ISSA is Transforming the Industry and Empowering Fitness Trainers

The fitness industry has experienced unprecedented growth. A growth driven by the increase in health awareness, rising interest in sports and fitness, and the introduction of new technologies. However, the industry faces a significant challenge with a shortage of qualified fitness trainers. The need for properly trained fitness trainers is crucial so that individuals receive effective and safe guidance toward achieving their fitness goals. Without a trained professional, individuals run the risk of serious injury or health problems.

To combat this issue, fitness professionals need to embrace innovative solutions and reimagine what it means to be a fitness trainer. By utilizing the latest technologies and implementing new training standards, trainers can become the superheroes of fitness, providing expert advice and guidance that will transform their clients’ lives. Through continuous education, a new standard of excellence can be established, creating a culture of professionalism and safety within the fitness industry. 

This is why the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is committed to providing the highest quality education and certification programs for fitness trainers, guaranteeing ISSA trainers possess the knowledge and expertise required to help every client achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively.

A Legacy of Bridging the Gap in Fitness Education for Over 30 Years

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a leading fitness education company that has been providing comprehensive and practical education to fitness professionals for over 30 years. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Sal Arria and Dr. Fred Hatfield, the company was born out of a need to address the gaps in the training of American athletes during the 1984 Olympics.

ISSA has trained nearly 500,000 fitness professionals across 176 countries. They offer over 50 certifications and specializations, including personal training, nutrition, yoga, and health coaching, among others. 

ISS’s online curriculum provides trainers with a deep understanding of the human body and its response to exercise, as well as  professional support to help trainers establish and grow their fitness businesses. ISSA’s expert team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and are committed to ensuring that the certification programs offered by ISSA are not only comprehensive but evidence-based and proven effective. Whether it’s through one-on-one mentoring, online forums, or ongoing education opportunities, the organization is committed to helping its registered members thrive both personally and professionally.

What truly sets ISSA apart is its commitment to the mission of connecting 100 million people to the benefits of healthy living by 2030. This is not just a goal, but a powerful mission that drives every aspect of the company’s operations. ISSA is more than an education provider; it’s a community of passionate fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and experts who are committed to sharing healthy living and wellness worldwide. “Ultimately, our vision for ISSA is to help trainers change the world for the better”, says Andrew Wyant, ISSA CEO.

Cutting-Edge Fitness Certification Programs

The world is constantly evolving, and so is the fitness industry. People are becoming more health-conscious and focused on wellness, leading to a surge in demand for fitness professionals who have extensive knowledge in multiple areas of health and wellness. In response, ISSA has emerged to answer these needs as the leading provider of comprehensive fitness education and certification, empowering individuals to become successful fitness professionals.

ISSA’s training courses are a game-changer, equipping aspiring trainers with the skills and knowledge necessary to help their clients achieve their specific goals. From understanding the human body to designing custom exercise programs and motivating clients, ISSA ensures that trainers are prepared to guide their clients toward a healthier lifestyle.

ISSA also offers a range of courses and certifications in nutrition and health coaching, enabling individuals to help their clients develop healthy eating habits and manage chronic health conditions. And that’s not all. ISSA has recently expanded its offerings to include a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, completely online and recognized by the Yoga Alliance. 

Through ISSA’s extensive specialization offerings, trainers have been able to pursue careers in the fitness industry, leading to financial independence and security knowing they are doing what they love. 

ISSA opens up new opportunities for individuals to launch their own businesses, work in gyms and fitness studios, or provide online coaching services. Furthermore, ISSA’s education has improved the overall quality of the fitness industry. By equipping trainers with a deep understanding of the human body, exercise program design, and injury prevention techniques, ISSA has helped clients experience better results, changing their lives for the better.

Comprehensive Curriculum Establishes ISSA as the Industry Leader

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) has made significant strides in the fitness industry by introducing an innovative and unique approach to its certification programs. Instead of relying heavily on scientific principles, the company has created a practical and pragmatic curriculum that prepares trainers with the knowledge and skills required to provide safe and effective training programs. This approach has helped establish ISSA as a highly respected institution in the industry, recognized globally for its high standards and comprehensive curriculum.

One of the key features of the institution’s certification programs is their flexibility and self-paced nature, allowing registrants to learn at their own pace and on their schedule. “We also believe that our certifications should be accessible to everyone who is interested in pursuing a career in fitness, regardless of their background or previous experience”, says Andrew. The company has given a platform to many individuals to follow their passion and make a progressive career in this particular industry. The company also offers ongoing support and resources to its students and graduates, such as marketing and business development tools, continuing education courses, and networking opportunities with other fitness professionals.

The company’s unique job guarantee security sets it apart from other certification providers. The program offers aspiring trainers the opportunity to connect with gyms and fitness centers seeking certified ISSA trainers to fill their employment needs. The company’s full-time dedicated support and coaching team provides aspiring trainers with personalized feedback, guidance, and support throughout their training, ensuring they have the latest and most relevant knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry.

The innovative and practical approach of the institution’s certification programs has been a significant factor in the organization’s success. The company’s curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and best practices in the industry, ensuring that its graduates are equipped with the most current and relevant knowledge and skills. This has enabled the organization to establish itself as a leader in fitness education and help shape the industry by equipping trainers with the necessary tools to succeed.

Pursuit of Excellence and Future Plans

ISSA is a company that has demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being, educational excellence, and growth as a business. One of their many success stories is one of the company’s own, Christopher “Fitz” Fitzsimons, a Fitness Education Advisor who has undergone a remarkable physical and mental transformation while working for ISSA. Fitzsimons’ experience is a testament to the organization’s supportive work culture and its dedication to helping employees achieve their personal and professional goals.

In addition, the organization has received several awards and recognitions that speak to the excellence as an organization. ISSA has been recognized with several awards highlighting their dedication to employee satisfaction, and success as a fitness franchise. Just some of the recognitions include 2023 Best Places To Work, 2022 Globee CEO Of The Year, and Top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Company. 

ISSA’s future is looking brighter than ever, with the company poised to grow and expand in exciting new ways. Over the coming years, ISSA is committed to expanding its global presence, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets that offer immense potential for growth in the fitness industry.

Pull Quote: “The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), is the global leader in online fitness and wellness certifications. For over 30 years, ISSA has been committed to delivering comprehensive, cognitive, and practical education that’s grounded in industry research.

Description of the Company: The International Sports Sciences Association is an organization that operates as an education and certification company for fitness trainers, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, nutrition coaches, aerobic instructors, and medical professionals.

  • Founding Year: 1988
  • Office Locations: Phoenix, AZ
  • Official Website of the company:
  • Name of the Featured Leader: ANDREW WYANT, CEO
  • Designation of the Leader: CEO
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