James Price’s major breakthrough in Cancer diagnosis with Everything Genetic

Everything Genetic

Cancer remains one of the biggest challenges for healthcare systems. In Europe, on average, one in two women and one in three men develop cancer during their lifetime. The statistics only reveal the data in Europe the scenario worldwide is equally dreadful. Moreover, an individual’s risk of cancer can be very high, whether or not there is a family history of cancer. New solutions are needed to change this situation. James Price (Founder and CEO of Everything Genetic), believes that the key to better cancer prevention and longevity is by understanding the personal cancer risks of individuals. He has leveraged this knowledge to establish Everything Genetic, a revolutionary solution to tackle cancer. The vision is to democratise genetic testing for all by being disruptive in the market, expanding the range of testing options available, and more importantly, making genetic testing affordable.

James Price is a proficient and experienced entrepreneur who has over 14 years of experience in the molecular diagnostics and genetics testing field. He is a talented commercial leader with a strong commercial skillset. James has achieved success in the women’s health sector and other markets within molecular testing. He has also successfully built the UK and Ireland genetic testing business Myriad Genetics, launching the BRAcAnalysis and Endopredict tests into the UK market.

Everything Genetic has equally contributed to the COVID-19 fight and has recently launched a new COVID test booking site. In our exclusive interview with James Price, he leads us through the journey of Everything Genetic and provides deep insights on the development of cancer prevention. His unique acumen and innovative approach have ranked him amongst the most innovative leaders of 2021.

Here is the interview,

Could you please start with a brief on Everything Genetic and its offerings?

Everything Genetic Ltd is a consultative distributor of market-leading genetic testing brands to both healthcare providers and directly to patients. We have established partnerships with market-leading laboratories, supplying revolutionary genetic tests to healthcare providers and patients for the detection, diagnosis, and treatment planning of cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.

How will you describe the culture at Everything Genetic Ltd?

Our team is central to everything we do. We work hard as a team, show trust and respect for each other, listen and support, and share knowledge and experience. By working together as one team, we believe we can achieve great things.

Would you say that ‘word-of-mouth’ has been a major contributor to the company’s success?

It’s very key to have a good network in this industry. We do rely on people passing our details on, being a small company with a limited budget. When we started we were unable to do a lot of promotion so this really helped us to penetrate the market.

How do you go about innovation in your organization today?

We’re innovators of new technology, with top geneticists and cancer specialists in our medical team offering comprehensive clinical support to patients. We are constantly reviewing new technology, we look at what is the next great thing to make diagnosis easier and quicker for patients. We have recently invested in a company that has patented the next-generation digital COVID test which we are really excited about.

How is investing in the technology involved with the mission of the company?

The key to our business is helping people taking control of their health. We want to support people through this and offer the most recent technology to support this, even if this means us making investments to bring new technologies to market

How did COVID-19 affect the Everything Genetic Ltd team and the company’s operations?

At the start of lockdown, along with many other companies, what with cancer services more or less ceasing we needed to take advantage of the furlough scheme. However, after being approached by a number of our corporate partners we instigated the process of providing COVID testing to enable patients to come back for all-important cancer tests. We set up a supply very quickly to corporate partners in June 2020. Now we provide testing kits to over 200 companies. Finally, in April 2021 we launched a direct-to-consumer service to help support the travel industry

How will you describe your leadership style?

I give lots of responsibility, accountability, and trust whilst maintaining a close eye and offering support where needed. One should lead by example, keep an open mind, lead your team but give them space to do their job and lead theirs, build bridges and networks across the industry.

How are you envisioning the industry to shape in the coming years?

Genetic information is the key to prevention but 90% of people with genetic mutations are still not aware of their elevated risk. We can unlock that information swiftly and this could have a huge impact on both an individual’s health and the NHS’s ability to treat cancer. Currently, the NHS will only offer you a genetic test if you have a high hereditary risk. We want the tests to become part of national screening, rather than people having such a high hurdle to access it.

What will you term as your ‘go-to’ sources of information or entertainment?

I don’t read books or autobiographies, albeit I focus on clinical data, market research, making as many partnerships as possible, and learning from the people around me such as my team, and supporting them, and surround myself with specialists in their field!

Could you share any advice or tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

In order to outshine in the industry, one should be original and exceptional. So, advice for my peers is to be the best do it your own way, stay focused, keep positive, have the right attitude, show accountability, and accept things will go wrong, and it’s ok…

Quote: “Lead by example, keep an open mind, lead your team but give them space to do their job and lead theirs, build bridges and networks across the industry.”


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