview.  

The ASIC employees rushed a claim to the Supreme Court of Queensland to offset a Senate enquiry into their actions and behavior. During the first hearing, Justice Byrne asked “how are we paying for this litigation” from the bench and the ASIC answered, “we are going to sell the engine”. A stunned Justice Byrne then asked, “is the buyer in the room”.  That pretty much described the following 10 years for Cycclone Magnetic Engines.

This had a huge impact on the functioning of the company. The team could not work in engine development during the court action and needed to invent a new engine utilizing permanent magnets as the power source under accepted science to make sure it did not wind up in contempt of court, all the while making sure the energy and momentum did not leave. 

 Despite the ordeal, Micheal did not jump from project to project or arrive with a deal under each arm and this fact brought a network of a thousand loyal supporters and stake holders. “Having a network of support like that, is one of the greatest motivators one can have,” asserts Micheal. 

Led by Team of Mighty Professionals

Cycclone Magnetic Engines was not started as a green or renewable energy project; however, one can clearly see the environmental benefits if it is successful. The company is working in magnetic engines long before the environmental movement of today and if it can be on the positive side of the ledger, it is willing to take it. 

Being at the helm, Micheal spearheads the team with his leadership. He is a full reporting C officer in the United States of America and a Public company Director in Australia having foundered and or merged several private and public traded companies in both countries. Speaking of the team members, he remarks that Cycclone Magnetic has a very strong Board of Directors for its Australian operations that emerged over several years. Added to this is a close group of highly experienced businesspeople to draw from. 

The engineering team is very small and extremely confidentially close while being mighty. Having said that, Micheal adds that he enjoys the brilliant moments (epiphanies) when they emerge addressing or solving an issue. For instance, the company has an excellent CNC production engineer in the team and when we ask to make a “one of” item he usually adds incredible value to make the item as a production piece which directs the engine design team to change the item and propel the result. 

There is very little tinkering, just straight engine development work. Leaders must lead, don’t let the ship flounder at sea. Keep it short, focused and be respectful. Manage a diligent hierarchy and be in house during changes or issues,” cites Micheal while highlighting the work culture of the company. 

Envisioning Future Proliferation

Cycclone has been successfully propelling its mission to the forefront with its zeal and determination. Besides its transport customers, the company is not serving other customers currently. However, it tends to treat its shareholders and stakeholders with the respect that one would deliver to their customers. 

Being a decorated leader, Micheal has profound advise to share to the aspirants seeking to make a mark in the industry. “When you have an enemy at your gates, stand firm and hold onto your beliefs. When you find yourself in the position of being wrong, claim it and fix it diligently. And, get out of bed, go to work and enjoy what you are doing,” he concludes. 

“There has been so much controversy and dialogue about whether we are real or fake and we know some of our defense and survival tactics weren’t always the best moves, but take a minute to contemplate if we are right and the impact that will have.”

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