Monoceros Consulting LLC: Improving Business Efficiency via Cost-Saving Integrations

Established in 2022, Monoceros Consulting, LLC aims to help businesses improve efficiency in their processes by developing cost-saving integrations to existing infrastructure and designing custom solutions for unsolved challenges. 

Monoceros Consulting is the brainchild of Vermont Technical College alumni Eric Alwine, a leader with unique experience in ERP customization. After being at the helm of an IT department at a manufacturing company through several years of rapid growth, he decided to offer the skills he had learned in ERP Administration, software development, and software customization to the market and go into business. 

As a result, helping companies squeeze extra value out of their existing software investments by creating custom automation for their business logic and integrating their systems together to bring a higher level of value and efficiency to their software-centric processes became Eric’s passion. Currently, he is the spearhead of the company and contributes immensely to its success and growth. 

Boutique of Comprehensive Offerings

Monoceros Consulting specializes in two areas. The company’s primary specialty is Oracle NetSuite ERP Customization. It also provides app and integration development services for the Tulip front-end operations platform. Monoceros strives to provide its product with a certain level of “inheritability”. When a client hires the company to script customizations in their NetSuite environment, they can expect the code to be meticulously documented and well organized so that their technical staff, or whoever may work on their environment in the future, has a level of transparency with Monoceros product—something not commonly found in ERP Customizations. 

Monoceros Consulting offers the following services:

Tulip Front End Operations Platform

  • Application Development
  • NetSuite Integration Development

NetSuite ERP

  • Administration
  • SuiteScript customizations
  • SuiteBuilder customizations
  • Technical Staff Support and training

One of its most popular offerings, about two-thirds of Monoceros’ clients use Tulip FEO in conjunction with NetSuite ERP. Tulip is a  powerful “no-code” app-building platform that brings a very high level of extensibility to businesses that use NetSuite. Especially in the manufacturing vertical, NetSuite + Tulip emerges as a game-changing, winning combination. 

Addressing Unique Inefficiencies

Monoceros Consulting’s offerings address a specific gap in the market: providing effective, surgically placed solutions for their clientele’s automation requirements. Remarking on the same, Eric says, “Every business is a snowflake, having their unique qualities, differentiators, core values and culture.” He adds that these factors create variations in processes across the board and without customization, these variations in process are usually handled with labor. In such scenarios, Monoceros Consulting focuses on creating solutions to automate those idiosyncrasies for the clients so that they can focus their labor resources on more meaningful endeavors. 

Propelled by a Visionary 

Monoceros is a small, skilled team lead by a strong captain. Eric, as a leader, wears multiple hats and undertakes several roles and responsibilities in order to propel the company further toward the path of success. He also ensures maintaining intact motivation and productivity within the team. Monoceros has chosen to specialize in a narrow scope of services so that the team can be maximally effective in its services. The company is exclusively servicing small as well as medium-sized businesses, with a belief that it is the market where it can be most impactful. 

Distinguished by a Higher Level of Service.

Monoceros Consulting is focused on providing elegant solutions for its clients’ business challenges. The engineers at Monoceros Consulting strive to build efficiency in the most effective manner possible by examining not only the bottlenecks in the clients’ processes,  but also striving to understand the entire process from a “1000-foot view”.  This allows for solutions to be implemented that truly address the underlying inefficiencies.

Monoceros strives to bring a higher level of service to the table—distinguishing itself from the crowd by aiming to empower its clientele with customization rather than encumber their technical staff with unnecessary complication. In an avenue where a huge portion of customizations are built in monolithic, obfuscated scripts, Monoceros provides only well-documented, well-organized, consistently styled, modular customization. Moreover, the Monoceros offers training of their clientele’s technical staff on request and strives to include UI for configurable settings so that they have a level of control over the resulting customizations that do not require using someone with programming skills. 

Moreover, several firms that are offerings these services are currently targeting large companies. In such a scenario, Monoceros Consulting stands out by helping smaller businesses with more specialized needs. Instead of building expansive, full-featured customizations, the company aims to make small changes in a more “surgical” manner that have a much higher ROI due to the relatively low cost. 

Envisioning Lucrative Scaling in Future

As a “boutique” firm, Monoceros Consulting strives to offer a high degree of personal service to the client. The company’s core values are at the heart of its customer service philosophy: 

Honesty; Integrity; Ingenuity; Tenacity.

Monoceros’ mission is to empower customers through integration, customization, and training, and to create inheritable products that a client’s technical staff will be able to understand, train on and use.  

In the coming years, Monoceros Consulting LLC aims to continually provide comprehensive offerings and ensure optimum client satisfaction. In the future, it strives to provide the following:

  • Positively impacts the lives of the people it interacts with, every day. 
  • Run its business with zero carbon footprint, always. 
  • Make each one of its client’s businesses more efficient in some meaningful way.

“If you can define a rule about how a thing works, then you can automate it. Automation is efficiency.”

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