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The US transport industry has witnessed almost three years of supply chain disruptions. However, year 2023 is expected to bring its unique set of challenges, as well as opportunities. The global effect of the COVID-19 pandemic along with rising cost of living and global unrest is likely to show its effects this year. Though the prevalent problem of congestion is set to ease, transport and freight industry experts expect new issues to emerge, with the possibility of growth opportunities. In essence, the last few years have taught the industry that being prepared is the key to survival and thriving, irrespective of circumstances. 

The fact has actually been a mantra at GLS, the leading parcel and LTL freight delivery provider from years. The company has a proven track record of excellent service and continuous growth as evidence. 

GLS US – The Start

The GLS Group is made of numerous leading freight and transport corporations and has a significant worldwide presence. The Group took over Parcel and Freight carriers Golden State Overnight (GSO) in 2016 and the Postal Express in 2017. These acquisitions were part of the GLS Group’s expansion plan to cover more of the United States. In this aspect, GLS Group also bought the popular LTL carrier Mountain Valley Express in 2019. Since these acquisitions, GLS US has been able to provide freight services in 9 states along the western coast of the United States, with an extensive network alliance with others to cover the rest of the country. 

GLS US – Superior Swift Services

GLS provides LTL, Parcel and Truckload services to customers from anywhere within their direct service network which covers the entire western coast. Its extensive partner network covers the remaining regions of the country, this ensuring pan-US delivery. Additionally, the company also collaborates with GLS Canada for cross-border services, besides working with GLS Europe for overseas transport services. 

Every one of GLS service lines aims to bring value to every customer through high quality services, integration of advanced technology, using customized solutions and ensuring faster time in transit. Most customers use GLS for its advanced technology that ensures prompt and error-free deliveries across the network. 

Till date, GLS has invested around USD 30 million for updating technology, infrastructure and operational efficiency throughout its extensive service network. In 2021, the company expanded and upgraded its facilities at Sacramento, Hayward, Portland, Norwalk, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Ontario and Visalia with advanced automation equipment to increase the network’s processing abilities. 

GLS US – Mission and Vision

GLS dedicates its incredible success to its focus on quality. Every day, GLS strives to provide its customers with top-notch services. The company maintains a significant local presence and constantly strives to keep its network up to date. To ensure prompt and reliable services, GLS maintains high standards in technology and security, the two main hubs on which any successful transport and freight company thrives. Besides this, the company is well-aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and works to keep its carbon footprints to a minimal using efficiency-enhancing technology and methods. In addition, the company aims to maintain its impartial facet with employees and ensure that they have optimal job satisfaction and employment security. 

The company maintains close relationships with customers, which allows GLS to offer highly customizable and best-suited shipping solutions which effectively takes care of the customer’s business needs and offer high-quality B2C solutions at all times. GLS cares about its effect on the surroundings and is deeply rooted in the communities it serves. The company aims to continue its mission of connecting people globally while protecting the environment for the future generation. 

GLS US places customer satisfaction as its top priority. It offers personalized customer service models that let the team analyze customer feedback proactively and make the necessary improvements. The company has an extensive and professional team for customer support, and works with customers to ensure that they get the best solution. Every time the team receives a feedback, it considers this a learning opportunity and ensures that the services are on par with customer expectations and industry standards. 

GLS US – Expert Professionals

The team at GLS US consists of energetic and passionate professionals from transportation, logistics and other areas of expertise. 

Steven started working at Postal Express in 2001 but GLS did not acquire postal express until 2017. Joe Bartone, the Chief Operating Officer handles Freight while Steve Griffin handles Parcels department. The two professionals have over 30 years of experience working as executives in the industry. Brian Vitek is the Sales Leader, who is also a pioneer in the transportation and parcel industry. Each individual in the senior leadership team has decades of experience in leading high performance teams through result-oriented processes. 

GLS US – Looking to the Future

The top goals at GLS US for the future include enhancing its presence in the existing service network region using consistently high quality services and improving brand image. The company will continue to develop new technologies that make transport services even more efficient. GLS aims to be known as the top-choice of parcel and freight transportation in the geographical area covered by its extensive service network. 


GLS US offers excellent hybrid services of Parcel, LTL and Truckload that customers can access using a single network, which is unlike any other competitor in the parcel and freight business. The company is able to provide services that are not only faster and better but also delivers high value to customers. 


Company Name: GLS US 

Founding Date: 2016

Official Website: 

Company Leader: Steven Bergan (President)


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