Ines Mokrani – Master Matchmaker

Ines Mokrani is the CEO of Matchmaker No.1, a modern recruitment and placement agency. It was established in 2021 in Dusseldorf – Media Harbor, Germany. 

Ines is an extensively qualified and highly experienced professional who is renowned for her mastery of recruitment. Ines has multiple finance degrees and is also a Certified Personality Assessment Consultant. In addition, Ines is a Certified Systemic Personal and Business Coach, Communication Trainer, NLP Master, Certified Digital Marketing Professional, and Sales and Marketing expert. 

MatchMaker No.1 – Founding Beliefs 

For years, Ines worked in various companies at different positions, from the clerical level, and made her way up to becoming a successful board member. 

Ines believes that the world needs visionaries and lateral thinkers that turn innovation. People who look further than the mainstream processes and question the status quo are critical to progress to the next level of success. Ines is also highly persistent, especially when facing enormous odds and adverse situations. She believes every small step is necessary to ensure that a business flourishes vigorously and resiliently in any market condition. 

This belief made Ines Mokrani eventually established Matchmaker No.1 in 2021. Since then, Matchmaker No.1 has built a vast professional network, completely digitalized its processes, and formed strong partnerships which help Matchmaker No.1 and its clients reach new success levels. 

Matchmaker No.1 – Optimal HR Services

Matchmaker No.1, under the able leadership of Ines Mokrani, quickly reached new heights of success and continues to grow at a significant rate today. It offers various recruitment and placement services by working as the medium between employers and employable professionals. 

Matchmaker No.1 is an innovative recruitment agency. It is focused on filling C-level and specialist positions for businesses that operate globally. To make this a worldwide process, Matchmaker No.1 uses advanced digital marketing methods and heavily utilizes its immense global network of partners to achieve its goals. The agency uses ultra-modern automated techniques that help to increase awareness using multi-channel recruiting methods, which is exceptionally effective for matching the best-suited candidates with the particular corporate position. 

Additionally, Matchmaker No.1 is renowned for providing the most suitable freelancers to fill positions for time-restricted projects. 

All candidates are vetted using advanced algorithms and personality assessment techniques. This is important to ensure that the right person is connected for the right position. 

Matchmaker No.1 relies significantly on personality and performance potential analysis. They do this by collaborating with several globally renowned analytical tools, such as those used by leading MNCs, including Google, Apple, Marshall Goldsmith, and Anthony Robbins, to name a few. 

In short, Ines Mokrani has focused on Matchmaker No.1 to support candidates in stepping up to the next level of professional progress. By joining Matchmaker No.1, small and large businesses have access to a worldwide network of contacts to satisfy recruitment requirements. 

Matchmaker No.1 – Goals and Aims

The main goal of Ines Mokrani to establish Matchmaker No.1 is to help advance the careers of highly skilled people and help them to find the work they aspire to do. Ines Mokrani understands the individual needs of businesses to match them with in-demand qualified candidates effectively. The process is effective for hiring on a contract or full-time employees alike. In short, Matchmaker No.1 acts as the ideal link between businesses and candidates so that each can fulfill their needs and goals with the help of the other. 

Ines Mokrani believes in pushing boundaries to open up new opportunities. As a global partner, Matchmaker No.1 uses a worldwide network of experts to help companies become more innovative, allows a steady growth rate, and offers ways to adapt to market and professional changes. 

The impressive success rate of Matchmaker No.1 is due to the holistic approach promoted by Ines Mokrani, combined with diverse recruitment methods. The agency uses ultra-modern digital marketing, multi-channel strategies, and its vast global network of partners. Ines Mokrani believes it is essential to react flexibly to industrial changes and trends. Besides this, as the world comes closer, thanks to modern communication methods, Matchmaker No.1 relies heavily on its pan-global network of recruitment experts and placement professionals. 

These paths and methods have enabled Matchmaker No.1 to expand its service spectrum and ensure optimal customer satisfaction. 

Matchmaker No.1 – USP (Unique, Special, Professional)

The incredible success of Matchmaker No.1 as the leading recruitment and placement agency is owed to its extensive use of ultra-modern recruitment methods, which combine quality with speed. As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, no serious business can ignore the critical value of using digital recruitment methods. For instance, Matchmaker No.1 is highly active on many social media and online networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others. The company uses advanced automated processes to expand its expertise and services frequently. 

The team at Matchmaker No.1 is made of highly-skilled marketing experts, innovative advertisement specialists, experts in candidate search, and talented client acquisition specialists. It has a diverse and multicultural team of experts, each of whom is singularly chosen for their expertise and talent in the particular field of recruitment and placement. 

The company is high-tech and yet people-centric at the same time. The work culture is characterized by appreciation, openness, flexibility, and personal and professional development opportunities. Every professional and expert working at Matchmaker No.1 knows full well that they are involved mainly in business with people and that technology is one of the best aids to identify the right candidate for the correct position. 

Matchmaker No.1 – Best People Provider

Ines Mokrani leads Matchmaker No.1 by constantly questioning the status quo and always moving forwards. There is a significant focus on constant learning for professional and personal growth while utilizing the latest in modern technology to ensure optimal recruitment solutions for small and large businesses. 

Matchmaker No.1 is highly focused on complete customer satisfaction, as Ines Mokrani knows that company growth is impossible unless and until optimal customer satisfaction is achieved. 


Company Name: Matchmaker No.1 Ltd. & Co. KG. 

CEO: Ms. Ines Mokrani 

Founded: 2021

Office Location: Hammer Street, 19, 40219 Dusseldorf – Media Harbor, Germany

Company Website: 

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