Meero: Revolutionizing the World of Photography by Providing Photographers a Platform for Their Passion


In today’s competitive business world, staying relevant is becoming more and more difficult. Given the short attention span of people, businesses around the world are feeling the pressure to draw the attention of the customers. The marketing gimmicks are gradually changing. The visuals are now the central part of any marketing strategy. The insatiable image consumption demands a constant influx of content. Regardless, producing and managing the volume of images is not easy, plus you have to manage it well and content should be on brand—which makes it an almost herculean task. Meero is the partner that effectively caters to this demand with its tool suite.

Meero is helping brands produce, optimize and value visual assets at any scale, and anywhere across the world. Thomas Rebaud, the CEO and Founder of Meero, was motivated by the desire to simplify the life of creative people and enable them to fully devote their time to their passion: art and creation.

Thomas is a serial entrepreneur and has incepted several innovative business ventures in his journey.


In 2007, he joined EMLyon Business School—which is amongst the top French business schools—he was the president of the junior branch of World Entrepreneurship Forum. With the presence of over fifteen countries, the association develops entrepreneurship as a vector for growth and employment. After graduating, Thomas founded his first company – an interest-free loans online benchmarking tool, which worked well but did not take off. His next entrepreneurial venture was Diji, an innovative and agile IT consulting and engineering company. Diji’s growing popularity in the tech world helped Thomas notice the gap in the professional photography market. He was 28 when he laid the foundation of Meero, a company targeting the market niche which was filled with opportunities.

Seamless and Effective Suite of Solutions

The day-to-day life of professional photographers is filled with tedious and time-consuming tasks like prospecting and paperwork. Thomas’ objective was to free the photographers from these tasks and help them focus their energy and time towards creativity. Being stuck with paperwork and other tedious task is a waste of creative talents. Meero tools suite takes care of everything that interferes with photographers’ creativity like prospecting, billing, sorting, indexing, and editing to deliver visuals. Established in 2016, Meero is on a mission to produce and beautify digital visual content across the globe. Meero offers photographers regular projects for top-notch brands, and by far has brought over 100,000 photographers together creating the largest community worldwide.

Meero also offers its platforms and AI solutions to online businesses which need to handle large volumes of visual content. Amongst its varied photography services, Meero has gained popularity in the food delivery industry. The food delivery marketplace has thousands of restaurants, organizing daily photo shoots all over the world with consistent guidelines and look & feel is a real challenge. Thomas adds, “Paradoxically, for image creators like photographers, it can be difficult to build a network of clients, receive clear briefs, and even be paid. In short, the meeting between supply and demand can be random and even chaotic.” Given the advancements in technology, the global photography landscape is reshaping with the solutions facilitating the production of images, alongside, Meero is also upgrading the suite of solutions and tools for photographers and brands.

Innovating is Vital

Digitalization has broadened the room for opportunities for businesses today. With the changing times, new tech and social trends are influencing the way businesses operated. The marketing trends are also evolving and one has to stay abreast with these trends. Several new media platforms have gained popularity. “The road is pretty exciting today as we evolve in a constantly moving and fascinating environment with much room for growth and innovation. The photography industry (and the image industry more broadly speaking) still needs pioneers in technology to create the future of image,” comments Thomas.

Meero is always innovating and adapting to the new requirements of the clients and the market. The team is working on developing a new product or a new feature ahead of the market. Meero has always developed countless innovations and tools to cater to the demands of businesses. Thomas asserts that innovation is key to Meero’s successful business model and is the top amongst the three areas of expertise: AI, photography, and operations.

Improving the daily lives of photographers

Meero is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and the factors that contributed to this growth have been gathering the best talent, and together working towards achieving the mission. The team of Meero will continually strive to deliver new products that will help the company reach an even larger scale.

Thomas concluded, “We have to fight for the creative among us to be able to use their time and energy to create. That’s why we here at Meero dedicate our time and our talent to developing tools designed to improve the daily lives of photographers all around the world. By removing the mundane tasks that creators have to do, they can focus on what they love to do: create.

How can one become one of the fastest-growing companies?

Be quick at finding the solutions and always strive for a breakthrough. With constant perseverance and hard work for excellence, your company can stand-out amongst the crowd.

Meero SAS

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