Datum Dental: Offering Innovative Regenerative Solutions Across an Extensive Global Network


Today, implant dentistry has evolved into the mainstream of restorative practices all over the world. The growing awareness about oral health, the rise in economies, and the increase in the importance of aesthetic restoration of tooth implants are factors poised to boost the growth of the market in the future.

Offering an array of innovative regenerative solutions to support and enhance the future of implantology and oral care, Datum Dental Ltd. has been leading the market with its innovative strategies. The company markets its products for dental professionals through its extensive global network of over 20 partners in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Innovative Industry Leader

Datum Dental is an innovative Israel-based company that was established in 2012. The company provides innovative regenerative solutions to support and enhance the future of implantology and oral care and markets its products to dental professionals through its extensive global network of numerous partners in various countries worldwide

Datum Dental

Currently, Datum Dental is a leading provider of the innovative OSSIX® regenerative solutions portfolio. The company’s GLYMATRIX® core technology is a proven process that uses naturally occurring sugar to cross-link collagen biomaterial using its proprietary. Moreover, the OSSIX® product portfolio has enabled clinicians in hundreds of thousands of procedures in over 40 countries to safely provide predictable, long-term results to their patients over the past 20 years.

Robust and Clinically-Proven Technology

GLYMATRIX technology mimics the natural collagen cycle in the human body which is a natural biochemical process called glycation. The technology is clinically proven and covered by over 100 scientific publications, with extensive clinical experience worldwide spanning decades in hundreds of thousands of procedures.

GLYMATRIX technology utilizes naturally occurring nontoxic sugar to cross-link collagen molecules, producing a collagen matrix that serves as the core for the following OSSIX regenerative solutions:

  • OSSIX Bone (ossifying collagen sponge promotes true bone without remnants)

  • OSSIX Plus (the only ossifying membrane resistant to degradation when exposed)

  • OSSIX Volumax (unique volumizing, ossifying collagen scaffold)

Additionally, the GLYMATRIX is fully bio-programmable for specifically engineering long-lasting biomaterials with enhanced stability and specialized properties needed for OSSIX products. It is ideally suited for reconstructive and aesthetic medicine and enables the tailoring of unique biomaterials to perform in a manner appropriate to their intended application. Moreover, GLYMATRIX-based products are trusted by numerous clinicians worldwide.

Predictable and Long-Term Results

Datum Denta;’s OSSIX® Brand is powered by GLYMATRIX. The OSSIX product family has enabled clinicians in hundreds of thousands of procedures spanning almost two decades to safely provide predictable, long-term results to their patients. In fact, the product provides a palette of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) solutions for a wide range of clinical procedures.

The OSSIX regenerative solutions portfolio includes legacy OSSIX Plus ossifying collagen barrier membrane, OSSIX Bone ossifying mineralized collagen sponge, and OSSIX Volumax ossifying, volumizing collagen scaffold. Datum Dental’s R&D pipeline continues to develop new products for GBR and GTR that simplify procedures and overcome major deficiencies in existing biomaterials through safe and transformational solutions.

Spearheaded by Visionary Leader

At the helm of Datum Dental, Daniel Levitats spearheads as the General Manager of the company. He possesses 23+ years of experience in leading business transformation across multiple domains. In fact, Daniel is a senior executive who drives substantial revenue growth and business development activities in Medical Device companies in various leadership roles, including driving high double-digit growth in a Start-Up environment.

Additionally, he has proven managerial experience in leading multinational business activities and organizations and interacting with business executives and board members. As a leader, Daniel strives to create a competitive edge for the company and provides value add to customers while improving the top and bottom lines for Datum Dental. He is highly proficient and skilled in a plethora of areas such as sales management, marketing, product management, sale operations and optimization, among others. Being at the helm, he ensures maximizing Datum Dental’s revenue while undertaking large-scale projects or program management.

Steering towards a Proliferative Future

To date, Datum Dental has successfully catered to its client’s requirements and fulfilled its organizational mission. The company aims to continue adding further value to its mission and vision in the near future. In 2021, it was acquired by Dentsply Sirona as it complemented the company’s existing implant dentistry strategy while focusing on established quality and meaningful innovation.

With that said, the acquisition of Datum Dental seeks to open significant opportunities for Dentsply Sirona within its Implants segment. With a track record of simplifying and developing innovations for regenerative procedures, the OSSIX® portfolio is aimed to support the vision to become one of the leaders in the dental regeneration industry. With innovative products driven by the GLYMATRIX® core technology, OSSIX® bio-durable design will ensure long-term predictable and superior results. Lastly, the OSSIX® dental regeneration products will support and enhance the future of implant dentistry and oral care.

Datum Dental

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