DPI Showcase Web Sites: Crafting Personalized Websites for Real Estate Professionals

DPI Showcase Web Sites, established in 2008 and based in Miami Beach, Florida, is a prominent web development company specializing in tailored websites for real estate professionals. Under the leadership of President Mark Weithorn, a seasoned marketer with over four decades of marketing experience, the company has enjoyed remarkable success in the industry.

Mark’s career began as a globetrotting commercial photographer, renowned for his captivating slide shows for all sorts of businesses. He later founded a thriving product photography studio in Miami, Florida. Expanding his horizons, Mark became a partner at Khameleon Communications, an acclaimed advertising agency known for its expertise in product development and collateral design. During this period, the firm emerged as a digital printing company, and then, it ventured into website development, with a primary focus on serving Realtors in South Florida. Over time, the organization’s client base expanded steadily, encompassing key metropolitan areas across the United States.


As part of giving back to the Realtor community, for the past 20 years, Mark has been teaching marketing classes to Realtors, primarily at the Miami Association of Realtors. He has created classes like Surviving The First 6 Months As A Realtor (which is a book available on Amazon), Farming For Listings, and The 15-Minute Social Media Workout, among others.  He also has a widely acclaimed YouTube channel with dozens of 2-minute tech tip videos. “Being a Realtor is very difficult,” states Mark. “Not only do you have to do marketing to get new leads, but you need to service the client and then run your business. And there are limited resources for learning how to do all of this.” Over the years Mark has taught over 30,000 Realtors.

The DPI websites are an all-inclusive system. They contain the IDX, which is a link to all the listings in the local MLS; a built-in client management system, CRM; a proprietary database of new and existing developments with floor plans; and various pre-designed landing pages. In addition, all the websites have a blog page where a new blog article is uploaded every day.  After posting to the website, the blog articles are then automatically posted onto the Realtor’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Each post has a link going back to that article on the Realtor’s website. Then, every Monday, the system automatically emails all the clients in the CRM a weekly e-Newsletter with the previous week’s blog articles. Once again, each article in the e-Newsletter links back to the Realtor’s website—another method of driving traffic to the site and engaging clients. All of this is done for a low monthly hosting fee, eliminating the need for the Realtor to sign up for various services; it’s all-inclusive.

At the heart of DPI’s philosophy lies the KISS method—Keep IT Systems Simple. Unlike many tech companies and programmers who tend to over-complicate their products, the company prioritizes simplicity. By embracing this approach, it ensures a seamless user experience and enhances usability for both the Realtors and their clients. “We get many new clients who come to us from other platforms because these other systems are too complicated to use “states Mark. “We try to automate as much as possible.”  

For example, if a client sees a property they like and clicks on Contact Agent, they then fill out their personal information. The Realtor then receives an email and a text message alerting them that they have a new lead, the system then automatically enters the client into the CRM.  The client then automatically receives daily emails with new listings, weekly e-Newsletter emails, holiday emails, and regular emails from the Realtor.  The Realtor will get alerted when the client is on the website looking at properties and will receive regular reminders to follow up with the client.   It’s all automatic, leaving the Realtor with more time to focus on what they do best: sell.

The company not only possesses expertise in developing integrated real estate IDX websites, but they also invest significant effort in comprehending each client’s unique business goals, current position, and future aspirations. This comprehensive understanding enables the firm to create personalized websites that align precisely with their client’s objectives. “Unlike a set templated website, we can customize portions of the website, tailoring it to the Realtor’s business model,” says Mark Weithorn. 

DPI also stresses more on customer service. Each client is assigned a personal web designer. This ensures that every time a realtor has a change to their website or a question, he has someone to always reach out to. “Many times we get comments from new clients that they can’t find their original web designer.  Or, that they don’t know where their website is being hosted or where their domain is registered. They are very frustrated”, says Mark. “We make sure they have a personal contact and are assured of timely responses to their needs.”  

Training is another critical element.  Once a new site is set up, each client is contacted for a training session via Zoom.  They are shown how the website works and the various tools available.  The trainer then reviews their social media pages, ensures they are set up properly, and then links them to the website for auto-posting. The trainer will then give the Realtor marketing tips on how to get, and follow up on leads.  “It’s our goal to make sure that our client, the Realtor, is successful,” states Mark. “If they succeed, then we succeed. We are all in this together.”

With a team of programmers and web designers, DPI is constantly adding new features and designs to its system.  For example, they recently upgraded the client management system by adding new features.  All the clients automatically received the upgrades at no additional cost.  It is the DPI philosophy never to charge for these new features.  They are all included in the monthly subscription fee.  “I don’t like getting nickeled-and-dimed by my vendors,” states Mark. “So we refuse to do it to our clients. Realtors are hardworking people, and we respect their time and effort.”

DPI’s original goal was to concentrate on Florida. “Florida is one of the largest states in the US for real estate,” states Mark. “There is enough business here to keep a web developer busy for a lifetime.”  But the word got out about the quality, ease of use, and affordability of the DPI product, so now DPI is spread out over select metropolitan areas across the USA.  Over the past 19 years, DPI has experienced consistent growth and profitability. The DPI system is expandable to cover an unlimited number of MLS feeds and new Realtor websites.  “2023 has been an exciting year,? says Mark. “The sky is the limit.”

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