How SalesInvest is Harnessing the Power of Synergy

Established in 2012, SalesInvest was formed with a core belief that sales is the primary and primitive foundation of everything in a business. Opportunities can be found at the blink of an eye to those who are truly invested in their purpose and are open to creating win-win solutions. Since its inception, SalesInvest has made multiple investments in a wide array of industries, namely, energy, finance, cryptocurrency and music.

SalesInvest’s Moral Doctrine

Hansson firmly believes that sales is in the middle of everything. This belief has cemented SalesInvest’s footing in the market. “Sales is in the middle of everything that is actually working. To really listen to what is said and unsaid is the key. Most of the digital stars are not true experts in sales. A true leader is an expert in sales, both internally and externally. SalesInvest complements the digital stars with Sales, Investment and Synergies. We invest in people that have the possibility to be the leader of tomorrow.”

Passion, relentless dedication and transparency are some of the core value propositions that drive Hansson to strive towards his vision everyday. The pandemic has driven a number of companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Despite the lack of cash flow, the products and offerings for their customers are groundbreaking. Hansson believes that most of them are deserving candidates for investment., provided one can proceed with caution and courage. “More and more companies desperately need investments to survive or to expand their business. Most of the startups will be out of business within a few years. The very few that will be a success will have the greatest impact worldwide. You have to be very careful in this landscape but also have the courage to win.”

Mattias Hansson: The Master of Synergies

Often addressed as the Master of Synergies by his clients, colleagues, and peers, Hansson believes that people and the talent they bring into the organisation are the biggest assets. “The real value of a business is all the problems that highly intelligent and emotionally intelligent people can solve. Limitations are only in our brains.”

“Honest employees with a willpower to always be the very best of the best. An employee that can be your friend and treat the company as his own. An employee that is working for long term, win-win solutions.” Building solid relationships with people, both employees and clients is Hansson’s recipe for success. He believes that happy employees help you create long standing associations with your clients, increasing their lifetime value.

He elaborates saying that creating a culture involves building the right environment for their well-being. Listening to their concerns and suggestions while paying attention to their skill development can help them optimize their productivity and build confidence. Hansson encourages an open door policy with an open mind to help them feel comfortable and take risks.

Awards, Accolades and Recognitions

Over the last eight years, Hansson has invested heavily in startups. “Around 90 percent of our investments so far have been in startups, but since we are in a very good position to achieve our goals, we will change our investment strategy to our own companies and more safe investments and only 10 percent in new startups.” However, winning investments at SalesInvest is a test of character and perseverance instead of focusing solely on the business offering. “The actual business is not the most important, but the leader and the team is together with long term customer value.”

Hansson’s efforts have been recognized and appreciated by several bodies with the recent one being at International Finance Awards 2020. Acquisition International awarded them with the Best Energy Investment Company in the Nordics.

Hansson believes that having fun while you are working hard is a crucial element in achieving what he has created for SalesInvest so far. A mix of a strong code of ethics, moral grounds and the willingness to encourage skill sets and breed leadership requires an eclectic dose of fun while you are at it. After all, without it, life can become a pristine mould with zero room for creativity.

Redefining the Trajectory

Over time, SalesInvest has proven its prowess in finding the right people and the right strategies for them. Remember one such earliest memory of SalesInvest, Hansson recollects, “My accountant told me after 2 years to resign from the board and get rid of the shares, they are worthless, as they were at the moment. A year after we had turned everything around and I got 3 times my investment when I sold my shares to one of the largest record companies in the world. I was the Chairman and our strategy had worked out.”
SalesInvest has also recalibrated their investment criteria. “It has been my absolute gut feeling since the start of my investments in 2016.” The constant upgrades have helped SalesInvest redefine their growth curve and keep them ahead of the others in the game. “Today, we have several investments in finance, energy, music and in clothing.”

Hansson also has a keen interest in music. After donning multiple hats in a wide range of industries, also anticipating quite a few investments in the music industry. A company that I have been involved in since the first quarter 2017 will change the music industry and will be my gorilla at the latest 2025.”

Hansson has plans to create one unicorn and one gorilla by the end of 2025. His journey took a huge leap in 2016 when he started investing in digital startups.

About Mattias Hansson

Mattias Hansson has donned many hats throughout his life: a mailman, delivery man, factory worker, pro bono volunteer, account manager, key account manager, energy broker, sales manager, CEO and Chairman of the Board. With a wide area of industry experience such as Telemarketing, Software, Hardware, Data communication, Gold and Jewelry, Energy, Renewable Energy, Printing, Trading, Finance and Investment, Mattias strives for excellence. He is a Bachelor both in Marketing and Technology Management .

About MBH SalesInvest AB

Internally this is our goal that we strives for everyday to make improvements, since this is what’s make the difference:

1. Try to be Faster
2. Work Smarter
3. Sales is in the middle of everything that is working
4. Benefit from Experience first hand from so many sectors
5. Always think in Synergies
6. Never ever give up
7. Puts more pressure on yourself than anyone else can do
8. Remember that the value of the company is all the problems you solve
9. Joy makes it worth it
10. Passion leads to Joy
11. Feeling is what is all about
12. Treat everyone as you yourself wants to be treated and think long term