HytechPro: Fostering Customer Success with Innovative Approaches


In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, various factors contribute to a company’s success. Some companies thrive on the back of their products, some due to their services, and some due to their robust marketing strategies. However, one common factor among successful companies is that they all embrace innovation. Innovation has become an essential tool for today’s businesses to not only survive but make a place for themselves in their respective industry.

When we think of innovation, we think about creating something out of the box or developing a new product. However, according to Neeraj Garg (Chief Operating Officer at HytechProHyTechPro), innovation is not confined to this only. He believes, “Innovation is not just about bringing something new into the market and selling it; it’s more about innovating growing your existing services through different methods and mechanisms which can prove useful.” 

Harnessing the potentials of innovation, Neeraj spearheads HytechPro—a globally recognized digital transformation company that has helped its worldwide clientele by helping them in re-modeling their business processes digitally. Established in 2004,  the company has two offices—one in Noida (India) and another in Maryland (USA). In the USA, HytechPro goes by the name “Aplusify”. It also has another business unit which is a virtual conferencing platform that was built during the pandemic—EVA. The company is committed to the customers’ success from start to finish and has established itself as a preeminent name within the IT services industry. 

The team of Global Business Leaders recently had an intriguing conversation with Neeraj, where he shed light on the company’s services, it’s forte, as well as expressed his candid views on leadership and innovation. Here are some of the snippets from the fascinating conversation:

What was the mission behind the establishment of HytechPro? Please brief us about the journey of the company. 

The basic motto behind the start of any company, particularly in the IT services sector, is the aim to provide services to its clients. We also had the mission to provide the best possible services to our customers. In the last 15 years, we have kept our mission and vision centered to that. In our mission/vision statement, we focus on two things, i.e. customers and employees. We believe that “customers will only love the company if the employees love it first.” 

We started as a critical IT services company focusing on different technology-related services such as mobile app development, Microsoft technologies, javaJava, PHPs, as well as testing and design services. When the company started, we had a team of around 20-25 members, however, we have grown to have around 300 employees currently. In the next two years, we envision doubling our staff and continue growing substantially. 

What is the forte of HytechPro?

In the past 15 years, we have tried to focus our energies more on the things that we know rather than the ones we don’t. We primarily focus on Microsoft services and salesforce Salesforce services. Besides these two, if our clients have certain requirements such as building a quick website, need for quick mobile work, etc., we provide these additional services as well. We are a one-stop-shop for our clients where all their needs are catered. 

Where is your primary target audience concentrated? How do you ensure optimum customer satisfaction?

Most of our clients are global clients. However, our main business driver is North America, the U.S. to be precise. 90% of our clients are from North America. Moreover, we have 5-6% clients based in Europe, and the rest of our clients are concentrated in different locations such as Australia, Asia, etc. 

We have created an equal ecosystem for our clients. Whether it is our existing customer or a new customer, both are same to us—because, with years, every customer we work with becomes a loyal customer. In the past decade, we have been able to add value to what we’ve done which, in turn, has helped us retain our existing business as well as build upon new clients. 

Our focus has been more on providing innovative services to the clients so that they develop the kind of trust with us. The longevity of the relation is something that we focus on while working with our partners. Our motto has always been to grow with our customers. If they are successful, we will always be successful along with them.  

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect HytechPro? How do you envision the industry in the post-pandemic era? 

We have been able to grow in this pandemic because we feel that if you have a customer-focused culture in your organization, it doesn’t matter whether you are working from the office or home. From leadership to the bottom of the organization, we have inculcated that kind of culture where everyone is passionate about what he’s doing and the customer or project he’s working with. 

Every project or account in our company is like a different company which is being taken care of by the project manager and the members working on the project. I believe that sales only give you one-time business. It’s ultimately the delivery and customer service team that grows that account and helps it reach the next level. 

Furthermore, we have been thorough in our processes. We have documented everything and are using a lot of tools to store information so that everything is centralized and we are not dependent on one specific person. 

According to you, how does a leadership mindset contribute to the success of the company?

A leadership mindset obviously plays a huge role in the company’s growth. It is the leader who shows the direction to the employees. If a customer-driven approach is to be instilled within a company, it has to be inculcated from top to the bottom; it is never from the bottom to the top. Everyone has to follow these guidelines and be reminded of the mission and vision of the company. 

I believe that everything you do for your customer has to be very well thought off. You should be able to add value to what you are doing. Instead of a reactive approach—where the customer tells you to do things—it should rather be an interactive one. So, rather than acting as vendors, we act more as development partners for our clients where we are actively involved in developing their roadmap for the future. This is a factor that has set us apart from our competitors. 

How can you make innovation a little bit easier? According to you, where do innovation programs go wrong?

I think one of the main reasons why innovations fail is that we focus a lot on technology rather than understanding the market and customer needs. If you can blend your business needs with technology, it will simplify things and it would be a talk-down approach where everyone understands the company’s priorities.  

Quote: Customers will only love the company if the Employees love it first.” 

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