Firexo: Protecting People, Property, Belongings and Emotional Well-Being from the Effects of Fire

Founded in 2018, Firexo aims to protect people, belongings, property, and emotional well-being from the effects of fire. The company offers a range of fire protection solutions for individuals as well as businesses alike. 

The idea behind establishing Firexo began with a conceptual ideal after the founders spotted an ability to largely simplify an antiquated and over-complicated marketplace. Following several years of rigorous testing, R&D and trial and error, Firexo was able to establish a working product, that would go on to be approved by highly reputable testing houses across the globe. 

While the early days of any entrepreneurial start-up are rarely easy, a global pandemic presented a new level of challenges to overcome, but Firexo has ridden the global business rollercoaster of recent years and has emerged stronger and more focused than ever on its mission.

Maximized Fire Protection

Firexo’s mission is simple— “To protect people, belongings, property and emotional wellbeing from the effects of fire”—and the company does that. Since its establishment, its aim has not only been to provide a solution that is a highly effective extinguishant for classes A, B, C, D, Electrical, F, and lithium-ion battery fires, but to offer reassurance and peace of mind due to the suitability and capability in any potential fire emergency. By simplifying a confusing aspect of fire safety, the company affirms itself as well-placed to achieve its mission and is now encouraging the industry to adopt a similar ethos. 

The Firexo solution is simple, and the innovation is immense—Firexo is a globally unique fire extinguishing solution. Firexo ALL FIRES liquid extinguishant is the first of its kind to be tested safe and highly effective on classes A, B, C, D, Electrical, F and Lithium-Ion fires. The product is brought to market in standard traditional and easily recognizable extinguisher vessels, handy aerosol units, specialist industrial, and large-scale mass volume. 

Firexo exists to protect from fire. Deploying a Firexo extinguisher offers the user a fast, powerful, confusion-free option in all situations, buying valuable time to prevent damage, or more importantly, to enable safe evacuation. However, the aim is not only a highly effective extinguishant but also to offer reassurance and peace of mind due to its suitability and capability with zero confusion in any potential fire emergency. Additionally, its solutions remove the uncertainty and confusion of which type of extinguisher to use on different types of fire as Firexo can be used on ALL FIRES. Speed of extinguishing reduces the likelihood of injury, minimizes unnecessary damage to property, and most importantly helps save lives. Moreover, Firexo is water based and unlike some conventional fire extinguishers, is safe to use.

Spearheaded by a Serial Entrepreneur

At the helm, Dave Breith spearheads as the Chief Executive Officer and leads the entire team of Firexo with his leadership. He wears multiple hats and ensures catering to the success and growth requirements of the company. A serial entrepreneur and family man, Dave has enjoyed business and career success across multiple sectors spanning the past 4 decades. His calm, measured, and assured approach together with a hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up and practical leadership style, serves to create highly effective, motivated teams that drive both commercial successes and individual personal development.

Firexo maintains and endorses a strong work ethic and commitment to quality runs deep throughout the team. Being at the forefront, Dave encourages a management open door policy and believes empowering people to be confident in their own strengths and abilities organically create positive energy and a highly productive team.

Inculcating Innovation at the Core

For every business, innovation is a major deciding factor. With that being said, innovation lies at the heart of who Firexo are as an organization. From an ambitious initial concept and unique product formulation, all the way to reaching retail shelves and the wider industry marketplace. Moreover, the company sets out to do something that has never been done before, and it has achieved that milestone as well. 

Everyone from Industry professionals to homeowners has referred to this product as a game changer, and with the company’s innovative and flexible approach to working, Firexo believes that it can continue to uphold our reputation as one of the biggest innovators in a marketplace that has remained largely unchanged for 50 years.

Recognized and Exclusive Market Player

With its range of innovative and game-changing offerings, Firexo has attained an exclusive position within the marketplace. In Dave’s opinion, one of the key contributors towards making the company one of the recognized and reputed companies, rapidly contributing to the brand’s popularity, in the industry is its confusion-free, ALL FIRES suitability. 

Moreover, Firexo is a simple, self-explanatory, ultra-convenient extinguisher product that is the obvious choice for any home, workspace, and vehicle or anywhere it might be needed. The benefits are extensive when compared with traditional extinguishants, not just for the end user. However, the company has impressive environmental credentials, with safer ingredients and massive water-saving capabilities. 

To date, Firexo has catered to the unique and evolving requirements of fire safety

 with utmost precision and in a hassle-free manner. The company aims to continue doing so in the near future. Firexo’s continued growth and expansion are on track to soar into its 5th year and far beyond with their latest development. A specialist product called fx73. A wildfire extinguishant is specifically engineered to tackle such fires by not only extinguishing but also creating a barrier with excellent retardant capabilities and fertilizing capabilities which helps bring the soil back to its natural state. “With wildfires bringing devastation to so many lives across the globe, we believe this product will change everything,” concludes Dave. 

“Firexo is water based and unlike some conventional fire extinguishers, is safe to use.”

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