Milesman: Offering Advanced laser technology in depilatory, aesthetic, and medical treatments


We live in a swiftly changing world where the transformations on a rapid scale. The same stands true for the high-tech industry where digitalization has led to more than one major transformations at the same time. Moreover, the internet has benefitted us with an early glimpse of innovation and can demand it. In order to sustain in this competition companies should be able to anticipate the trends and be ready to innovate. In this fast-paced business world, one of the fastest-growing companies is Milesman which has been able to establish a foothold in the industry due to its innovation and constancy.

In 1997, Rox Anderson, a doctor from The Wellman Center for Photomedicine discovered the hair removal laser. Back then the ideal laser was far from but the technological progressions the team of Milesman was able to achieve the ideal laser technology. Milesman not only anticipates the innovations but also completes the whole process of R&D prototyping, industrial manufacturing, and sales.


Milesman was one of the early inventors in the industry when Fernando Diez laid the foundation of the company in 2006. There were not many companies catering to this type on the market and manufacturing a laser was an impossible venture. However, even with the basic technology, there was a high demand among the consumers making it a prosperous business. “We realized very soon that this market had a promising future and that the use of the machine was going to be very intense (sometimes 12-14 hours per day 7 days per week) so that we were obliged to do things well and to improve the technology ASAP,” said Fernando Diez, Founder at Milesman.

The company always aimed for the ideal laser and worked hard to get it. Some of the goals were achieved over the years but it was not until 2018 that the team was able to fulfill all of them. Initially, it was difficult because having a technology that was able to remove hair forever seemed unbelievable, and also it was difficult to convince that this technology is safe and harmless. Fernando believes that the team was lucky to be part of the history and part of the group of people who create the hair removal laser culture. Due to the interest and excitement of a group of dreamers the team of Milesman was able to build a reliable laser.

Cost-effective and Portable Laser Tech

Milesman is a key player in the industry and has been one of the best ones manufacturing lasers for hair removal. It was also the first and the only company to launch a portable laser for hair removal. This portability has made it easy to access the technology and makes it easy to rent lasers. There are many doctors and aesthetic professionals that need to try the technology before buying it or that they prefer to pay per use instead of investing and reducing their cash. Heavy technology is not convenient and also expensive for such consumers. Milesman offers a convenient and affordable hair removal laser to any doctor interested in it. Furthermore, there are also other advantages of the cost-effective portable laser tech such as the technical service that all the machines need. Due to its portability, the laser goes to the technician and not the other way making the service faster and cheaper.  

The medical laser is a small sector and the players know the offer. Milesman offers a truly unique manufactured laser tech making it an exceptional player in the industry. The company equally invests in R&D and stays abreast of the trends to deliver excellence to the consumers. Milesman has a multidisciplinary team located in different countries monitoring the trends and thus this makes it easy for the team to anticipate the trends and demands. In addition to this, the R&D team is devoted to these changes that let us incorporate them very quickly.

A Reliable Ideal Team

Fernando believes that an ideal team is a group of experienced and motivated people aiming for the same goals. The important aspect is to get all the members involved in considering all their needs and motivations. Fernando describes his experience with the team members as an astonishing journey. He adds, “We have been able to make a very consolidated and multidisciplinary team that includes not only people from the company but external researchers and professors from different universities.

Initially, the main challenge for Milesman was to fulfill the needs of the market such as efficacy, robustness, portability, etc. The team was persistent in reaching their goals and thus never gave up despite the challenges. “If clients want them we have to manufacture them, no matter the time it takes.  We, as a company, are not very conformist, we want to get the goal,” asserts Fernando. This diligence has helped the company grow tremendously over the years. Fernando advises aspiring entrepreneurs to have a clear objective, constancy, and be very watchful on the market. It is vital to stay on the main goal and pursue it by avoiding the temptations to change it throughout the journey. Little modifications along the journey are acceptable but one should never change the main goal.

Aiming to be Worldwide Phenomenon

Having innovation and constancy at the center, Milesman is currently looking to achieve complete excellence in hair removal lasers. There are many little things that are not visible but all together makes the laser a world-class technology. These hundreds of little things also protect the technology and constitute the know-how of the company. Since 2005, Milesman has been offering the most advanced and powerful lasers on the market with proven results for years and currently leads the market. The mission is to manufacture and commercialize aesthetic medical equipment worldwide. Milesman is striving to develop equipment and technology that solve medical or aesthetic problems of people in a novel way. The team of Milesman is seeking to be the benchmark in the market and to be considered a company that makes world progress.

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