Kalos LLP: Helping Companies Elevate Their Deals To The Next Level

Digitalization has brought impressive transformations to various industrial verticals. With the rapid involvement of tech, the line between finance and information technology is gradually getting blurred. Some in the finance sector are championing technological advancements. Ultimately, financial insights are driven by the ability to synthesize data in efficient and effective ways. By leveraging advanced tech, Mackenzie and Travis Regent laid the foundation of Kalos LLP, with an aim to help middle-market participants realize their full potential. The firm utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring meaningful findings to the surface.

Kalos LLP brings years of acumen and experience to mid-market transactions that were previously underserved. Mackenzie and Travis Regent, with their team of experts, empower their clients to make the best decisions possible. The leadership of Kalos has over 15 years of experience working at the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms. Mackenzie was the manager chosen to represent Ernst & Young Canada at an international leadership event. She was also recently named to the Top 100 People in Finance in the world.  For his part, Travis received the top performance rating as a Senior Consultant for KPMG Canada and has a proven track record of transforming businesses, improving profit margins and financial results. After a successful career in the finance sector, both Mackenzie and Travis started their entrepreneurship journey to help elevate middle-market companies and their deals. They have advised on 65+ deals, from venture capital to mature private equity, for billions of dollars in transaction value.

Kalos LLP

Making a True Difference

Established in 2019, Kalos LLP has grown to be one of the market leaders in financial due diligence and valuation. Kalos is a Greek word for ‘good’ and proves its excellence by providing their clients with objective and independent advice on the deals they are pursuing. Kalos does not operate on a commission or success fee basis, the team prioritizes clients, and thus provides them the good advice they need when approaching the capital markets. Kalos’ reports are provided to banks, board of directors and investors to inspire confidence in the transaction.

The Kalos LLP team shares one fundamental characteristic. We want to help. We care about our clients and made the conscious choice to leave multi-billion dollar organizations to work at a place where we can add value and make a difference,” shares Mackenzie.

Kelos LLP

Kalos is a boutique firm that values people and relationships above all else. During the pandemic, the company offered months of pro-bono services, since this was when their clients needed it the most. They truly partner with their clients and, in doing so, provide an environment where the Kalos team can feel proud that they live their values. “We felt going pro-bono in the wake of the pandemic was the right thing to do. We trusted that if we focused on being of service and acting with integrity, that it would all work out in the end,” said Travis.

The team is one of the key contributors to Kalos’ success and they are extremely dedicated to their clients, especially during these unprecedented times. “The team continually strives to help our clients grow their business, accomplish their financial goals, and amid the pandemic, complete the transactions which were required to not only survive but to build a stronger business for the future. As a team, we are grateful that we have been able to collectively make a difference,” adds Travis.

Catering Throughout The Pandemic

The pandemic shifted business operations to virtual platforms overnight, with the inability to meet and conduct work in person. As a result, there was rapid digitalization and companies had to survive in the new normal. The only way to sustain in the harsh business environment was to be agile and responsive to the clients’ immediate, and urgent needs to navigate the instant disruption experienced as a result of COVID-19. Kalos was swift in devising a strategy and invested heavily in new technology to cater to their clients remotely. As a boutique firm, Kalos is well structured to execute the proverbial ‘pivot’ and successfully respond to their clients’ needs throughout the pandemic.

Technology has been a boon in the pandemic era and in the coming years, technology will continue to evolve and transform the landscape in which data is synthesized, and accordingly, how deals are analyzed. Alongside the rapid rise of technology, there was also a heightened level of scrutiny on transactions. Mackenzie explains, “Investors and lenders are increasingly wanting to understand risk mitigation in potential ‘sky is falling’ scenarios to assess the defensiveness of the underlying company. The impetus is on the company to demonstrate that they have their t’s crossed and i’s dotted to complete a successful transaction.”

Understanding trends and the business landscape, the team at Kalos helps entrepreneurial clients cover all angles, before approaching the market, to ensure they put their best foot forward. Kalos also leads financial due diligence on the buy-side for various private equity firms and family offices to fulfil the increased need for objective and independent expertise in these turbulent times, where valuations have become more of a question mark. She adds, “We have seen an emergence of sell-side diligence; it has become best practice on larger transactions, and we expect this will become commonplace on mid-market deals over the next 5 years.

Kalos LLPStaying ahead of the Curve

Deals are ever-evolving. Being an evaluator of potential transactions for our clients, Kalos needs to stay on top of market trends, risk mitigation techniques, and the best tools available to evaluate deals. Kalos is continually innovating and upgrading its offerings to ensure that it stays on the leading edge of transaction advisory. Currently, the team is working on implementing and adopting four new technologies aimed at cloud-based efficiency and data analysis to stay ahead of the curve.

Mackenzie concludes, “We are pleased that we continue to have a 100% close rate in any transaction where our materials were used to secure funding. Raising capital during these uncertain and difficult times is as challenging as ever, and we would be happy to help facilitate your deal. We are highly innovative in how we support and structure deals to secure win-win results.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.”

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