Geodis to Deploy 1,000 Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots

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  • Geodis, a logistics company, announced it would deploy 1,000 autonomous mobile robots at its warehouse sites worldwide.
  • LocusBot robots help in managing order picking and inventory replenishment, which in turn accelerates the delivery processes.

A global logistics provider, Geodis, has announced it will deploy 1,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its warehouse sites globally. Locus’ AMRs work collaboratively with humans to improve piece-handling productivity. Locus Robotics plans to provide robots designed to work alongside humans to streamline operations.

The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) rollout will take place over the coming two years and represents one of the largest mobile robot deals in the industry to date.

In a statement, Eric Douglas, Geodis executive vice president, said the expansion plan was motivated by continuing financial and operational labor challenges.

He said, As they continue to navigate industry-wide challenges such as skyrocketing e-commerce demand and labor constraints, they must remain committed to implementing the most innovative and effective robotics automation solutions available in their warehouses.

The Locus Robotics LocusBot robots help in managing order picking and inventory replenishment and speed up the delivery processes. Geodis uses LocusBots in 14 of its sites in Europe and the United States, where they help fulfill orders for retail and consumer brands.

Douglas added that Locus’ collaborative multi-bot approach had proven its effectiveness and reliability at each of their sites, giving them the ability to scale performance quickly.

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Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, said that Locus’s built-in flexibility, scalability and fast ROI are helping Geodis consistently meet and exceed their global customer’s expectations. This strategic expansion enables Geodis to meet the needs of today’s high-growth warehouses, and they look forward to continuing to work together to drive operational efficiencies and growth.

LocusBots are noticing increased global uptake as operators turn to automated solutions to ease pressures on existing workforces. DHL signed an agreement with Locus to introduce 2,000 robots to its facilities by the end of 2022.

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