Digit7: AI-Powered Efficiency and Enablement for Retailers, Hotels, Convenience Stores and More

Recognizing that countless businesses are now faced with the eventual need to retrofit their overall approach to customer experiences as well as the way their businesses are actually run, Dallas, Texas-based Digit7 has sought out to provide an unmatched combination of cost effective yet powerful AI-based products that can help an organization reach its revenue goals, optimize operations and increase customer loyalty. 

Offering a portfolio of patented and patent-pending products, Digit7 technology helps retailers and others both from the warehouse up to the front door of an organization’s space. From autonomous drone-based inventory management systems to self-checkout and cashierless innovations, the company’s award-winning experts in the fields of computer vision and much more help arm discerning organizations with much-needed consistency that results in well-oiled operations and increased profits – not to mention a brand and experience that customers respect, enjoy and come back to again and again. 

The company was founded just prior to the entrance of COVID-19. Reflecting on the last three years, Digit7 CEO Chithrai Mani said the pandemic brought about a seismic shift in the shopping behavior of customers. Consumers are now demanding quick, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experiences when they visit their favorite retail stores. Thus, retailers that can successfully offer seamless shopping experiences are more likely to win customers as well as retain them in the long term. 

“We believe in offering cost-optimized AI-driven products that consistently enable business growth, maximize efficiency and ensure a frictionless customer experience,” Mani said. “Our team at Digit7 is leading the way in streamlining the deployment of AI technologies so that its an immediate enabler instead of a huge, never-ending IT endeavor that’s all-too-often the case with competitive solutions.”

It’s key to stay relevant and innovative during a distinct period when consumer mindsets and priorities are shifting – and Mani points to the company’s dual “from the warehouse up to the front door” offerings that help to not only quickly grow the company’s presence throughout countless potential industries, but also enables its innovations to help more people across a broader set of scenarios. 

A Snapshot of Digit7’s Prospective Customers

AI’s unprecedented capabilities are here to stay – and grow exponentially. Digit7’s award-winning products, management team and marketing operations underscore its commitment to shining through the often busy AI-filled market that is perhaps most noticeable in public areas, but just as important where it’s never seen. Digit7’s differentiator is clear – it’s commitment to offering the best possible technologies at the best possible price. Its potential customers include:

Retail – Today, organizations that have moved toward digital transformation often see a notable increase in customer loyalty as well as revenue – typically due to their technological advances that are changing the way their customers shop and making it easier for customers to do so when and how they wish. Digit7 creates an autonomous shopping experience, enabling customers to enter the store, pick up their selected items, and simply walk out the door. There’s no need to scan, queue or checkout. Additionally, Digit7 also offers products that enable instant, frictionless checkout that understands what is to be purchased quickly with no barcodes or apps needed – allowing customers pay in moments. Shoppers simply set goods down, pay, and leave in 10 seconds.

Convenience Stores (C-Store) – A specific segment of the retail market, convenience stories have specific needs associated with their typically small footprint, frequent re-stocking and the need to quickly get consumers what they want and on their way with ease. Digit7’s products provide options that address that specific location’s needs and desired customer experience. 

Hotels – It’s nearly commonplace to find small shops in hotels to provide the needed sundries, snacks and other items that guests may need at any hour, day or night. It’s this small presence yet hugely important role of offering these items for sale that makes efficiency key in terms of manning the location and assisting guests quickly. Self-checkout options from Digit7 can almost serve as another set of eyes and hands for busy front desk clerks and other staff.

Micro Marts – Most known for being found in busy, in-transit facilities such as airports, train stations and other terminal-based operations, micro marts are quickly popping up elsewhere – and they’re in need of serving customers without the need to go through a formal checkout process or interact with an employee. Digit7 makes this operation easy and seamless. 

Business Dining and Cafes – Depending on the set up, Digit7 provides these types of locations with the capabilities that business travelers expect when they don’t have much time and/or seek an easy yet fulfilling meal or snack experience without long lines or other types of delays or hurdles.

Mani said the common theme among all the company’s deployments is efficiency – and the result is highly welcomed and appreciated both by customers as well as employees regardless of whether the impact is felt in the warehouse or on the retail floor.

Pull Quote: “We believe in offering cost-optimized AI-driven products that consistently enable business growth, maximize efficiency and ensure a frictionless customer experience.”  

Description of the company: Digit7 is a leading innovator that offers a portfolio of advanced retail technology products from frictionless and autonomous technologies as well as advanced AI-driven retail management platforms and warehouse automation systems. By greatly streamlining the overall customer experience and bringing unmatched levels of efficiencies, the company offers a proven ROI and helps solve some of today’s most pressing business challenges. Based in Dallas, Texas, Digit7 holds more than 25 patents spanning its DigitSquare, DigitMart, DigitKart, DigitRobo and DigitSnap products.

Company Name: Digit7
Founding Year: 2019
Office Locations: Dallas, Texas
Official Website of the company: www.digit7.ai
Name of the Featured Leader: Chithrai Mani
Designation of the Leader: CEO

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