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Like most of the super stars of the tech world, Jay Hsueh, the CEO of GARAOTUS also developed a passion for cloud computing when the cloud technology was just beginning to make in-roads into the enterprise world. Jay understood that a combination of HPC (High-Performance Computing), AI and cloud offer several benefits to enterprise customers.With in a short span, Jay became a highly skilled HPC professional specializing in HPC Datacenter, Infini Band, and Lustre File system in the HPC solutions offering category.

In 2012, Jay received an assignment to work for a global company specialized in HPC and Cloud business across the US, Taiwan, and China. During his long stint at this firm, he successfully developed a platform for HPC, AI and clouding computing, which provided enterprises the flexibility to fulfill various computing requirements.

Jay has succeeded in building three TOP 500 HPCs and planning, designing, and construction of over 50 HPCs. As a professional specializing in integration of HPC, AI and cloud computing architecture, he helps enterprises unlock the high-performance computing power of HPC. The company’s technical team has been working in the HPC field for over ten years. The team has been providing enterprise infrastructure network construction for many years. 

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In addition, they have actively cooperated with experts and scholars in various fields to integrate AI with HPC. “Through our CRONUS services, enterprises working in a diverse industries can accelerate the efficiency of their discovery, and we co-develop the workflow solution with our partners as well, ” says Jay.

Although HPC solutions offers multiple benefits, infusing HPC computing power into the AI, containerization and data ware house architecture is a challenge.This is where GARAOTUS steps in; the company integrates the key heterogeneous architectures to solve the insufficient computing power.They achieve this by the integration of the system and offers users a seamless and painless way to use HPC computing power.

In addition, GARAOTUS adapt HPC computing power to the characteristics of cloud computing. to overcome the huge threshold resistance for users to the computing power of HPC. As delivering the product concept to every end-user was a big challenge for the company, the company build alliances with seven major industries and combined their common strength to tackle it.

Genomics Powered by AI-HPC

New developments in genomics are opening new doors for understanding diseases and are increasingly developing innovative treatment plans. However, the challenge is that genomics sequencing generates hundreds and thousands of petabytes data every year. To address this challenge head on,both researchers and scientists require advanced tools to analyze such enormous data volumes.

GARAOTUS helps such research groups and institutions by providing the infused AI and HPC technologies that accelerate genomics workflows. Their Genomics Analytics Process as a Service (GAPaaS) was developed together with our partners, one of our partners is a world-class medical research laboratory in Asia. GAPaaS supports researchers to accelerate the discovery process during epidemics.

The company’s GAPaaS solution is being used at the life sciences department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The university leverages HPC technology to maximize resources and accelerate the development of drugs and innovative treatments, and thereby contribute to human well-being. The company also plans to replicate such model of cooperation to medical research institutions around the globe. The company has already extended their footprints to APAC.

“By providing the HPC technology for life sciences research, we have demonstrated its importance. It is evident that scientific research often needs to process and decipher sufficient data and verification through models before transforming them into clinical research and application,” explains Jay Hsueh. By leveraging the quick-go interface of CRONUS-Service Fabric and CRONUS-Orchestration, developed by GARAOTUS, researchers can reduce the technical burden, concentrate on research, and accelerate the findings significantly.

Awards and Recognitions

GARAOTUS’s presents a quite diverse and inclusive solution structure that covers many applications of open-source technology.The company’s team has played a pivotal role in open-source organizations for many years. GARAOTUS has been honored with the International Innovation Awards. This awards program recognizes exceptional innovations in the categories of product, service and solution, and organization and culture, with the aim of encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovation. GARAOTUS is the first team that leverages HPC technology to win this award.

“As the leading HPC solution provider, we need to redefine the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and make Computing Power the new energy for enterprises’ active transformation,” mentions Jay.Based on HPC technology, the company plans to expand their solution portfolio to build application platform layers in various industries, seamlessly connect computing power resources, and create new business models in a fee-based or free manner.

Quote: “Through our services, enterprises working in diverse industries can accelerate the efficiency of their discovery”

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