Innovative Building Solutions: Ultrapanel Building Technologies Leading the Way

In the realm of housing structures, the importance of keeping sustainability and efficiency in mind while extending a home, constructing a new home, and upgrading the older housing stock is nothing short of foundational. Yet, their significance often remains ignored, due to keeping the focus on other construction priorities. This importance becomes even more pronounced when considering the innovative concept of incorporating new living spaces. Regrettably, a prevailing issue persists – these fundamental components are frequently underestimated during the construction process, leading to suboptimal results. This oversight not only results in energy inefficiency but also compromises the overall quality and sustainability of buildings.

However, amidst this concern, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Ultrapanel Building Technologies, part of the Ultraframe Group. This company’s steadfast commitment to excellence is reshaping the very fabric of housing design, redefining home extensions, streamlining new home 

construction for unprecedented speed and efficiency, and revitalizing existing houses to align seamlessly with ambitious environmental targets. Through their pioneering efforts, Ultraframe not only seeks to address the construction industry’s historical oversights but also underscores the profound impact of prioritizing these essential elements in housing development. Investing in efficient home extensions, new home construction, and sustainable upgrades is not merely a choice but a necessity. It is crucial to allocate resources to these endeavors, as they not only enhance the home but also elevate its overall value and quality, all while harmonizing effortlessly with critical environmental goals.

Pioneering Brilliance: Ultraframe’s Evolution in Home Extension Innovation

Founded in the early 1980s, Ultraframe stands as a trailblazer in the conservatory roof sector within the United Kingdom. At a time when conservatory installers struggled with makeshift roofs using window frames, the company emerged to bridge this gap. Since then, Ultraframe has remained steadfast in its commitment to pushing technological boundaries, and reshaping the landscape of home construction and extensions in the UK. With a remarkable legacy spanning several decades, the company has evolved into the unrivaled leader in manufacturing roof systems and constructing houses. 

At the heart of the organization’s success lies a culture of innovation that has birthed groundbreaking technologies. The globally patented Ultrapanel system can be used to build new homes, extend existing homes, and wrap older homes to enhance energy efficiency, and is  testament to Ultraframe’s unyielding pursuit of excellence, resulting in a structure that is both robust and thermally efficient, entirely devoid of cold bridging. This innovation has not only transformed the construction industry but also opened doors to addressing energy efficiency in existing properties, marking a milestone in sustainable home improvement. 

Ultrapanel Building Technologies has brought innovation to the construction industry with its patented Ultrapanel technology. This sustainable construction system not only offers exceptional thermal performance but also plays a crucial role in achieving carbon targets. “With total design flexibility and the ability to reach Passivhaus standards or deliver net zero carbon housing, Ultrapanel is leading the positive change to net zero in one convenient multi-use construction system,” says Julian Slade the CEO of the company. When paired with the pioneering spirit of companies like Ultraframe, which has been shaping the landscape of home construction in the UK, these technologies are driving positive change in the industry, offering better ways to build for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Guiding the company’s journey is Julian Slade, the Chief Executive, whose career trajectory encompasses diverse industries. With a solid foundation forged during a decade at Procter and Gamble, where he played pivotal roles in major brands, Julian transitioned to Ultraframe in 2012, leveraging his engineering acumen. Under his stewardship, the company has expanded its horizons, venturing into the core roof market with new offerings such as tiled roofs, lanterns, and walling. Beyond its traditional domain, the company then took a bold step into the UK housing market with the patented and groundbreaking Ultrapanel building system. Julian’s strategic vision and unwavering dedication have propelled Ultraframe to the forefront of architectural innovation, revolutionizing the way that homes are built, extended, and improved, and contributing significantly to the transformation of the construction landscape in the UK and beyond.

