GeoLinks: A Thought-Leader in Closing the Digital Divide with Innovative Internet Solutions

From accessing virtual learning to running a business to enjoying faster video streaming and web browsing, having access to reliable high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in the present digital era.

Established in 2011, GeoLinks is a leading telecommunications company and competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) public utility, nationally recognized for its innovative Internet and Digital Voice solutions. Recognized as a thought leader in the telecommunications industry and closing the digital divide, the company was co-founded by Skyler Ditchfield (CEO and Co-Founder) and Ryan Hauf (CTO and Co-Founder).

During an insightful conversation with Skyler, we learned about the company and its offerings. Moreover, he highlighted the qualities that qualify GeoLinks as an innovative company in the market space. Here are the snippets from our intriguing interview with Skyler.
What factors inspired you to establish GeoLinks?

I dove into the world of technology at the very young age of 13. Throughout my childhood, I became increasingly fascinated with long-distance communications and computer networking. Immediately after high school, I accepted a Network Engineer II job at the Private Network Management Center (PNMC) of MCI Worldcom in Silicon Valley servicing high-level clients. Not only did I quickly transcend into higher-level positions but also began receiving promotions—which I ultimately declined and proceeded to build a network business from scratch in startup capital.

Despite various bumps along the road, my path was a natural progression to eventually starting my ISP (Internet Service Provider) — GeoLinks. My ultimate mission, during that time as well as today, remains to close the US Digital Divide. Currently, I envision bringing connectivity to every unconnected Anchor Institution in America over the next 7 years.
Can you please walk us through the various offerings of GeoLinks?

Our current offering suite is predominantly Internet access, data transport for wholesale, and voice services. We recently acquired 100% of Verizon’s national fixed wireless spectrum, which makes us by far and away the largest spectrum asset holder in the United States, and also established a deep partnership with Curvalux allowing us further access to their disruptive technology. These two moves combined will enable us to utilize that spectrum to deliver a multi-gigabit point to multipoint fixed wireless connection over a long distance allowing us to massively disrupt both fixed wireless Internet competitors and fiber Internet players.

In doing so, GeoLinks simultaneously gains a massive advantage in rural markets due to the long broadcast distance, and an even bigger advantage in urban markets where fiber is either not buildable, too expensive or will take too long to deploy.
In your opinion, what qualities mark GeoLinks as the most innovative company in the industry? Also, please elaborate to us about your flagship product.

The distance and speeds we are achieving are 10’s multiples higher than any other fixed wireless offering on the market today and will put the fiber players on their back foot when it comes to ease of order, service delivery, pricing, and customization. We are also preparing a fully automated ordering process that will enable everything from Residential users having the capability to go to 1GBPS+ to a symmetrical services that will blow away the Cable and FiOS type offerings for SMBs to symmetrical dedicated access products for enterprise customers.

Speaking of our flagship product, GeoLinks’ ClearFiber™ network offers a dedicated fixed wireless Internet circuit. ClearFiber™ is the first fixed wireless solution to utilize renewable energy to generate telecom-grade broadband. By building state-of-the-art solar and wind-powered telecommunications facilities, we can build off the grid in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of fiber. It delivers up to 10GBPS of dedicated enterprise-grade Internet with identical latency and jitter as fiber. Moreover, ClearFiber™ has been recognized as the “Most Disruptive Technology” in the industry.
Being at the company’s forefront, how would you describe the team of GeoLinks?

We have an incredibly quickly growing team all around being led by myself, Ryan Hauf (Co-Founder and CTO), and Ryan Adams (President and COO). A lot of our team has developed during their time with the company and have consequently been promoted.

To promote positivity and collaboration, the company recently implemented a book named ‘Conscious Business by Fred Kaufman’ which focuses on unlimited as well as dual responsibility. Through the book, we preach taking responsibility and accountability for every action while acknowledging missteps and promoting the solution and positives.
What is the GeoLinks’ ‘Golden Rule’? How does it align with the employees and the company’s work culture?

In addition to the above fundamentals, our Golden Rule is to “treat everyone how you’d like to be treated”. Unlike most traditional telecom companies, we have no hidden fees, no surprise add-ons, and strive to act as real human beings with our customers. When you call GeoLinks, you speak to a friendly, local IT expert, trained to resolve your issues fast. We know how things work inside and out, and we never stop looking for ways to improve our network and technology.
What are the key company milestones for the next 6-12 months that need to be achieved?

Over the next 6 to 12 months we plan to get our network deployed on the Curvalux technology utilizing our wireless spectrum so that we can deliver this massively disruptive product set across California to urban, rural, and suburban communities. We are aiming to build the automation and systems so that our customers can have a user-friendly, positive experience when visiting our website. Once complete, they will be able to find the service availability, place an order in an intuitive and painless process, select an installation date that is just 5-7 days away, monitor their circuits, and conduct testing from the ease of our website and a mobile application.

Ultimately, we want all of our customers to have as much data available at their fingertips as possible so they can troubleshoot their issues and have peace of mind as well as comfort and trust when interacting with their Internet provider.

We also have two pilot projects underway which are public-private partnerships to bring gigabit+ level access to low-income urban communities with this technology. We’re so excited to upgrade our entire client base, our wholesalers’ client base, and grow the reach of grow the reach of high speed broadband services to services to areas it was never previously thought possible or financially feasible.
“We want our customers to have as much data available at their fingertips as possible so they can troubleshoot their issues and feel they have an experience that offers peace of mind as well as comfort and trust when interacting with their Internet provider.”