Helping Individuals Surmount The S&P

Over a 10-year period, over 80 percent of individuals underperform the S&P 500. 

Thus, in light of this, Logan Weaver came up with an idea to build a company to aid investors in outmatching the S&P while remaining calculated in their approach. 

Surmount AI was founded in 2020 with the motive of helping individuals invest smarter, not harder by managing their investments with data-driven strategies that have track records with real money.

Automating Any Investment 

In Logan’s words, “Surmount is like putting a hedge fund in an individual investor’s pocket. We’re a hybrid robo advisor where users can be as hands on – or off – as possible with their investments, across all of their accounts.” 

Logan says, “Over 90% of institutional trades are systematic, yet that number is still below 15% on the retail side. That’s where we’re starting. For too long, the little investor hasn’t really stood a chance against the big guys, and it’s clear that they’re ready for a product like this.”

As opposed to traditional robo advisors & financial planners that tend to collect KYC then funnel the customer into pre-built portfolios, Surmount’s approach is different: they provide the customer with the relevant information about each individual strategy and empower them to make their own choices and have full flexibility over them (as well as a more guided process, should someone prefer that.) 

When a Surmount customer finds a strategy that seems to be a fit for their objectives, they can quickly choose how much they want to invest and start it into any of their existing investment accounts in just a few clicks. 

In addition, users can “turn any idea into potential profit” with Surmount’s strategy & portfolio builders. Surmount users, technical or not, can build their ideas into a genuine automated investing strategy in no code, low code, or in Python. 

The Inception of Surmount 

After Logan’s grandfather passed away, his grandmother inherited the accounts and Merrill Lynch started managing them. 

Within the first 6 months, they had made concerning investment decisions that ended up losing money, and they had gotten paid for it. 

This made Logan realize that something needed to change in the world of investment management, with so much potential for human error & lack of bandwidth to oversee many accounts at once.

“A lot of money managers seem to be attracted by big numbers in the industry, but don’t actually seem to understand much about markets. Surmount was created with the goal to put the average investor in better hands, where someone can’t get taken advantage of like that.” 

Logan says, “Our journey has been very exciting so far. We’ve helped over 1,000 investors access simplified strategic investing with data-driven strategies.”

What Makes Surmount So Unique?

Surmount’s services are cheaper, have more functionality, and are easier to use as compared to other similar businesses in the market. 

The company’s motto is to aim to be at least 1 percent better than they were yesterday – both as individuals and as a team, which they attribute to their support from some of the top investors from Silicon Valley to New York City.

“Surmount has gotten this far because of our team” Logan says, “I get to work with some of the smartest and hardest working individuals I have ever met in my life, and I think we feed off of each other’s energy a bit. It doesn’t feel like work, and we truly are making a positive impact for so many of the customers we speak to, which is equally energizing.”  

What Lies Ahead for Surmount

At Surmount, the team is very excited about the future. Logan shares that 2024 has shaped up to be their “coming out party,” as they aim to reach $100k in monthly revenue by 2025.

The main goal is to build Surmount into a leader in the industry for low-barrier automated investing in the next five years. The team has already been working on reaching this point for a couple of years, having proven the concept and value. 

Logan says, “We are ready to take the next big steps towards making strategic investing as simple as robo advising, then we have big plans to continue progress.”

Pull Quote: “Easily find and evaluate pre-built investment strategies with genuine track records.”

Company Description: Surmount puts a data-driven hedge fund in any investor’s pocket.

Company Name: Surmount

Founding Year: 2020

Office Locations: Virginia

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Logan Weaver

Designation of the Leader: Founder, CEO

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