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Robotics and automation have significantly evolved over time. With constant innovations and futuristic vision, robots have proved to useful in the growth of the company. In the past decade, industrial robots used to be high priced, due to which, the ROI is expected to be achieved after a decade. However, the present situation has completely transformed. Over the forecast period of 2021-2026, the robotic market will grow at a CAGR of 20.4%. in 2020, it was valued at USD 23.67 billion and is expected to reach USD 74 billion by 2026.  With this rise in popularity, the application of robots has stretched far beyond workhouses of industrial shop floors and beginning to adopt the roles of personal assistants, surgical assistants, delivery vehicles, autonomous vehicles, exoskeletons, and crewless aerial vehicles, among many other uses. Furthermore, with the availability of smaller collaborative robots, the price of these robots for companies assist to achieve ROI in months instead of decades, often costing around USD 20,000. Declining sensor prices and increasing adoption have further aided lower costs.

To further dive deep into the concept and understanding of Robots and the robotic market, we have Kiran Smart with us. Established in 2006 as Kiran Technical and presently, operates under the name of Kiran Smart since 2019. It is the first humanoid robots company in Kuwait. Within the span since its inception, the company has been recognized as an award-winning company for being the most innovative robotics technology company from Kuwait. The company focuses on providing IT services to business and home users. It effectively combines technical expertise and domain knowledge to offer customized Computer Networking solutions and System Integration solutions to its customers.

Mission to Serve Humanity

Mohammed Mubin Mallick is the CEO and Founder of Kiran Smart. He initially founded the company as an IT solutions and Service provider but later diversified to digital transformation and now has included robotics and artificial intelligence in the portfolio.

Mohammed Mubin was highly inspired by his father’s way of living. His father lived his life for others and to follow in his footsteps, Mohammed Mubin needed support and help in terms of finance. This could be achieved through entrepreneurship. By establishing a company, he would not only be financially able but also create employment opportunities for others. He adds, “I understood that unless I have a company where I could generate not only profit but create the job, create the new opportunity and at the same time serve humanity.” His educational background and experience helped him establish one of the Top IT companies in Kuwait. Soon, Kiran Smart integrated industry-standard IT solutions under one umbrella and provided unmatched IT consulting, IT maintenance, IT consultancy, and IT solutions. As aforementioned, the company diversified and now is leading the robotics market.

The key distinguisher for Kiran Smart has been its personalized approach. The process involved in each of the product manufacturing is customized depending on the requirements of the customer. Giving a quick overview of the process involved, Mohammed Mubin asserts, “It would be difficult to go through the complete process of the end product making but I could give a small brief explanation of how do we work for it. Usually, most of our products and solutions are customized as per the customer so that we do not lose the customer. We take the requirement of the customer and then accordingly we work on it to fit the product and solutions so that customer is happy and satisfied whether it is a small number or large number and it does not matter to us.” The goal behind establishing the company was to help and serve humanity prosper. Since its inception, Mohammed Mubin and his team have been successful in attaining the same. For the team, the only thing that matters is “the smile on customers’ faces” after receiving the product, services, and solutions.

Kiran Smart CAN DO IT!

Kiran Smart not only states but actually keeps clients at the center of what they do. Sharing one such instance with us, Mohammed Mubin outlined the incident with Movenpick Hotel. The Movenpick Hotel trusted Kiran Smart for its IT Support and services. Kuwait’s market space in terms of IT solutions is limited and many products are not available—at least not immediately. “It was 2 A.M. in the night I got a call from the IT Manager of the Hotel that tomorrow they have an event which is organized by Ministry and there was a shortage of few CAT 6 patch cords to connect all the laptops in the meeting,” he said. To support the customer, Mohammed Mubin had to reach out to the cabling engineer and open the office mid-night and prepare patch cords cables, which were hand-made and deliver to the customer by 4 AM because the event will start at 7:30 AM. The dedicated team was able to deliver the customer on-time customized solution helping them to win the customer’s heart.

As a result, Kiran Smart was named as the “Kiran Smart CAN DO IT!” by the IT Manager, Harry Riyanto.

Blessing in Disguise

The crucial time of pandemic has been a real stressor for all the industries and employers. In such tough times, the role of companies like Kiran Smart is one of the crucial ones. Kiran Smart was actively involved in aiding the people in the tough times of COVID-19. It developed and delivered UVC disinfection robot and Dry Mist Spray Disinfection Robot locally and globally to fight the COVID-19 virus. Alongside, its robots were deployed at several locations, like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, café, and more. The aim was to maintain social distance, hygiene and serve humanity while helping in curbing the infection. “We are blessed to serve humans during COVID 19 PANDEMIC with our multiple models of robots,” said Mohammed Mubin.

With the advent of the pandemic, the world was taken over with the digital transformation wave—also hinting towards increased adoption of virtual platforms and robotics. This increased recognition for robotics paved a path for Kiran Smart’s services and solutions. Mohammed Mubin believes that the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for the company. The sudden digital transformation worked as free marketing for its robots on a global scale.

Swift with Strategies

The pandemic will be noted as one of the worst times in history. It has affected not just the health but the economy of nations worldwide. It equally affected Kiran Smart’s business operations in terms of serving customers. Due to commute restrictions and lockdowns on a global scale, the engineers could not reach on-site where there were major issues. While many of Kiran Smart’s engineers were stuck in their home country and could not return. But the team was optimistic about the situation and viewed the challenges as opportunities.

The zeal and persistence the team of Kiran Smart possesses are commendable. Despite the harsh business climate and stress surrounding us all, Mohammed Mubin was able to act on the situation. He keenly observed the whole situation and diverted the services and solutions to cater to the pandemic. The team quickly came up with a strategy to save humans and was on a mission to serve humanity. The company soon invested in disinfection robots and other COVID-19 products. The products were successful in helping to curb the infection wave and overcome the challenges put forth by the pandemic. Expressing his gratitude, Mohammed Mubin states, “This achievement would not have been possible without our team efforts, suppliers to deliver the products on time and investment on time from an investor without any doubt.” The team is still supplying those disinfection robots and COVID-19 products to multiple locations around the world.

Robot Revolution

Since the dawn of robotics, one question that has quizzed millions is that will or will not robots take over humanity?

The question has been generated from the Sci-Fi movies robotic revolution where the evil robots are trying to take over humanity. But, we are not in a sci-fi movie, and in reality, robots are used to help aid assistance for humans. Not the COVID-19, but several factors are fueling the adoption of robots. The robot revolution has started way back and we are progressing with its applications in various niches. Mohammed Mubin is also working on a project called Rise of Robotics Generation which is a kind of Robot Revolution. He also addresses the query of robots taking over people’s employment opportunities by stating, “As per my real-life experience—as I am dealing with robots in daily life—my answer is 30% and 70%. 30% of jobs will be taken by robots, which are repetitive tasks and where no human interactions are involved and a level-1 agent will be replaced by Robots. While 70% will remain with humans as human intelligence and thinking power are unmatched as compared to a robot.”

Robotic World 2050

Currently, Mohammed Mubin is working on a project called ROBO2050. Through this project, the vision is to see every single human have his/her personal robot assistance like we use our smartphones. “To execute this Prime Project where the world will be living in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic World, I would be looking forward to many investors to come together to join hand with me to make it successful,” Mohammed Mubin concludes.

Quote: “Our team always work in an innovative manner. To deliver the unique solutions to different industries.”

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