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In 1992, the Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law was established and to date, it is one of the largest law firms in Taiwan. The full-service law firm specializes in all aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The IPR work includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation, and/or transactions thereof. Deep & Far aims to provide competent legal services that other firms cannot comparably provide. Under the leadership of C F Tsai, the Founder of Deep & Far, the firm has grown to be one of the highly regarded and main sources from which foreign filing orders originate.

C F Tsai is the first patent practitioner in this country and has both a technological and law background. He earned his marine engineering bachelor’s from the National Chiao Tong University and extensively getting involved in patent works, and he also has managed to finish his law degree from National Taiwan University and then a Master’s degree in comparative laws from Soo Chow University. He is qualified as a local attorney-at-law and appears to be the sole one who both passed bars in technology and law. Alike him, Deep & Far is comprised of patent attorneys and patent engineers who hold outstanding and advanced degrees and have generally graduated from one of the top five universities in the country and/or the US.

Deep and Far’s team of experts is willing to take challenges to prove that it is the best IP firm, the competence can be verified through these examples, 1) sending to D&F a pending or granted a patent for its comments about how it can improve the claims; 2) sending to D&F a pending patent specification without the claims for it to draft the claims for comparison with the original claims; or 3) sending to D&F and the firm the client is currently using at the same time an initial disclosure so that the client can compare and find out where better claims are. The firm assures the clients that no competitors can escape from the patent rights D&F safeguards for the clients at reasonable service fees.

Deep & Far’s expertise in IPR regulations is well renowned throughout Taiwan, and now the team is looking forward to geographically expand the services internationally. Recently, we got an opportunity to closely understand the offerings in our talk with the expert himself C F Tsai.

Here are the snippets from the interview,

How has rapid digitalization helped the Legal Sector?

Digitalization or artificial intelligence can help manage the documents, space, materials, and deadlines, and can be used to replace some basic labors. An entity must succeed if it can optimize the division of works respectively to be executed by manpower and the computer, but only God would know whether you have got the optimal division unless you have been trained to be clever enough to know all subtle parameters.

How did you manage to maintain a successful run for such a long period? What is the little secret behind it?

I had service experiences in the largest IP and law firms and took that their business models cannot provide competent and competitive services to the best for the clients so that I established the firm in 1992. We offer services in the field of IP and general laws. Our team holds the expertise in providing high-quality patent services, which in respect to others are on the very top. When the clients use Deep & Far services they will elevate their power and valuable patents which are not available through a lot of other firms. This consistency in delivering high quality has been one of the main reasons behind the long term in the industry. I believe the little secret for survival is perseverance, toughness, and courage.

When was the most challenging time in your startup journey and why? What helped you to cope with it?

Challenges are synonymous in any entrepreneurial journey. The recent years are the most challenging time because of business competition and COVID-19. What helped us is the perseverance of sticking to quality service, the toughness of never forgetting quality service, and the courage of endly chasing quality service.

How did Deep & Far manage to undergo the transition of remote working? What were the major challenges in that period?

Considering the other parts of the world, the pandemic in Taiwan is not extremely serious. However, with the advent of the outbreak, we split into two groups taking a turn in working at the office and use VPN for work by the other group working from home.

How do you envision the industry in the post-COVID era? Do you believe there are any further developments required in Deep & Far services to flourish in the post-COVID era?

Because the patent industry will keep operating, we strongly believe that the virtues of perseverance of sticking to quality service, the toughness of never forgetting quality service, and courage of endly chasing quality service are the most invaluable tools to help Deep & Far flourish in the future.

In the coming years, what change does the team at Deep & Far aim to bring in the industry?

We hope to prove to the world patent society that quality competence and price competitiveness can wonderfully be secured and interpreted through the services from this firm because most of the firms are either sacrificing competence due to cost-down or offering good prices to win service opportunities.

Are there any expansion or growth plans under pipeline that we can expect from Deep & Far in 2022?

We only recognize that we like and need to stay with the virtues of perseverance, toughness, and courage related to quality services, and consign the future results to the universe what we should deserve through adhering to such virtues.

What advice would you like to share with the aspiring entrepreneurs on the challenging entrepreneurial voyage ahead?

Given the circumstances and business environment, it becomes more challenging to retain old clients or win new client services. It is our experience and belief that as long as we maintain competence or quality for our work products and competitiveness for our service fees, there still are handsome opportunities to retain old clients or win new clients. The only advice would be to stay competitive and maintain the quality of the services you provide to stay in the long run.

Quote: “The most significant key to how we overcame early difficulties is to insist on the highest quality and continuous improvement of service quality so that neither the client nor the competition can find a criticizable flaw in the job we give.”

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