Enviroo: Creating A Better Environment – Both for Today and Future 

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We as a society have evolved at a regular interval of time. Species around us have struggled to maintain themselves in this ever-changing environment. However, we have successfully adapted ourselves and maintained the pace of evolution. But this evolution came at a cost. Humankind started exploring its roots in untraced locations. Soon, the outburst of population happened, which eventually raised the demand for water, food, and shelter. The global climate is a reflection of how mankind neglects various aspects of life such as the sun, earth and oceans, wind, rain and snow, forests, deserts, and savannas. Climate change and other catastrophic disasters emerged as a byproduct.

Currently, we are witnessing that heatwaves are fast and becoming the new norm. These heatwaves are likely to see more intense tropical cyclones. Also, over the past 100 years, the levels of planet-warming greenhouse gases are rising gradually. Ahmed Detta, Founder, and CEO of Enviroo explain, “Our planet will continue to heat up and each degree of warming will bring more extreme weather. Plastic pollution is a huge contributor to climate change and I established Enviroo to help society develop a better relationship with recycling and help eliminate plastic pollution.” Enviroo is a PET plastic waste recycling start-up that helps in creating food-grade polymers to close the recycling loop and establish a world-class circular economy infrastructure.

Enviroo provides a solution to post-consumer plastic waste. It recycles 100% of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic waste and creates ‘food-grade’ polymers that are used to recreate food packaging and plastic bottles. The company has created a closed-loop recycling method, with long-term viability as it ensures transparency, circularity, and sustainability.

A Responsibility for Change

There are two sides to every coin. As aforementioned, the rise in climate change has raised several concerns across the world. This has pushed the world to move towards more sustainable options that cause less harm to the environment. At present, there is an increase in demand for recycled plastics and despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have remained steadfast in their commitment to using recycled plastics. The pandemic has seen a rapid increase in demand for packaging, with consumption of goods at home rapidly increasing, and a concerned population is now highly inclined towards hygienic packing for food and beverage to continue. Loose vegetables and fruits from the supermarket are now being re-packed in plastic packaging due to health and hygiene concerns amid the pandemic. “It is our responsibility to engage and unite all stakeholders in the recycling journey, which will provide a solution to single-use plastic,” states Detta. Enviroo is constantly working with a plastic stream that impacts everyone thus enabling it to collaborate with government agencies, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands, consumers, and charities.

Technological advancements have helped businesses across the world. Especially, the businesses that are making a real difference in the world. Enviroo customs innovative technology that segments PET plastic from other supporting components through a highly sophisticated synthesized washing process, coupled with a world-class extrusion process. The result is the creation of polymers that can be used in direct food contact packaging. Its recycled polymer blends perfectly with virgin PET polymers or can stand alone in the production process. The company builds and operates in its PET recycling facilities.

Enviroo focuses on a material that represents longevity. PET plastic will be around for the long term and the company will ensure that it adapts as the use of this material changes. This provides it an added advantage and helps in controlling and securitizing the entire process.

Equilibrium of Advanced Tech and Team

Along with the advanced technology, it is also important to have a knowledgeable team with whom the entire process gets much easier. Historically Detta had team members who were passionate about sustainability but did not possess the relevant skills to drive the business forward. In addition to this, obtaining funding from institutional investors for a startup company was a challenge as well. However, the grit, resiliency and tenacity to make a difference helped Detta to establish a team that can drive the business forward successfully and to allow the company to deal with the challenges it may face in the future

Ahmed and the team of Enviroo are continually working with a mission to make plastics recycling habitual in everyday behavior and instill the belief that profiteering from this process is good for all involved. The executive team at Enviroo is adept at identifying opportunities where plastics recycling can be accelerated or improved from current processes and has developed local market insights to support the ever-growing plastic waste problem. 

“I keep my team motivated with the belief and knowledge we are making a difference. Every single piece of plastic recycled will make a monumental difference over the long term to preserve the beautiful earth we live on for future generations to come and this inspires my team,” Detta asserts. The team is kept motivated as he provides the example for them to follow – when his energy is high, it is infectious and it builds a great camaraderie during these unprecedented times.

The Fundamental Concept of Listening

One of the major challenges that the team of Enviroo has been dealing with, is the authentic people in business and understanding their true intentions and the impact it will have on the company. Ahmed has dealt with numerous people who are not sovereign and overcome this with the philosophy of adopting a ‘win-win’ mindset. He believes if both parties in the deal are not going to mutually benefit, it is better not to pursue it as disappointment will prevail later down the line. To build a successful relationship with a client, it is important to listen to the requirements of the client. Clients will not change their requirements to accommodate your idea or product, it is usually vice versa. This is not to say innovation and new product development should not be pursued, it is advocating that it needs to take into account the ability to fulfill needs that ultimately provide commercial benefit.

 Too many people come up with a brilliant idea but fail to execute it as it does not meet the needs of the client or buyer. Enviroo listens to its customer needs and the customer listens to the company’s ability to meet their requirements. Open and regular communication ensures that expectations are fulfilled and if they cannot be met then they are re-adjusted with everyone’s expectations and managed accordingly.

A Leader’s Routine for the better future 

Detta as a founder and CEO is involved in several plastics related projects. Despite being a hard-working entrepreneur, he finds time for himself. As the secret to becoming a successful leader is to maintain a work-life balance,  he starts his day with EFT techniques (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clear his head of any anxious or negative thoughts. This is followed by a thorough to-do list and an essential coffee to kick start his day. He also practices 10 minutes of meditation and mindfulness to create space to ensure a productive and successful day. For the aspirants who are soon going to enter the chaotic business world, Detta recommends being aware and conscious of their choices.

Furthermore, the growing concerns towards climate change, demand a sustainable approach from all of the population. Detta believes that minimizing or controlling the buying options can also make a big impact. “If society simply slowed down and was not always in a rush, we would make better buying decisions and have the time to buy sustainable products if they can afford them. I would ask individuals to make sure they don’t litter whilst on the go and make sure recycling at home is done properly,” he explains.

At present, the major transformation for the business has been the announcement of the plastics packaging tax in the UK. It will now become a mandatory requirement for manufacturing businesses to use recycled material – a minimum of 30%. In the coming years, Enviroo plans to look at several different forms of plastic recycling. Once it has established its Polymers across the industry, the next mission is to look at ‘tray to tray’ recycling as well as PP materials.

Quote: “We advocate responsible recycling that creates unity amongst all circular economy stakeholders, thus ensuring 100% of PET plastic waste is recycled.”

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