Johnathaan L. Pannell – Chief of HR & DEI Executive

Employees are the driving force of any organization. If employees are cared for and developed, then any organization will likely flourish. Consequently, there is a need to select the best-suited, most talented and team-spirited professionals to not just expand your company but also to ensure optimal employee satisfaction at the same time. However, most business owners and organizations are still unaware of how to identify the most talented from the pool and what is essential in keeping those employees happy. 

This is where District Partnerships and Consulting (DPC) agency brings the best solutions to the table.

Johnathaan L. Pannell: District Partnerships & Consulting

Johnathaan L. Pannell is a veteran HR and DEI executive, with a career dedicated to promoting equitable systems and processes using people-centric policies. Johanathaan’s long professional journey saw him serving in multiple profiles, such as Interim Director of Human Resources, Talent and HR Leader, as well as Chief of People and Culture, among others. 

Johanathaan has received several awards and accolades for his groundbreaking and innovative HR and DEI services, including the Radio One Inc.’s 2017 Top 30 Under 30 Professional award alongside being named “The Top DEI Services Firm for 2022” by the HR Tech Outlook. Johnathaan is highly committed to education, equity and community development which prompted him to establish District Partnerships and Consulting (DPC). 

Today, the company employs a wide variety of consultants and administrators. This diverse team of professionals  on their consulting team is responsible for handling every aspect of consulting, including devising strategies and ensuring seamless implementations and smooth integration of strategies to fulfill the client’s individual business needs. The admin services team of professionals at DPC includes experts in finance, human resources and data collection. 

District Partnerships & Consulting: What does it do?

Johanathaan founded DPC as a means to help small businesses with a wider choice of equity initiatives and to provide expert support for HR-related missions. Initially, DPC began by providing effective DEI services to small businesses and soon evolved into a renowned HR & Executive Search Service provider, having completed searches locally and nationally. 

DPC offers comprehensive and efficiency-enhancing HR consulting services. These services are aimed at providing businesses with optimal talent acquisition strategies that are customized according to every business’ individual demands. DPC’s HR consulting allows organizations to meet company goals and project requirements of varying scale and functions. DPC is focused on providing technology-led talent acquisition solutions that are essential to find the best human resource, and to ensure optimal business growth. 

DPC also offers DEI consulting to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion within the business operations. This effectively helps businesses to ensure that they have a truly representative organization founded on a supportive and trust-worthy culture. 

Besides this, DPC also offers Executive Search services which help businesses to identify the knowledge and skillset required for any job and helps to develop rubrics, scorecards and position descriptions using anti-bias and anti-discriminatory practices. DPC does this by analyzing the specific challenges that are unique to the job profile and matching the most skilled and talented professional with it. This complicated but effective search process is meant to ensure that client priorities are at the forefront of any talent search undertaken by their search team.  

Johnathaan believes that the growing success of DPC is a result of the strong unity and team-spirit which is common in all their consultants and team-members. The ability to plan and execute together makes DPC a truly strong and competent talent-acquisition agency. 

District Partnerships & Consulting: How does it do?

Johnathaan’s immense experience and skillset as an HR expert has helped to boost DPC to new heights of recognition in the industry within a very short time. The reason behind this incredible rise to success lies in the integral values of empathy and humanity. Johnathaan credits his business’ growth and success to his willingness to invest in the power of people.  

At DPC, it is believed that an employee in any organization cannot become successful alone but with the help of an employer who is dedicated to their development and exhibits willingness to retain high-quality talent. DPC has helped numerous clients to with this commitment and also helped to thwart inequities and racism in the workplace. 

The professionals at DPC are also trained to provide the highest integrity and advanced services in the HR and DEI aspects of client’s business. To do this, DPC ensures integrity first at the workplace. The ability to be honest and completely transparent with employees and clients has been pivotal in boosting the popularity of DPC in the HR industry. Johnathaan admits that shifting cultures to become more inclusive and integral is not easy and takes a significant amount of time, effort and training. However, when an organizations’ leadership team is devoted to diagnosing those culture issues and putting a plan in place, they will surely see change.   

District Partnerships & Consulting: Vision and Mission

DPC professionals are trained to provide services with the values of Collaboration, Integrity and Results ingrained in them. Johnathaan is extremely focused on ensuring optimal team-work as this is the driving force behind their ability to achieve shared and mutual goals more efficiently. Integrity in the agency ensures honesty, transparency and shows commitment to offering the best, research-backed, high-quality strategies and plans. With the help of high-quality consulting, DPC has been providing small and large business organizations with the right talent and strategy plans. 

These core values can be found deeply integrated into DPC’s everyday operations and services that help clients to find the most optimal solution for everyday challenges in the industry.

District Partnerships & Consulting: What will it do?

Johnathaan is a firm believer in complete customer satisfaction and considers it essential for ensuring a scalable growth, especially of a non-profit business. DPC professionals are trained to constantly monitor this aspect of business with the help frequent surveys that are performed throughout the contractual period. This ensures that DPC is helping the client to meet their operational goals at every stage of the strategy. All this is achieved by bringing about systemic changes in the client’s organization. 

Whenever faced with a less than favorable feedback, the professionals at DPC are trained to address the issue promptly. This also helps to ensure that the client and DPC are on the same page. According to Johnathaan, most cases of dissatisfaction arise when a client and their service provider are not aligned, with regard to the goals and aims of the client’s organization. This can occur at any time during the process, hence DPC ensures to keep an open line of communication with the client throughout. 

In the coming years, Johnathaan envisions District Partnerships & Consulting to achieve several major goals. One of the top priorities for Johnathaan is to establish and open a non-profit DEI Advancement organization which will be committed to inclusion and diversity statistics and providing resources to inclusive and equity-focused business organizations. 

One of the most unique selling points of DPC is that the company is not solely focused on providing services, but effectively building long-lasting relationships with the clients. DPC often checks-in with their past clients to enquire of their work and even offer pro-bono support. The company also engages business leaders to discuss ways to develop and integrate equity expertise and internal support within their organizations. This has proven effective for DPC to form strong bonds with clients and ensure optimal client satisfaction at all times. 

Johnathaan, being the leader of an incredibly versatile and efficient HR consulting firm, believes that it always pays to lead with humanity. Usually, businesses use data to fulfill their HR and DEI requirements. Though data is important, it is also essential to remember that it is the people who work that are the driving force behind any organization’s success. Hence, according to Johnathaan it is crucial to ensure that employees in any business organization feel a sense of belonging, development, and appreciation at work. 

Company Profile

Name: District Partnerships 

Founded in: 2018

Office Locations: Alexandria, VA and Charlotte, NC

Official Company Website: 

Chief Executive: Johnathaan L. Pannell 

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