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In the techno-friendly world having IT support is a must for any company to survive. Despite the underlying need for IT consultation and development for SMME companies, there has been a dearth of solution providers. Senthil N (Founder and CEO of ITERON) noticed that there were several startups and small businesses in need of IT guidance but with the challenge of wanting everything as quickly as possible and also being affordable. He wanted to devise a strategy with a right-shore model to meet the expectations of this target segment and thus established ITERON.

Initially, ITERON focused on catering startups and SMME companies with an end-to-end solution and help them in developing their product ideas in shorter time frames with optimal costs. The technologies involved were open-source like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Magento, etc. Later, ITERON’s management decided to focus on future technologies and started investing in Elixir & Erlang as its core technologies. Currently, ITERON has the following lines of Business Process Automation Customized solutions, Business process management, Application reengineering, Application modernization, Application Maintenance Support, and Cloud Services. The team has expertise in Elixir, Erlang, reactjs, nodejs, react native & supporting tech stacks Cloud expertise in AWS and GCP. It caters to these solutions to varied industry sectors like education, healthcare, digital assets, e-commerce & logistics process innovation, Artificial intelligence Consultation, modeling, and developments.


Customer Success is Priority

Over the years, ITERON has been successful in delivering the best to its clients and hence become one of the key players in its niche. Today, the company is ranked amongst the top 10 companies globally providing high-end consultation and developments for Elixir/Erlang driven solutions.

With our customers, we would like to play a role as a partner rather than a supplier/vendor. We do not just stop our involvement after delivery but continue to collaborate with our customers in other areas like sales, marketing, or SEO by sharing our experience and sometimes also involve ourselves in internal brainstorming sessions. We strongly believe that only when our customers succeed, we succeed. Talk to our Customers and you will know what we mean!”- Senthil N, CEO

Praising ITERON’s solutions and team’s diligence, Mr. Howard Marx, CEO at Vinvinea, USA, quotes-“ITERON delivered a high-quality, functional website that impressed the client and their users with its capabilities and design. The team’s diligence and flexibility further accentuate their invaluable knowledge. Their excellent communication skills allow for a strong partnership.”

Helping the team grow

Strong leadership is the basis of a skillful and highly functional team. For ITERON, Mangala Kader P (Co-founder of ElixirExperts (Brand of ITERON) and CTO of ITERON), leadership has proven to be beneficial for the growth of the team and company. Mangala joined the team of ITERON 4 years ago, and since day one has ensured that the team’s skillsets were on par with the niched technologies and enabled the developers to compete in the global software industry. He was one of the early adopters of BEAM-based technologies for inherent product developments and increasing the adoption of Erlang and Elixir throughout the globe by engaging with developers and clients.

Mangala has worked at various startups, gaining knowledge and experience in various aspects of SDLC and managing people. Due to his extensive experience, Mangala introduced a cloud tech stack in day-to-day life enabling people across various SDLC to complete their tasks on time with higher productivity, efficiency and also played a key role in ensuring a proper work-life balance. He is a keen observer and shares a passion to solve the customer’s challenges and methodically solve those using modern technologies and a well-defined process. Mangala’s attitude towards customer problems has enabled the company to gain trust and build long-term relationships.

Consequences of Pandemic

The recent disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic put forth several unprecedented challenges. Initially, the impact was difficult for ITERON but in a few months, it was able to increase the sales by adapting to the changing trends. As soon as people became familiar with remote working, the company started to market more offshore models, the free proof of concept phase exhibited to them the working model, communication aspects, costs, and quality of deliverable with zero risk. This is called the “Sprint Zero” model, which became very popular amidst the pandemic situation.

Sharing the pandemic experience, Someswaran K, COO at ITERON, said “Pandemic has given hard times for all of us. Initially, it was quite a struggle for us to cope with the home office culture but we quickly set the process and monitoring in place. The flexibility of working improved our productivity drastically. We switched to the combination model with 40% office and 60% remote. We also meet our team for offsite events quarterly to interact more personally and be part of the ITERON family.”

Scaling-up and strengthening the solutions

In 2020, ITERON also invested in various products like Thefishpedia, AimPMP, La Tabur, Scoolze, and Accqrate. In 2021 the focus will be on marketing the products and winning the customer base. Mangala anticipates that functional programming and no-code low-code programming will be the trends. ITERON being the early adopter of technologies like Elixir, Erlang, is equipped with numerous case studies and customer references to leverage for future growth. The vision is to build a robust elixir team and would like to be one of the top 3 players in the global market.

ITERON has always been passionate to solve industry challenges and will continue to do so with the further amalgamation of AI and blockchain tech. The focus will continue to be on the Healthcare industry due to ITERON’s good references and experiences. The healthcare industry has come up with numerous innovations and solutions. With the inclusion of AI and blockchain, there will be more challenges and changes in requirements.

“The whole BEAM community is working towards making the Erlang and Elixir reach to most of the people either through libraries or making the systems viable for different activities by leveraging the BEAM’s in- built fault-tolerance, effortless scaling and concurrency. In the coming years, We can definitely expect Elixir to shine light into Financial Sectors in a more robust way, already we can see that it’s doing great on the digital currency side. Phoenix Framework will modernize the way people develop web applications using LiveViews. We can assure that Elixir will make its impact in AI and Machine Learning. Finally, Erlang and Elixir have been in our life for the past 30 years, they’re the backbone of most of our Telephonic Infrastructures and definitely, they will take part either in a direct or indirect way into each and applications that are going to be developed in the future” concludes Mangala.

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