Deltadata: A trusted digital transformation consultant

Today’s digital era works on technology and data. After the catastrophic pandemic, industries are striving to maintain the pace with the digital era. In this sprint, the traditional companies relying on paperwork and old systems are suffering and might not even sustain the competition. Ongoing digital transformation has surely opened several opportunities for the IT companies but to leverage this opportunity the companies need to innovate and make a clear differentiation to stay abreast.

Deltadata is a pioneer in innovation since 2014 and has been focused on architecting the next-gen enterprises through the DevOps concept by building applications fast using low-code and no-code platforms, enabling the client to achieve swift digital transformation. The team believes that a digital transformation consultant must have experience more than just outsourcing engineers and be able to produce its own successful products. Deltadata is an expert in developing several digital products that have been earning popularity throughout the industry. The exceptional products combined with Deltadata’s expertise had made the company a trusted digital transformation consultant.


Effective innovative products

Several start-ups that create innovative products fail when they fail to meet the expectations. Leadership and execution are equally important in developing innovative products. Deltadata’s innovative products Sengkuyung, Ciklus, and other products were built with expertise and passion and soon these products naturally grew the number of happy clients.

  • Sengkuyung: It is a collaboration that uses the modern Kanban system for multiple use cases including project management, collaboration, minutes of the meeting, and dozens of other use cases to visualize progress. Sengkuyung enables the user to get a more visual overview of the tasks that either need to get done or are complete. At its core, it consists of a physical or digital board with three columns (To Do, In-progress, Done) and tasks listed as story cards. The distinguishing factor is its seamless use and a myriad of features that cannot be found in any Kanban platform. Sengkuyung is an agile scrum project management but also has many different use cases. It is available on modern web and mobile responsive platforms.

  • Ciklus: A full-cycle DevOps platform, Ciklus enables source code repository, CI/CD process, container deployment, and management in one perpetual platform that is creating shared value through its trademarks.

  • Lektur: It is an online e-learning platform, which is available for offline teaching and online teaching. With Lektur it can leverage certifications, automation, custom domains, audit trail, gamification, and more customs to configure e-learning suit to client’s needs.

  • Ayuda Helpdesk: The Ayuda helpdesk and ticketing software product that customer services and IT Teams use to cater to the employees’ and/or customers’ complaints and tickets. Its core functions are to help service teams systematically manage support requests, offer self-service options, and track and report performance.

  • DeltaAsset: It is an affordable CMMS and fixed asset management software. DeltaAsset offers basic functions of fixed asset management like depreciation, asset value, and asset disposal, alongside CMMS features like a work order, field technician management, warranty management, etc.

Doing more with less is imperative. Developing more products with fewer resources, getting more enterprise clients with an efficient sales force, sustainable growth and a roadmap is the key to good performance. That is why I am so excited and proud of what Deltadata has been doing through innovative products like Sengkuyung and Ciklus,” said Steven Law (CEO and Founder).

Architecting next-gen enterprises

Deltadata’s innovative products have gained immense popularity in the industry and are ranked among the leading consulting companies in Indonesia. It caters to clients ranging from enterprise architecture using Abacus and Aris platform, BPMN 2.0, rapid application development, and DevOps/private cloud consulting. Despite being a small-scale company, Deltadata is competing with the big fours in Indonesia.

Deltadata is exceptional in terms of its offerings as it not only provides consultancy in form of paper but also provides a roadmap and execution plan for the enterprise clients. Since its establishment, the company has been a pioneer of innovation architecting the future of enterprises through the DevOps concept, building an application using low-code and no-code platforms, and enabling swift digital transformation.

Delatdata has earned a few global recognitions like Top Digital Transformation Asia CIO outlook 2020, and many more. It has become one of the most successful agile SDLC companies that have 33 largest enterprise clients across Asia and Indonesia. The trademark of the company, Sengkuyung has been used by a minimum of four regulators of the Republic Of Indonesia both on cloud and on-premises. Sengkuyung now is competing with Bitrix24 and Microsoft MS365 in the collaboration market.

Expanding the Core value

In 2021, Deltadata has a total of 33 large enterprise clients and a few SMME clients in South East Asia. All the ROI is reinvested in its trademark software, Sengkuyung, Ciklus and others.

Deltadata aims to grow in the application and data business. Considering the trend for cybersecurity, Deltadata will be expanding its core value to offer application, data, and security. Steven shares, “The first initiative is to become implementer and integrator for US-based innovative active XDR solution company, Fidelis Network. By being the partner for Indonesia and potentially a few other regions in South East Asia, Deltadata will strengthen the application and data with a cyber-security solution.

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