GEMXX Corporation: The Pioneer of The Ammolite Industry

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For the past 6000 years, gemstones have been traded and admired by millions. Among the precious gemstones, the discovery of Ammolite can be traced back to the 20th century, relatively new in gem history. Ammolite is a multi-coloured iridescent organic gemstone that rivals the best Black Opal. Since its discovery, the gem market has keenly shown interest in Ammolite, with the rising value and demand, Ammolite has become one of the best investment options.

How are you not familiar with the Ammolite gem market? The gemstone was commercially exposed nearly 40 years ago and received “official” gemstone status in 1981. This gemstone comes from a 71-million-year-old fossil, and the unique factor of Ammolite is that it is more than just a gemstone but steeped in history and lore. All of the world’s production comes from a small area in Alberta, Canada—found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Being commercially exposed only 40 years ago, the industry is fragmented with very little structure and no consistency in grading or retail pricing. GEMXX Corporation (OTC: GEMZ) is executing on its plan to establish Ammolite as an accepted commodity worldwide much like diamonds and gold.

The GEMXX team is comprised of Ammolite industry experts. The team has a combined experience of more than 150 years, working with a rare gemstone—more than any other company. As the leader in the Ammolite industry, GEMXX is not limiting its expertise in gemstones to just Ammolite but has an aim to bring multiple precious gemstones and metals under their umbrella. “We are not stopping there, the company already has its eye on other gemstones and precious metals that will bolster the company’s product line, expanding the company and its products into new markets which will result in stronger revenues and healthy profit margins,” said the company’s CEO, Jay Maull.

Team of Veterans

Jay Maull is the CEO, President, and Director at GEMXX Corporation. For more than three decades, he has owned and operated Ammolite mining, production, and marketing companies. He is a true veteran in the industry and has operated the world’s largest Ammolite mine, and produced and sold Ammolite to customers on every continent of Earth. Not only this, he was successful in building the world’s largest online e-commerce platform for Ammolite.

GEMXX has been successful in adding veterans to the team. Apart from Jay, the other key members of the team are Kim S. Halvorson (Corporate Secretary and Director), Kenneth Bradley (International Business Development and Director), Richard Clowater (VP of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Development), Tom Dryden (VP Ammonite Production), and Yale Gelfant (E-commerce Business Development).

The team together has built GEMXX—the first publicly traded Ammolite Company. GEMXX has a global presence, owns its mining assets and controls each stage of its production including excavation, processing, jewelry manufacturing, and global distribution. GEMXX Ammolite gemstone’s quality outshines the others in comparison and is an elite Ammolite producer in the industry. Ammolite has increased in value by more than 300% in the last 20 years, making the best investments in the class. GEMXX allows investors to capitalize through this gemstone. Investors will also find GEMXX trades on the USA OTC markets under the trading symbol “GEMZ”.

Mutual Goal towards Excellence

In the past 30 years, the global presence has exponentially grown and unlocked new and exciting directions for the Ammolite industry. The team continues to work with regulatory bodies such as The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)—a non-profit institute that is dedicated to research and education in the fields of gemology and the jewelry arts. Like the GIA, GEMXX is proud to be the founding member of AmmoliteONE, an entity for like-minded Ammolite producers. The goal of AmmoliteONE is to protect all buyers and sellers of Ammolite gemstones and jewelry by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality. One of AmmoliteONE’s primary focuses will be increasing the value of the gem to where it should be compared to similar gems by bringing the gemstone to the main stage in the eyes of the consumers.

Unmatched Workmanship

GEMXX is widely popular for its top-quality gemstone and cutting edge designs. The global audience continues to grow as more people become exposed to this unique gemstone. Jay states, “Making Ammolite jewelry is similar to making jewelry with other gemstones.  The big difference is how the gemstone is cut and finished, and that part is proprietary.” GEMXX is home to the finest Ammolite gem cutters in the industry who have trained for decades. The combined experience and expertise of the strategic partners, cutters, and manufacturers have proven a big asset for the company.

For instance, one feedback read—“I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Very happy with the intense play of color. Look forward to wearing every day, so comfortable and it goes with everything I wear”. – verified buyer – quiltldiva

Currently, GEMXX is capable of producing an average of 10,000 gemstones and jewelry pieces per month. However, this production is estimated to double over the next eight months to meet the rising demands. By the end of 2022, the company expects production will rise to 25,000 gemstones and jewelry pieces per month. GEMXX has operations around the world, this allows the company to capitalize on lower production costs in the Asia Pacific. By continuing the expansion of production capabilities in this region the company will continue to yield cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the product quality. The leadership of GEMXX is skilled in scaling Ammolite production operations and is prepared for growth.

Quality and Controls

Maull plans for the company to be a fully vertically integrated very soon. This will ensure the security & quality controls, at every step of production, i.e. from mine to market. He adds, “We know we have the best cutters in the world and our internal processes, quality controls, and electronic tracking systems ensure only the best ammolite gemstone and jewelry make it into the market.”

Prioritizing Environmental regulations

GEMXX is not only leading in terms of quality but also has matchless environmental stewardship. Mining Companies operating in Canada have to adhere to a stronger Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (“ESG”) score than all other mineral-rich countries, due to the strict environmental regulations, strong governance, and commitment to safety and community. Nevertheless, GEMXX takes pride in its environmental stewardship and ethical mining and production standards that exceed regulations where ever possible.

GEMXX mining approach is environmentally friendly and mitigates the adverse impact on nature. The layers of the soil are replaced in the exact order they were removed and native grasses are then replanted on every site. Moreover, the practices are committed to the long-term sustainable and environmentally responsible development of the resources. GEMXX can be termed as the epitome of Environmental stewardship and the team is continually looking for ways to improve. “We believe that if we look after the land by returning it to its natural state, the land will look after us,” said Jay.

Outperforming in Crisis

In 2020, while the business world was battling with uncertainties, GEMXX was acquiring additional production resources and aims to double the production rate by late 2021 to meet the demand.  COVID-19 has equally disrupted businesses around the world. Many of the competitors of GEMXX could not weather the storm and had to shut down their operations. The GEMXX team kept the zeal and persistence in check and were able to grow the business. The company’s sales have increased year over year—even in the pandemic. The main reason behind the success was the mindful approach to turn towards marketing and utilizing the e-commerce platform to grow the business. GEMXX outperformed amid the crisis because it was not only prepared to survive the pandemic but had a growth plan to attain success in the post-COVID world.

GEMXX’s management team pioneered and built the Ammolite industry. Despite being relatively new to the public markets, GEMXX is the ONLY publicly-traded Ammolite company in the world. GEMXX trades on the OTC Markets under the trading symbol “GEMZ”. Due to the extensive experience of the team, GEMXX is equipped with a realistic growth plan and the knowledge & support to execute the plan. “We are now in a position to recapture the previously shuttered industry and expand to new markets as the world re-opens,” proudly asserts Jay.

Quote : “GEMXX’s management team pioneered and built the Ammolite industry, we have over 160 years of combined experience.”

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