Growth Turbine: Delivering Results With The Latest Marketing Strategies

Growth Turbine

The marketing industry significantly changed after the inclusion of digital services. There was a pervasive change in consumer expectations, a rise in brand-new marketing channels, and an overall decline in traditional media. We witnessed a sudden surge in affiliate marketing, social advertising, web development, data analytics, e-commerce development, and other new media trends, which did not exist a few years ago. Instead of rolling out campaigns periodically, the marketing world became always-on and immersive. In 2016, Growth Turbine was founded to stay abreast of the constantly evolving marketing industry and offer new-age marketing services. 

Whether you want to raise seven figures in equity capital, modernize your brand and experience design, or target growth-focused e-commerce, Growth Turbine has the most up-to-date marketing strategies that deliver results,” states Varun Sharma, the Founder and Director of Growth & Strategy of the company. 

Growth Turbine

Varun founded the company with a simple vision in mind. He believed that the modern-day marketer must be wired for speed, rapid innovation, customer focus, and tangible metrics, these are the very premise of Growth Turbine. Varun is an expert growth hacker and veteran marketer with more than a decade of industry experience. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK). Varun has leveraged his strong academic background and exemplary professional expertise to grow the company into one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Canada with clients spanning six continents. Today, Growth Turbine is a team of expert growth hackers, visual designers, content developers, and above all passionate marketers with years of industry expertise.

Covering the digital growth needs

Growth Turbine is a full-service marketing agency that addresses clients’ entire spectrum of digital growth needs. The company offers bespoke crowdfunding campaign management, brand development, advertising solutions, Shopify and Webflow expertise, B2B marketing (with a focus on SaaS and healthcare), PR, and more. Growth Turbine’s proven growth marketing tactics have helped several large organizations, independent entrepreneurs, and homegrown businesses achieve success. The expansive list of digital marketing solutions is tailored to suit the business from varied industry sectors. 

  • Crowdfunding Agency:

    It has helped varied industries like SaaS, EdTech, and e-commerce raise millions of dollars through data-driven campaigns, email marketing, branding, social media advertising, and more. Recently, it has earned the status of an official Wefunder partner. 

  • Shopify development and e-commerce:

    Growth Turbine helps the clients design, develop, and optimize state-of-the-art Shopify stores that engage customers and maximize sales. As the experts in Webflow development, the team extends the design services into creating custom websites that are visual, user-friendly, and responsive.

Growth Turbine’s marketing solutions keep up with the promises of modern-day marketing. The team understands that today’s marketing is not just about a clever digital campaign. They combine analytics and data-driven methodologies with human psychology to design structured marketing campaigns, which are fail-proof. Growth Turbine also uses AI-based prediction tools to gain insights into how much money a campaign is likely to raise and design its marketing strategies. All the solutions are optimized to deliver the highest conversions and sales. 

Successful marketing campaigns 

Growth Turbine’s solutions are as unique as the business model. The company prioritizes customers’ success. With each new client on board, the team conducts a series of asset consultations and strategy sessions to completely understand a client’s business and the best possible marketing tool for them. “For instance, due to our individualized approach, our clients witness a 4-20X return on ad spend. We also take care of our client’s needs end-to-end and not only help them in the development stage but also go the extra mile and offer technical support, conversion campaigns, and more,” explained Varun.

The continuous success of the clients can stand as a testimonial to Growth Turbine’s success. It has earned popularity in the market due to its powerful campaigns. Even in a competitive industry, Growth Turbine has managed to deliver marketing campaigns that connect with the audience while keeping up with the regulatory guidelines. It has several successful case studies with hospitals, medical devices, drug manufacturing, and biotech companies.

Growth Turbine has also been featured in top media publications like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc., Baystreet, NCFA, and for its innovative solutions and exemplary implementations. These awards and industry recognitions add to the credibility of the solutions. The company has also been nominated for 50 Leading Companies and Innovative Brands of the Year 2022.

Improving and Upscaling the Solutions

One of the main reasons behind Growth Turbine’s success is that the company delivers on its promises. The company works in partnership with the industry’s best marketing channels such as Facebook, Bing, and Google, and it’s quality creativity and subject matter expertise. Growth Turbine distinguishes itself with its agility while leveraging the right technology, which results in high retention rates. Varun adds, “A big reason behind our success is because we don’t think of marketing in terms of campaigns but terms of growth engine and great experiences.

The digital marketing space is continually changing. To keep up with the evolving trends, the team of Growth Turbine is continuously upscaling and learning. Currently, it is working on the process of helping and managing companies get listed on Stock Exchanges and over-the-counter markets, primarily on CSE, FTSE, and NASDAQ. 

Our in-house pool of expert marketers believes that sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, website development, and Equity crowdfunding will receive massive traction in the coming years, and we have been consistently improving our game in these areas,” summarizes Varun.

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