Pioneering Efficiency: Unveiling Ultrapanel’s Construction Revolution

Ultrapanel Building Technologies has emerged as a trailblazer in the construction industry. With a commitment to excellence, the company has introduced groundbreaking building solutions that elevate energy and construction efficiency. The cornerstone of the solutions offered is Ultrapanel technology, that can be used to attain any U-value significantly enhancing insulation and comfort. This technology has already made a substantial impact, enhancing the energy efficiency of more than 15,000 homes across the UK.

In 2021, the company extended its influence into the housebuilder market with HAUSroof. Offering a flat-packed kit assembly, HAUSroof swiftly constructs room-in-the-roof spaces without the need for cranes, providing a streamlined approach to construction. The subsequent year witnessed the introduction of the hup! building system, a revolutionary innovation that has the potential to reshape home extensions. This system enables the rapid construction of typical-sized UK home extensions within an astonishing 3-4 days from the DPC level, marking a paradigm shift in efficiency within the industry.

Ultrapanel’s commitment to both innovation and quality assurance is evident in HAUS, the company’s new home construction solution. This approach not only meets the demanding standards of the Future Homes Standard but also accomplishes this feat in mere days and at a lower cost compared to conventional methods. Furthermore, for existing homes seeking energy efficiency upgrades, the HAUSwrap solution offers an efficient and cost-effective option. This solution involves externally wrapping entire houses, including walls and roofs, swiftly enhancing energy efficiency levels regardless of weather conditions or crane availability. “We not only test our products in our own laboratory and test facilities, but we also use independent third-party accreditation and testing agencies,” says Julian. The company’s collaborations with esteemed organizations like the NHBC and BBA attest to their dedication to quality. These partnerships have yielded certifications that affirm Ultrapanel’s compliance with Building Regulations, encompassing crucial aspects such as thermal performance, structural stability, condensation control, fire resistance, and durability, which is expected to span at least 60 years.

Ultrapanel’s Advancements and Awards in Construction

Ultrapanel technology revolutionizes the construction landscape through its globally patented approach, offering unmatched speed and quality. Unlike competitors, Ultrapanel’s efficient assembly process maintains superior craftsmanship. Its environmentally conscious design employs fewer materials, resulting in minimal waste during production and on-site operations, setting it apart from industry peers. Transport efficiency is a cornerstone of Ultrapanel’s superiority, as its ready-to-assemble kits streamline on-site logistics, ensuring cost-effectiveness. The company’s lean factory processes contribute to its competitiveness by reducing start-up costs and allowing local production. This advantage is amplified by automated just-in-time manufacturing, minimizing environmental impact.

The accolades bestowed upon Ultrapanel emphasize its dominance. Awards such as the Housebuilder Product Awards 2021 and 2023, Building Innovation Awards 2021, and Offsite Awards 2023 are highly commended awards that underscore its innovation. Ultrapanel’s ability to seamlessly integrate speed, quality, sustainability, and affordability positions it head and shoulders above competitors, redefining construction standards.

Looking ahead, the company is resolute in its mission to drive technology to new heights, facilitating exponential growth for its partners in expansive global markets. Amidst the dynamic currents of change sweeping the construction landscape, the company remains at the forefront, poised to catalyze unprecedented advancements. With a legacy founded on technological prowess and an unwavering dedication to partner success, the company is primed to redefine the trajectory of the construction realm, ushering in an era of remarkable innovation.

Pull Quote: “With total design flexibility and the ability to reach Passivhaus standards or deliver net zero carbon housing, Ultrapanel is leading the positive change to net zero in one convenient multi-use construction system”

Company Description: 

Ultrapanel Building Technologies invented and globally patented Ultrapanel technology. The company is using this technology to revolutionize home extensions/additions, build super-fast and highly efficient new homes, and upgrade older housing stock to meet carbon targets.

Company Name: Ultraframe Building Technologies – part of the Ultraframe group of companies

Founding Year: Ultraframe 1983, Ultraframe Building Technologies 2021

Office Locations: Clitheroe and Rishton, United Kingdom. Exports to USA, and various other countries across the globe.

Official Website of the company: / 

Name of the Featured Leader: Julian Slade

Designation of the Leader: CEO 

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