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Although FinTech disrupts various corners of financial services, very little is known about its emerging roles in changing the working capital landscape. Today, Fintech solutions support working capital optimization by fostering collaboration between buyers and suppliers. In fact, emerging fintech firms have the ability to change and positively disrupt existing models. As a result, working capital optimization is therefore an excellent opportunity for nimble fintech companies to firmly address the small-and-midsize-business market. 

Committed to providing merchants with a better means of obtaining working capital, Lending Valley leads as a premier FinTech company. By combining aggregation, funding and a participation marketplace on a single platform for small businesses, the company recognizes pain points and offers solutions tailored to resolute the problems. Lending Valley is the brainchild of Chad Otar (President and Founder) who founded the company in 2019.

Lending Valley FinTech company

Leveraging Profuse Experience 

Born in 1988 in Brooklyn to Turkish parents, Chad has dealt with much adversity at a young age. Being a first-generation American, he was determined to do whatever was necessary to become a successful persona in his life. In fact, it was his brother, John, who encouraged him to pursue his ambitions and join the finance world. 

Chad has worked in finance since 2007, and in 2013, he became the CEO of Excel Capital Management. But Chad was always aware that he wanted to strike out on his own. He wanted to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the best funding solutions, regardless of their situation or condition in their lifecycle. 

Deriving inspiration from his years of experience, Chad realized there was a gap in the market that required to be abridged. Therefore, with the help of a few confident mentors, he established Lending Valley to plug the hole. Being at the helm, Chad spearheads the company and the team while propelling it to greater heights of success. 

Emerging as one of Best Companies 

Lending Valley embarked on its journey with a successful start. In its initial month, the company was able to close around 100 transactions. Following this success, it continued to grow and began hiring people to expand and help the initial team. The prominent highlight, at this stage, was onboarding one of Chad’s former firm team members, who has since transitioned to become the chief operations officer of Lending Valley. Since then, the company’s commitment to providing merchants with increasingly effective means of procuring capital has propelled it to rank among one of the best companies today. 

Distinguished Catalog of Offerings 

Lending Valley offers various loan types. These include short-term financing, small business loans, invoice factoring, bad credit business loans, and many more. The company provides small to mid-sized businesses the ability to obtain capital within a mere 24 hours following their initial request. 

The team of Lending Valley completes the paperwork, risks the capital, fulfills the clients’ requirements and provides them the required money in a wonderfully short timeframe. Moreover, it is the company’s white-glove service that distinguished its from other fintech companies in the business. Besides, Lending Valley also provides individual care and attention to every client. 

On-demand Unique Product 

Speaking of the company’s most popular product, Lending Valley’s bad credit business loan is a game-changer in the finance market. The current business environment has become wildly competitive and as a result, the demand for capital has increased dramatically. Non-traditional lenders, alternative lenders as well as ‘legacy’ lending institutions such as banks and credit unions are becoming comfortable with bad credit business loans. Due to the increase in capital requirement, traditional lenders are unable to keep pace and are unwilling to lend to startups. 

This is where Lending Valley comes to play. The company’s bad credit business loans help entrepreneurs kickstart and grow their business, irrespective of their current financial environment. 

Steering through Unprecedented Scenario 

The pandemic changed how many people, especially entrepreneurs, thought about debt,” says Chad. He further adds how, due to the world’s unpredictability, business people were frightful to take loans. However, Lending Valley tackled the issue and offered a unique solution to the problem.

To deal with the issue, the company increased its educational aspects so that its potential clients feel more secure in the knowledge that Lending Valley is acting in their best interests. As a result, the company successfully overcame the challenges and steered swiftly through the obstacles. 

Portfolio of Accolades 

Owing to its wide range of disruptive solutions, Lending Valley has earned various awards and recognition. The company has been, in fact, featured on renowned publishing and media platforms such as Forbes Inc., The New York Times, The Wired, to name a few. “Our team is grateful and proud for all the recognition we receive, as it shows we’re making a difference to countless SME businesses,” remarks Chad. 

With its efforts and hard work, Lending Valley is consistently and continuously scaling success. It is difficult to succeed and grow in the fintech arena due to increasing competitiveness and evolving technology. Therefore, to be successful, the company has innovated its powerful AI algorithm that identifies more than just merchants’ credit scores. It also allows Lending Valley to cater to businesses that would otherwise be left out without funding. Another success factor of Lending Valley is its commitment to transparency and open communication, which skyrocketed it to rank among the top alternative leaders in the business. 

Towards Brand-new Innovation 

Speaking of the factors necessary to qualify as one of the best lenders Chad believes one requires the whole package to be at the top. Some of the necessary qualities are flexibility, responsiveness, and an unparalleled reputation. Additionally, experience is also necessary to quickly build trust with the clients. “We think humility is important here. People want to feel respected and understood; lenders can’t do without the personable, white-glove touch we offer,” affirms Chad. 

Inculcating some of the above values and qualities, Lending Valley is leaning into a brand-new, innovative technology to continue scaling success. The company is prepared to leverage its latest technology to make its underwriting team even faster, and take advantage of Big Data as well as advanced machine learning. 

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

Top of the list is certainly helping the small business industry get back on track. The financial world is much different than in 2019, and we’re ready to continuously provide capital to those who need it. Secondly, we are improving our bespoke algorithms, data analysis processes, and pattern recognition software to better interrupt merchant information. This will allow us to speed up our underwriting and provide increasingly competitive rates that others will no doubt struggle to match. 

Finally, we are strengthening our familial atmosphere at Lending Valley. Why is this something to watch out for? Because it is one of the reasons why we have skyrocketed to the dizzying heights of success and do not plan to come back down! 

Thank You, For Everything

Ijust like to take a moment to thank my mother, brother, and everyone who doubted me.

To my mom, who taught me more about strength and sacrifice than I couldimagined, thank you.

To my brother, who gave me the encouragement and support I needed to venture into the financialworld, thank you. And to my team Mel, Clark, and Sadman! Amazing things are on the way for Lending Valley, Inc. stay tuned! 

“Our mission is to provide Small to Mid-sized businesses with the best funding solutions throughout their life-cycle in a flexible and transparent environment.”

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