KinPOS Corporation – Extraordinary Leadership

Mauricio Fermayer is the CEO of KinPOS Corporation, one of the largest and most experienced customs POS solution providers in Latin America. Founded in 2008, KinPOS has grown from a startup into one of the leading POS and banking solutions providers in the past decade. The company comprises a team of POS professionals who have over 30 years of experience developing financial software and POS hardware solutions for banks and financial institutions of all types.

Mr. Fermayer began his career as an Engineer with an MBA working for OMRON before moving base to HYPERCOM and working in the Point of Sales Hardware and Software division. Today, his leadership has enabled KinPOS to serve in over 20 countries, mainly banks and commercial processors, where all transactions and information data are completely customized to fulfill the customer’s needs and certified using the latest industrial standards. 

Mauricio Fermayer

KinPOS – King of POS Solutions

Under the leadership of Mr. Fermayer, KinPOS provides significant strategic improvement potential to the finance industry. It collaborates with management teams to create solutions that drive revenue and enhance earnings growth using certified secure channels. 

Today, KinPOS offers a wide array of application software suits for merchant terminals and other devices, such as:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Secure E-Commerce
  • Device Inventory 
  • Event Monitoring 
  • Smart Payments 
  • Anti-Fraud System Detection 
  • Remote App Loader 
  • Card Account Management 

Some of the most popular solutions and services offered by KinPOS include SoftPOS, Wallet, Tokenization, Security, Apps, MPOS, Online Payments, and more. The company’s Wallet payment system helps banks and other monetary processors develop the most efficient and secure online payment system that can be easily integrated into the customer’s core business environment. 

KinPOS is wholly focused on developing software systems for Point of Sales (POS), which also has efficient features relating to distribution, maintenance, and security for online payment processing. The company aims to achieve practical growth by developing systems offering superior payment processing. The company aims to provide the best returns to customers and clients using excellent services. 

KinPOS – Vision, and Mission

The KinPOS Corporation envisions exceeding the standards and expectations of customers and clients by providing the best quality of service, including efficient development and distribution of solution systems. The company also strives to guarantee punctuality to delivery deadlines to become the leading preferred supplier for POS hardware and software solutions in the Americas. 

The KinPOS Corporation is on a mission to achieve and offer all payment solutions by focusing on innovative systems development, ensuring the highest quality standards, exceptional service, affordable prices, and commitment to fulfilling client’s needs. The company aims to always offer the most value for the best returns to customers and clients. 

KinPOS Corporation focuses on developing quick and secure cloud-based online payment ecosystems to meet its vision and mission. The company is very much focused on innovation, based on customers’ needs to grow and flourish as the leading POS solutions provider for banks and other financial institutes. KinPOS acquires all necessary and relevant certifications for this business system to ensure this. 

Mr. Fermayer states the secret to ensuring a motivating and productive work environment is by ensuring that everybody in the team is first self-motivated. The team-member knows the significant impact their work is having on the overall online payment processing industry. Mr. Fermayer also highlights the impacting result through customized POS hardware and software solution development. This is a great way to remind the team of the immense advantages and benefits of the solutions they help create. Mr. Fermayer believes that facilitating the secure certification business for customers makes KinPOS Corporation exclusive in the cloud transaction sector. 

Talking about future ventures, Mr. Fermayer firmly states that KinPOS is poised and focused on developing Blockchain NFT payment solutions, enabling crypto-currency payments, and advancing in robotics too. 

KinPOS – Unique Transaction Solutions

The major reason for KinPOS Corporation becoming the leader in POS payment solutions is its knack for designing and developing genuinely innovative hardware and software solutions, such as:

KinPOS MPOS Mobile Payment Services

KinPOS mPOS is an innovative solution that allows processing transactions using any smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This is a highly flexible tool that helps to speed up integration time in the processing network. It also garners impressive benefits, such as accepting electronic payments and reducing the risks by avoiding the use of printed currency. Besides this, the mPOS solution also helps customers to expand their consumer database through safe and flexible online payment services. In essence, mPOS solutions by KinPOS allow customers to gain the best results in every involved component of online payment transactions. 

KinPOS CSI Solution Platform

The KinPOS CSI is a solutions platform and is made of different modules. These modules contain those tools and processors that are integral for noticeably improving the management of the different components that comprise the overall online payment processing network. The primary use of this solution is to offer value-added services that help to streamline the various administrative tasks and configuration processes according to the customer’s specific needs. This solution is essential for banks and other financial institutes and contains a wide range of applications for merchant terminals and software platforms. 

KinPOS Wallet Mobile Payment Solutions

The KinPOS e-wallets, also called digital wallets or electronic wallets, rank among the most innovative and effective online payment solutions. These solutions have experienced significant growth in the past few years, thanks to the growing dependency by users on online payment solutions. This e-wallet application lets users manage their money online from their smartphones and simplifies online payments. 

The KinPOS e-wallet services are integrated with additional advanced security measures, such as encryption and tokenization technology, double authentication systems, and OTP technology, to carry out monetary transactions most securely and safely. 

KinPOS Payment Solutions for Financial Institutions CSI Software

The KinPOS Application Software Suite contains a wide variety of features. It has all the solution modules that are essential for any bank or financial institute to ensure optimal efficiency and safety for customer transactions. Each application in this software suite can also be ordered individually or included in the KinPOS CSI Master Collection Suite, which covers all the modules in a one program. KinPOS Application Software Suite has an extensive array of applications for merchant terminals and user devices, which as highly secure and cloud-based for optimal efficiency and safety. 

KinPOS AFS Anti-Fraud System

The KinPOS AFS is another excellent platform module. It lets customers easily identify processing rules for transactions, which helps to analyze the instance through a graded level of risk standards. It then enables users to find solutions that can help to avoid suspicious events. Depending on the degree of risk involved in the particular transaction, KinPOS AFS allows you to designate a particular activity for each level of risk. For instance, you can assign “approve,” “pause,” or “reject” as commands for every flagged transaction. KinPOS AFS software solution is easy to integrate with module EMS and can send alerts during any point of a particularly suspicious online transaction. 

KinPOS CMS Card and Account Management System

The KinPOS CMS is part of the KinPOS CDI solution and is designed to manage bank accounts and cards. The software system allows client merchants to manage the account information of cardholders. Using this innovative tool, the client can easily create different versions with different definitions. For instance, the KinPOS CMS system lets banks and other financial institutes create Debit or Credit Card accounts to collect the use of points, miles, etc., from businesses and everything related to authorizing transactions online. 


Company Name: KinPOS Corporation 

Office Location: 3350SW 148th Suite, 110 Miramar, Fl. 33027

Company Website: 

Company Leader: Mr. Mauricio Fermayer 

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