Dr. Shellie Hipsky: Inspiring Women Globally through Comprehensive Education and Empowerment

For several years, women’s empowerment has been a vivid discussion in various industries and sectors. With only a few organizations taking a concrete initiative towards it, several women leaders and entrepreneurs have come to the forefront to inspire their fellow female colleagues as well as those around them. Dr. Shellie Hipsky has been actively advocating for leading the world in empowering media and education for diversity and inclusion of all women.

During a candid conversation with Dr. Shellie, she provides us with insights into her company, Inspiring Lives International. She also elaborated on how she is working towards a greater goal of women’s empowerment along with the company. Following are some of the snippets from the conversation.
Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie Hipsky

What factors inspired you to Inspiring Lives International? Could you share with us some of the notable highlights from your tenure at the company?

I began as a tenured Professor at RMU after a successful career as a teacher. I went on to lead my own company after a predestined connection with a woman with an inspiring story. From there I went on to interview women leaders from around the world on how they found inspiration, empowerment, and balance through my television show ‘Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie’, Empowering Women Radio, and my 13 books.

Speaking of notable achievements, I have been recognized with various awards—from “Entrepreneur of the Year” to “Best Business Woman”. I also had the honor of speaking at prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford and Harvard University as well as on stages such as Passions to Profits in Hollywood and United Way for Women. I take the utmost pride in running a company and the non-profit ‘The Global Sisterhood’ simultaneously while maintaining my family’s work-life balance with my two children.

Being a seasoned leader, how do you inspire and empower women at Inspiring Lives International? How is the company working towards fulfilling the greater goals of women empowerment?

I teach various curricula that truly tap into what a woman desires in the areas of inspiration, empowerment, balance and abundance. Women in transition who are ready to get to the next level in their life goals take the Expert Level course, join a cohort of other amazing women in the EmpowerU Master Class, and the very successful women invest in World Class VIP experiences 1:1 with me. I coach them and provide them with information, a network, and the ability to visualize their future while taking impactful actions.

Inspiring Lives International is a motivational media company that provides resources, coaching, keynotes, literature, curricula, and platforms for uplifting women worldwide. The core values have been solidly committed for the over ten years of the company’s existence. Throughout history, women’s voices have too often been silenced. Inspiring Lives International gives empowered women a platform to shine, grow, learn, and collaborate.
Please walk us through your roles and responsibilities at Inspiring Lives International.

As a leader, I wear multiple hats and undertake several roles. I am the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Executive Director of the Global Sisterhood non-profit, and Editor in Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine. Being at the helm, my primary duties include leading the company and non-profit. Additionally, I speak on stages as well as media on an international level. My primary duties include leading the company and nonprofit while speaking on stages and in media internationally.
In your opinion, what unique traits/skills make you one of the “Top 10 CEO’s Making a Difference in 2022”? How do you ensure making a difference through your leadership persona at work as well as in the industry?

I hold a US patent in how to differentiate design for adult learners. So, whenever I present my curriculum (such as through the EmpowerU Masters Class), I do it from the stance of being an educational leader. While using this knowledge and background, I’m able to dive into what the women need whom I am coaching and then help. I also have a very creative spirit. I can see things from different angles and I never stay inside the box. I lead to love and compassion in my heart. I’m very empathetic to the needs of my staff and the women I lead internationally.
Challenges are part and parcel of any business. With that being said, how do you, as the leader, maintain a firm balance between success and failure? How do you tackle negativity and other demotivating factors at work?

Challenges are not only part of any business, but they are a part of any life. If you are truly living full out and/or if you are leading you are going to have both success and failure. When you have successes, you must celebrate them! When you have a failure, you must pivot. I tackle negativity and other demotivating factors at work head-on by addressing the problems, addressing the concern, seeing what works for the greater good, and generally being a positive person, who loves what I do. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work with women leaders internationally to watch them grow and to watch their business scale and thrive.
Work-life balance is imperative for a leader. With that said, how do you balance your personal as well as professional life?

I not only manage it for myself but I also teach other women through the World Class VIP and my signature EmpowerU Master Class how to find life balance. I think it can be a struggle for some women to be able to maintain balance when it comes to sustaining a career and leading a family at the same time. I think that involving my children in my work has been a wonderful bonding experience as well as a learning experience for them. I always put in tons of quality time even when I can’t always put it in the quantity of time. I am dedicated to prioritizing my family and putting them first.
What would be the top three goals for Inspiring Lives International in the coming years?

Three top goals of Inspiring Lives International:

  • For thousands of women as EmpowerU Master Class Alumni to be able to lead their families and businesses while experiencing their own definition of success;
  • For millions of lives to be touched through the powerful stories shared through the speaking, publications, and media opportunities that Dr. Shellie Hipsky and her team book to inspire and empower;
  • For top women leaders internationally to seek out the World Class VIP coaching experiences with Dr. Shellie Hipsky to grow their businesses and make tremendous impacts on those whom they serve.
Lastly, what is the most valuable lesson that your career has taught you by far?

The most important lesson that my career has taught me at this point is that it is ever-changing. The way I define myself is always evolving. I went from a professor to the Global Empowerment Coach and CEO. I went through many iterations of how I was and how others viewed me.
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