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David Capece is passionate for innovation at the intersection of digital, technology, software, and video. He established CROOW after identifying opportunities to level up operational efficiency in the digital marketing industry as well as video production segments. Through creative video communities, Mr. Capece plans to build CROOW into a leading software company focused on digital and video production.

Initially, Mr. Capece began his journey by joining ESPN and Interbrand after completing his MBA in Marketing and Finance from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Around 12 years ago, Mr. Capece entered into digital video production by co-founding and being the CEO of Sparxoo, a Tampa-based digital marketing agency. Under his leadership, Sparxoo earned national recognition for its incredible work, was an INC 5000 company and won several regional awards. After guiding Sparxoo from its infancy to its growth phase, the agency was sold to Big Sea, a pre-eminent digital agency based in Tampa Bay. 

Today, Mr. Capece plans to transform CROOW into a global leader in video and creative communities. 

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CROOW – The Journey

After co-founding Sparxoo, Mr. Capece guided the startup to become an INC 5000 company. During this period, Mr. Capece identified the opportunities that could help increase workflow efficiency for marketing agencies and video production companies. In 2019, Mr. Capece led a small team of video production professionals and began creating collaborative and other workflow-enhancing tools. By 2021, Mr. Capece set the foundation for CROOW. This inherently brought the company bigger opportunities to enhance the video production process, which was initially the main product provided by CROOW Studio. In February of 2022, when Sparxoo was sold to Big Sea, Mr. Capece began focusing entirely on developing CROOW. 

Today, CROOW is establishing collaborations and ensuring efficiency in the creative and video industries. The company bridges the gaps between the talents and roles, which generally impede video production quality. However, the CROOW software helps professionals to design workflows that streamline the team’s work, eliminate time-consuming tasks and prevent inefficient and unnecessary communications during the process. Thanks to the CROOW software, the time wasted in finding a file logo or making basic selections can now be used solely to focus on video production aspects. 

CROOW – Services and Products

CROOW currently is in market with its CROOW Studio and CROOWpm products. 

The CROOW Studio contains productized videos. This process has been designed to mimic the conventional e-commerce checkout process and clearly displays the video packages the customer is buying and the correct price. With this, customers and clients can easily buy the video package they want. The client can also select from a wide array of pre-formatted dynamic customizations, such as logos, icons, slide-in-text, title cards, animation templates, and rule of thirds. Clients and CROOW Studio editors can also choose from an extensive stock music library. 

All these aspects of CROOW Studio inherently save a significant amount of time during the pre-production process. It also lets clients and editors stay updated about their selections which ultimately results in optimal client satisfaction. Additionally, once clients buy the stock video, they can access the same video playbook in the previous stages. 

Besides this, CROOW Studio also equips editors with a one-click download option. This way, editors can quickly access the correct font, logo, icons, images, videos, and selected animations. As a result, clients and editors can accelerate the entire video editing process and reduce the rounds of revisions without compromising on the final product. 

The CROOWpm offered by the company is a unique and advanced video production and project management platform. The company designed, developed, and launched CROOWpm in 2022 after reviewing feedback from numerous video production teams in the United States. This platform allows users to streamline video production and ensures that production professionals don’t waste their time, skills, and resources on logistics and low-value tasks. 

The CROOWpm platform aims to help video teams grow twice as much business but without compromising on the overhead. This software system achieves this and reduces the number of platform licenses usually required. The system provides best-in-class animation, right from the storyboard stage to the director and call sheet, besides offering easy access to all video projects, so it becomes easier to manage video production in real-time. 

In the future, CROOWpm software is set to be adopted across the US by production teams and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their videography initiatives with a scalable platform. The product aims to empower clients, marketers and video producers to create and share stories powered by CROOW workflows systems. 

CROOW – Vision and Mission

Mr. Capece emphasizes revolutionizing the creative and video production industry by introducing improved collaborations and removing wasted efforts. The CROOW Studio is already used by many industry leaders and helps them deliver high-quality videos in a timely yet affordable manner. 

Mr. Capece plans to lead CROOW through its five core values:

  • Grow Forward
  • Empower Collaboration 
  • Brighten Humankind 
  • Own Results
  • Bring Energy 

The company aims to become the industry leader by prioritizing transparency and collaboration, which is already ingrained into the CROOWpm software. The company also seeks to utilize the well-established tech-enabled CROOW Studio for optimal video production. The company is focused on improving the aspects of all kinds of videos, from short form to long form and skinny productions to expensive productions. Using this incredible software system, it is possible to remarkably improve the management of TikTok video production as well as 30-minute documentaries and everything in between. Much of this was accomplished through various collaborations and strategic partnerships that CROOW has formed with numerous video production teams across the country. 

Lastly, CROOW, under the leadership of Mr. Capece, is set to double its financial goals, demonstrating success by ramping up products in multiple markets and increasing automation in onboarding throughout the production process. 


Company Name: CROOW

Company CEO: David Capece

Founded In: 2019

Office Location: Tampa Bay HQ (Filming operations in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, Boston)

Official Website: https://croow.com/ 

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