Dispersive Holdings Inc.: A Trailblazer Revolutionizing Security, Performance and Resilience

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The need for a secure cyber environment has never been more important. With technology facilitating industries forward and connecting everything everywhere, it is vital for organizations—big or small, government or private—to keep up to date with the latest security needs and cyber regulation. To fulfill this growing demand for a secure cyber ecosystem, various companies are emerging with unique protective services and offerings. Launched to address the need for secure communications to enterprises and governments worldwide, Dispersive Holdings, Inc. (Dispersive) is an emerging cybersecurity leader. The company is a pioneer in the Zero Trust Space and delivers Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vision with a converged cloud-native network fabric that is ultra-secure, operationally flexible, and up to 10 times faster.

Launched in April 2021, Dispersive has 51 patents granted including 9 in the European Union and 3 additional patents pending. Dispersive was conceived by a dedicated team of SIGINT, SATCOM, and cryptography experts to address sophisticated DARPA requirements. These requirements ranged from protection against Nation-state threat actors, shifting the vector of attack from vulnerable endpoints to the network where they can be better handled, and obfuscating information flows of sensitive data and end-users.

Dispersive Holdings

Patented Battle-field Inspired Technology

Dispersive leverages proven battlefield concepts of RF frequency hopping and spread spectrum communications from the radio frequency world to secure today’s TCP/IP and Internet communications.  The military as well as several government agencies have already implemented Dispersive to create some of the world’s most secure cyber environments.  With the growing sophistication of cyber threat actors and the increased involvement of Nation-states, the company’s advanced security requirements are no longer just necessary for the federal sector but also have become mainstream for various commercial, enterprise and mid-market customers.

Dispersive’s active-active multipath network fabric securely connects digital businesses, products, and users across any service edge. The solution can be quickly implemented by government, enterprises and channel partners with zero-touch provisioning across multi-cloud environments to secure against new and emerging threats, including nation-state actors.

Converged Cloud-Native Containerized Network Fabric

Dispersive delivers the SASE vision with a converged cloud-native network fabric that can be containerized, virtualized or deployed on bare metal. The architecture operates across any infrastructure service edge with rolling encryption keys, bandwidth aggregation, device posture checking and granular access control.  Typical use cases include Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), VPN replacement, 3rd party partner connections, cloud micro segmentation, and managed attribution for sensitive users and data.  In addition, this approach improves network resiliency and availability, as well as accelerates throughput by up to 10 times even across low bandwidth, high latency environments.   

Speaking of the company’s unique offering, Dispersive’s DispersiveCloudÔ remains in the limelight. The DispersiveCloud is an ultra-secure, high-speed SaaS offering that is multi-cloud delivered and can be quickly provisioned using the company’s zero-touch provisioning approach for all customers.

Spearheaded by Visionary Pioneer

At the helm of Dispersive, Rajiv Pimplaskar spearheads as the CEO and President. Being a Zero Trust industry leader, Rajiv is passionate about growth, driving innovation and scaling cybersecurity SaaS companies. With two decades of experience across product, go-to-market and sales, he has proven track record across several executive roles. Being at the company’s forefront, Rajiv undertakes vital roles and responsibilities while propelling Dispersive towards utmost success.

As a successful entrepreneur, Rajiv understands what it takes to be a pioneer in the industry. According to him, product, team and board are the vital elements in the making of a successful company. Firstly, having a product that fundamentally addresses latent or underserved market needs and is supported by strong positioning, messaging and a solid Go-To-Market (GTM) foundation is table stakes. Secondly, leading the right team that has a shared sense of purpose, a connection amongst each other and a dedication to the cause is equally important.  Finally, having a supportive board that shares the management team’s vision and plays an active role is the third key component for success.  He believes that disciplined execution coupled with unified vision drive value creation.

Surpassing Hurdles and Barriers

As a startup, the company faced several challenges during its inception phase. Since Dispersive’s initial use cases were created for specialized and sometimes classified military and governmental clients, it was challenging for the company to standardize on use cases and create word-of-mouth awareness across other industry segments. However, it not only surpassed those challenges but triumphed over them. Today, in addition to its federal presence, Dispersive has several commercial clients that enable it to successfully promote its solutions across multiple industry verticals and market segments.

Moreover, Dispersive is subject to market forces of execution while simultaneously scaling its team and securing investment capital for new growth.  However, the company’s brand recognition and stable base of early-adopter customers has already begun to translate to rapid growth.  The launch of Dispersive’s SaaS offering has reduced barriers to entry by providing rapid time to value and enabling a wide array of customers who lack sophisticated cyber-security skills to leverage Dispersive’s capabilities and secure their business communication. 

Endorsing Complete Renewal Rates and Future Expansions

Since launch, Dispersive has experienced zero customer loss. The company takes customer satisfaction and retention seriously.  Of all the accolades it has earned so far, it takes greatest pride in solving real world problems for customers and exceeding their expectations by providing greater value than was built into the business case for purchase.  Unsurprisingly, Dispersive’s renewal rates are 100%—providing the company a solid platform to map out its growth trajectory and establish market leadership.

In the future, Dispersive aims to continue extending the capabilities of its Dispersive Cloud SaaS offering.  As part of its soon-to-be-unveiled product vision, the company will be adding additional features and functions as well as continuing to make its solution easier to operate.

Finally, it assures its customers about staying passionate about continuous innovation and its unrelenting commitment to deliver highest levels of product quality.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

Dispersive is fortunate to have the unwavering support of a highly dedicated, best-in-class, expert team that outperforms much larger teams at other similarly situated organizations.  Additionally, Dispersive’s early-adopter installed base is passionate about the product and active in providing word-of-mouth referrals and validation.  Finally, Dispersive is fortunate to have a supportive board that endorses the company vision and is fully supportive of the management teams’ efforts to build a high-value company for all stakeholders.

Dispersive Holdings

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