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The cleaning industry has always been looked down upon. As a matter of fact, the existing stereotypical reputation involves the businesses, companies, and cleaning ladies in the industry being called low-class. Danielle Jenkins, the Founder, and CEO of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. was able to break these stereotypes. Earlier, she explained, the cleaning industry was unluckily known for “no education needed”, an “easy to start” business, no insurance, bringing their children to work, no professionalism, an “under the table” business, and unreliable scheduling. Overall, these sum up to low respect for the cleaning industry, making people expect “low hourly rates, barely good enough service, and no trust in the staff working at these places,” according to Jenkins.

When Danielle first began, all she wanted was to prove that she was not the same as other cleaning people or businesses. She states, “With doing so, I created an immense amount of respect from clients and prospective clients, a large desire for my business to clean people’s homes, and many opportunities for friends at the time that needed jobs.” Thus, she continued to create processes and systems to ensure that all aspects of the business were well-respected, sophisticated, and professional. As time passed by, these evolved to fit more than 50 employees, serve thousands of clients, and spread to various regions.

What Services Do Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Offer?

The company essentially has three divisions – new development, commercial, and residential. New development involves recently constructed buildings or homes that are in a requirement for clean up before being owned by investors or homeowners, commercial includes health centers, offices, or public spaces, and finally, residential constitutes of homes. The process of providing services is largely different from other cleaning companies.

For instance, the residential division of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. starts by offering prospective clients the ability to book a consultation on their computers or phones, within seconds. From there, the company’s office administration connects with them for booking a virtual consultation. Here, they get quotes for a deep clean and preferred maintenance schedule. This can be once in four weeks, bi-weekly, or weekly, based on the client’s needs. Post approval, the client gets a new package that outlines everything they can expect from Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.

The company then books the client’s services, repetitively and consistently. Posterior the initial deep clean, the company takes a follow-up in order to make sure that everything went as anticipated and also to check if there are any other priorities or preferences they would like the company to know. Finally, the company proceeds with its maintenance schedule. In fact, they consistently communicate with the client and provide them access to the portal where they can revisit their upcoming appointments, request services, make payments, and much more.

Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. additionally has exciting perks, including insurance, satisfaction guarantees, its own cleaning line of products (sustainable, biodegradable, pet-friendly, and non-toxic), the same staff members at their space every time, a loyalty program, etc. Not to mention, each and every aspect of the business, regardless of its division, is “held to extremely high standards for professionalism from the office, over the top sophisticated service from our cleaners, and quality leadership from management,” in the words of Jenkins. She further believes, “The most important lesson that being a leader, mentor, and CEO is that everything is always changing and you need to be able to be adaptable and resilient to new situations all of the time.” This is clearly one of the reasons behind her business’s success and clients’ satisfaction.

How is Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Different?

When Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. was established in 2018, other companies in the industry were not highly-reputed. However, Danielle believed in what she says today, “One thing to remember is that you are not controlled by your circumstances and can make a change for the better at any time. It may take time, work, and dedication, but you can do it.” This is how it all happened.

While the company has proven to be different from other businesses in the industry in terms of sophistication and professionalism, these are not the only reasons why Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. is unique. The company handles all kinds of issues in the best possible manner as well. For instance, among the major problems is the staffing and several clients of other companies tend to experience unreliable services offered by unprofessional staff members, who do not respect the companies they work for. Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. has dealt with this problem well. They ensure that their staff has a company and a positive workplace to support them.

Part of Danielle’s leadership involves ensuring that they work with all of their employees individually to meet their professional and personal needs. In case there is a minor problem or weakness that must be addressed, they offer a plan of action to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Moreover, the company pays its employees a comfortable salary backed by Living Wage Certifications and guarantees them their preferred work schedule (full-time or part-time). Besides, the staff also gets the best supplies and equipment for the job and the company’s wins are celebrated at all levels, from the employee level to that of the management. In order to keep them motivated and high-spirited, Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. has bonuses, reward programs, and employee appreciation days as well.

The entire process is to assure that the company possesses a strong workforce that respects their job, the company they work for, and the clients. Danielle goes by the philosophy that employees come first before the clients; they will take care of the clients. Thus, she has always put her employees’ needs first. This has resulted in satisfactory clients, who are happy to refer the company to their friends and family.

What are the Future Plans of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.?

With its headquarters located in Orangeville Ontario, Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. currently serves several areas, including Windsor, Scarborough and Toronto, the GTA, Orangeville, and surrounding regions. The company is constantly growing. When they hire a new workforce, they always remind them that the excitement for growth and being a part of a dynamic company are necessary. Truth be told, each individual at the company is excited for the future with their management and leadership.

In the short term, Danielle says, “the company is working on expansion in two smaller communities, and will be fully established in Windsor, ON Q1 2023.” Since new opportunities come every day, the extent to which the company will have grown by then is still a surprise, even for the CEO. Nonetheless, she plans to start offering franchises in a few years.

Description of the Company: Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. is a cleaning company that has changed the narrative of the industry by indulging professionalism, sophistication, and excitement in the business.

Company Name: Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.

Founding Year: 2018

Office Locations: Orangeville – Greater Toronto Area, and Windsor

Official Website of the company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Danielle Jenkins

Designation of the Leader: CEO & Founder

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