How to Start a Career in Big Data and Machine Learning for Less Than $40

According to a recent study, as many as 95 percent of companies have to manage some kind of unstructured data. Forty percent of those companies have to do so on a frequent basis. The world isn’t just trending towards using big data infrastructure. The need for big data and big data analysts is already here. It’s expected that the big data industry will be worth an estimated $77 billion by 2023.

Businesses are adopting big data solutions and big data providers are getting more innovative with the way they offer solutions. If you’re reading the tea leaves, now is a great time to learn how big data works and how technologies like machine learning can make analysis easier and more thorough than ever. The Complete 2020 Big Data and Machine Learning Bundle will give you the modern education you need to thrive in a data-driven world.

This 10-course bundle comprises 68 hours of training in big data and machine learning solutions from some of the top instructors on the Internet. Initially, you’ll explore how to search and analyze data using Elasticsearch, a tool designed not only for powering search solutions on major websites, but also used to analyze huge data sets in milliseconds. Then, you’ll learn how to harness and organize massive sets of unstructured data using tools like Hadoop, MapReduce, and Apache Spark. Once you’ve learned how to wrangle data, you’ll learn how to apply machine learning tech to understand the data and draw quicker, better insights from it. You’ll get familiar with tools like Keras, Python, and Tensorflow and how they can be used to power machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, you’ll come away from this bundle with a data-oriented education that can help you thrive in today’s workplaces.

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