New Birth Control Wearable Tech Monitors Fertility

Birth control wearable

Pointers at Glance

  • An FDA-approved new birth control wearable is available now in the market. It can record the temperature while you sleep by syncing with a device on your finger.
  • Natural Cycles partnered with smart-ring maker Oura. The Oura ring collects temperature data, eliminating manual data entry’s hassle.

In 2018, Natural Cycles was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the first direct-to-consumer contraception app. It helps prevent pregnancy by calculating the days every month when people are most likely to be fertile as per the slight increase in body temperature that occurs around the time of ovulation.

When the app was released initially, one downside was that users had to remember to take their temperature every morning and enter that information manually.

Natural Cycles partnered with the smart-ring maker Oura to eliminate this hassle factor. In 2021, the FDA cleared the app to be paired with wearables such as the Oura Ring that collect temperature data. This new collaboration reflects efforts by both companies to make this integration seamless.

Elina Berglund, Ph.D., the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Natural Cycles, said that they started evaluating various existing wearables on the market a few years ago, and the Oura Ring stood out in initial testing as being highly accurate in terms of temperature data.

Natural Cycles can be up to 98 percent effective with perfect use, while no form of birth control wearable is 100 percent effective. According to the company, users always log their temperatures, abstain from sex, or use condoms during fertile days.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oral contraceptives are also about 93 percent effective with typical use. CDC records that other forms of long-acting and implanted birth control options are more than 99 percent effective with typical use.

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