North Pacific Crane Company: Meeting Crane Industry Standards with Supreme Quality

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The dawning of the Covid-19 has transformed the world. The pandemic brought on a plethora of disruptions to businesses and their operations. Almost all industries were impacted by the pandemic in some way, particularly the manufacturing industry. Due to the worldwide lockdowns and COVID restrictions, it was challenging to find material and labor to meet the production deadlines. 

While numerous manufacturing companies were severely affected by having to halt their operations, companies like North Pacific Crane Company (NPCC) were able to deliver their products on time to customers with the utmost quality. NPCC is creating jobs for small community in Carson, especially in the pandemic when jobs were scarce.

Barring a few exceptions, NPCC was able to maintain the quality of the cranes delivered. During this time, NPCC took fewer orders compared to previous years, however, its workforce was maintained the same as the previous years. 

A Reputation of Excellence

NPCC was founded in 2004. However, originally known as Alaska Marine Crane, the company’s history dates back to 1978. Although the company’s name and ownership have changed several times over the years, its commitment to designing and manufacturing high-quality marine, offshore, and dock cranes has remained constant throughout its 30-year history. 

Since its inception, NPCC has delivered over 2250 cranes. Many original cranes—including some delivered in the late 1970s and early 1980s—are still in operation. NPCC’s long-time customers still return to the company for replacement parts and consulting, and recommend it to new customers. Joseph, the President at NPCC has made sure he has his international presence-in Dubai/Qatar/Abu Dhabi/Kuwait /Australia—everywhere there are cranes. There is a map that demonstrates the worldwide presence of NPCC. 

Some of NPCC’s engineering, sales, and production employees have been with the company since it was founded. The engineering team has over 45 years of experience in designing top-quality cranes using international engineering standards and the latest software design tools. NPCC uses specialized parts, fittings, and finishes. 

Moreover, they provide ongoing field support for their cranes so that they continue to serve the clients’ high-performance needs even in harsh marine environments. Through quality workmanship, documented manufacturing, and testing procedures, NPCC has established a reputation for delivering excellent products and support. The company holds values to continue delivering quality crane products and services as it prospers in the new millennium.

Bouquet of Leading-edge Services

NPCC primarily offers four services including,

  • Crane Parts:

Replacement parts for all current and past marine, offshore, and dock crane models. They maintain the necessary stock of genuine crane parts to supply and ship spare parts on short notice. All the parts are checked and approved by NPCC’s Quality Control department during manufacturing and prior to shipping. They offer parts for cranes manufactured under brands like North Pacific Crane, North American Crane, Slattery Cranes, Seattle Crane, and Alaska Marine Cranes

  • Crane Service and Maintenance:

NPCC provides service and support for all its current and past crane models. They offer inspection, commissioning, and load testing for all their cranes and davits. They also offer maintenance services such as on-site valve replacement, hose replacement, roto-seal replacement, or seal overhaul on their models. 

  • Commissioning and Testing:

All marine, offshore, and dock cranes manufactured by North Pacific crane are pre-tested for functionality on motors, pumps, valves, electric components, etc. prior to shipping. The company also tests all cylinders provided on the cranes to ensure proper function, stroke, and leak-free, reliable operation. NPCC also offers post-installation inspections, commissioning, and startup of its own new cranes. Additionally, they can perform load testing as per customer requirements for testing and certification. According to the crane model, load testing can be performed up to 110-125% of the crane’s rated capacity. 

  • Engineering Services:

NPCC provides engineering services and consulting for marine cranes, offshore cranes, shipboard cranes, and dock cranes that have been built by the company. The services provided by the company for its own cranes include:

  1. Welding failure analysis in accordance with AWS D1.1 & ASTM E709 standards
  2. Rocking Test Procedure for “Bearing Permissible Wear” according to ABS/API standards for Cargo Certificate or retention of their certificate
  3. Design modification of existing sheave heads, including adding features to meet customers’ new requirements
  4. Support for deck foundation design concerning crane features
  5. Complete support in providing technical parameters including base plate design with bolt pattern

Customer Spanning across Continents

NPCC has a robust presence all over the world. They have installed marine cranes, offshore cranes, fixed boom cranes, telescopic cranes, knuckle boom cranes, and all the other types of cranes across different continents. Services are primarily focused in the U.S., Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and all the Middle East countries. 

NPCC prioritizes customer satisfaction in all operations. As a result, numerous customers constantly heap praises on the company’s products and services. A satisfied client, Don Everton quotes, “Maersk line limited would like to say Bravo Zulu on the delivery of the two model T1T12M Cranes purchased August 10,2009 and shipped November 20, 2009. We would like to thank you for your effectiveness in processing our order, the delivery of the cranes, and the follow-up of the installation. We hope our order for USNS EFFECTIVE’s two model T1T12M goes well as the subject contract.”

A Dedicated Team

Having a team of individuals who are passionate about the mission and vision of the company as well as the skillset to achieve the same is paramount for a company’s success today. A team that has the vision to understand and anticipate the industry trends and market requirements play an important role in the constant growth of a company. 

NPCC has a dedicated design and analysis team that focuses on the customization and engineering of the product to meet or exceed the industry standards. The team has 45 years of experience in the industry. They are led by Joseph R James (President) and Vishwas Rajkumar (Mechanical Engineers) who has played an integral role in the company’s growth. Vishwas has made sure that NPCC is well received by the customers by providing after sales service and warranty claims.

Due to his expertise and a wide network in the industry, Vishwas has ensured that NPCC is very well known both in the U.S. and across the world. Joshua Roy, Mechanical Engineer who has been with the company for over 16 years heads the Engineering Dept has played a vital role in growth of the company. Rajesh Kaduvegere and Vamshi Goli both Mechanical Engineer do the design and Structural Analysis (FEA) for the cranes. Gareth Thompson Heads the service Department both locally and internationally. The Manufacturing Division which is located in Carson WA is very efficiently managed by Scott Mathany and Derek Mathany who have vast experience in Marine Crane Manufacturing since 1978. NPCC has Qualified Technician’s/Machinist/ Welders to fabricate our cranes.

Talking about NPCC and its service, Joseph says, “We have customers calling for parts for a crane dated back to the 1980s. Serving them feels great and they reach out to us for new cranes knowing the quality standards we have.”

Continuing on the Merry Way

It is important for a company to stay updated with the current market requirements to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Catching up with the latest trends, NPCC has made significant advances using modern materials, design software, FEA software, and state-of-the-art manufacturing tools. They have recently installed a new paint booth to meet the growing quality demands from the customers. Enunciating the company’s future plans, Joseph concludes, “We have few big projects lined up. If everything goes well, we will expand to meet the demand.”

To ensure the structural strength of their cranes, NPCC uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test the cranes’ ability to withstand heavy loads. The company prioritizes servicing their cranes and has a team of service agents worldwide to provide quality service to their customers. NPCC has provided services for US Davits, NOAA Cranes such as Nancy Foster, Roger Reville, Atlantis, and Alyeska Pipeline 95ft Knuckle cranes, including repeat orders, and Crowley-Explosion proof Cranes. Many cranes are also serviced in the Far East. NPCC’s cranes have been fabricated and assembled in Carson, WA since 1978 by the Scott Matheny family.


“At North Pacific Crane Company, our mission is to build marine, offshore, and dock cranes that meet the highest international standards of quality.”

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