Im group wins award for best “industrial tinting system” in brazil


São Paulo, 14 Sept, 2021. The recently rebranded, IM GROUP (formerly Inkmaker Group) has won the prestigious “Sistemas Tintométricos Equipmentos Industriais” (Industrial Tinting Equipment Systems) award at the “25th Premio Paint & Pintura” award ceremony.

The yearly event, voted by the people of Brazil, is widely recognised across Latin America as the “Oscars” of the Brazilian paint sector. The win makes it the eighth consecutive year that this category has been won by the group, which was previously known as Inkmaker Group.


The award ceremony broadcast on YouTube directly from the Croata space, 301 in Lapa, São Paulo, was presented by master of ceremony, Dani Reis and the CEO of Paint & Pintura, Agnelo De Barros Neto. The winners for each of the 53 categories were nominated by invited executives from the paint industries and sector entities from all over Brazil, who entered via live link. Among them was Luiz Antônio Piva Filho, marketing director of Sherwin-Williams, who announced IM GROUP as the winner of the Industrial Tinting Equipment Systems.

“It is an extreme honour for us to receive this award, for the eighth successive year and we would particularly like to thank all voters for their continued support. A big thank you also to Agnelo De Barros Neto, Lucélia Monfardini, Erica Brandão and all the team at Paint&Pintura for all their hard work, in making this much-anticipated industry event such a professional success,” said Fernando Sano Itaziki, Area Sales Manager, Inkmaker, who together with Luis Henrique, runs the IM GROUP operations in Latin America.

IM GROUP, who made global headlines earlier this year, in April, when they rebranded from their previous name of Inkmaker Group, has been a trusted brand in the Brazilian market for over two decades and through its investments has grown to achieve market dominance throughout Latin America.

“This is a momentous achievement for IM GROUP, and we thank the people of Brazil for this recognition and loyalty—their votes, have once again confirmed our leading position in the industrial tinting systems in the South American market. Our group carries a new name now, yet we

continue to uphold the trusted service of quality that defines us—through our credo; “The Colour of Trust”—that our audience has always associated with the Inkmaker brand,” said Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA / Americas, Inkmaker Group.



Silvio Cimenti – Global Director of Branding and Marcom, IM GROUP

[email protected]


Formed in Italy in 2021, IM GROUP (Formerly Inkmaker Group) is the holding brand of: Inkmaker, Rexson, Vale-tech, Swesa, Teko and Tecnopails. With its combined strength the group offers total process-engineering solutions within the industries of paint, coatings, ink, speciality-chemicals, adhesives, corrugated packaging, pharma, food, cosmetic, textiles and more. IM GROUP, with its brands, operates with its own staff and offices in over 15 countries over 5 continents.

About Inkmaker Worldwide

Inkmaker, is the founding member of IM GROUP. It was formed in Italy in 1987 and is a global manufacturer of integrated dispensing systems that improve efficiency by automating the process of ink, paint and chemical dispensing and mixing. Inkmaker’s proprietary software and systems, manufactured in three continents, guarantee highly accurate colours consistently, precisely and instantly. Inkmaker operates with its own staff and offices in over 15 countries over 5 continents.

About Rexson Systems

Established in 1984, Rexson is a privately-owned British brand of automated dispensers that are widely used in the paint and coatings and liquid ink industry, as well as the industries of cosmetics, food, oils, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals. Materials can be liquid, gels or paste, hazardous, caustic, flammable or have thixotropic rheology. Rexson has offices in Europe, North America, Latin America and The Netherlands and a global network of regional sales and support partners

About Vale-Tech

Established in 1985 Vale-Tech, previously a subsidiary of Rexon, is a British brand of ink dispensing systems for the worldwide printing industry. Vale- Tech employs a team of engineers dedicated to the design and build of innovative products incorporating the latest technology focused on narrow web and paste-ink dispensing systems. Vale-Tech has created a network of loyal customers via global offices and support partners.


Formed in Germany in 1994, Swesa, is a privately owned and independent German manufacturer specialised in customised automated dosing-systems for the food packaging, office furniture, tissues and heavy-duty corrugated packaging industries. Swesa machines are customisable and explosion risk (ATEX) certified. Its headquarters are in Eltville am Rhein, Germany and has a global network of regional and international clients and support partners.

About Teko

Established in 2013, Teko is a privately-owned solutions partner specialised in; Point-of-Sale systems and integrated solutions combining engineering with chemistry. Based in Malaysia and Indonesia, Teko supports all the Inkmaker Group brands through its network of regional sales and support partners.

About Tecnopails

Established as LAVELLI e C in 1974, Tecnopails, is a privately owned and independent Italian manufacturer of customised modular automated filling, sealing, labelling and palletising machinery—for pails, buckets and cans—that is widely used in the ink, paint and coatings industry, as well as the industries of food and speciality chemicals. Tecnopails’ machines are explosion risk (ATEX) certified. Its headquarters are in Piacenza in Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy with a global network of regional and international clients and support partners.

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