Option Care Health: Re-imagining the infusion care experience

Option Care Health

Hospitalization for injury or illness can sometimes require extended care either at home or in a specialized facility. However, the process is not easy and has several challenges to get access to the continued recovery from illness or management of a chronic illness or disability—especially if the individual has a high-deductible commercial plan or is uninsured or underinsured. Combating this challenge, Option Care Health bridges the gap between the patients and their treatment delivering extend beyond the standard of care.

Option Care Health is on a mission to transform healthcare by providing innovative services that improve outcomes, reduce costs and deliver hope for patients and families. The core values of the company act as the pillar of support for the team members as they deliver life-changing, extraordinary care. Option Care Health partners with trusted insurance providers, biopharmaceuticals manufacturers, healthcare systems, physicians, and other referral sources. It delivers advanced intravenous treatments available for a wide range of serious, acute, and chronic conditions. But the relationships that truly drive the company’s commitment to clinical excellence are those between the team of more than 2,900 clinicians and the patients they serve.

Option Care Health

Advanced Infusion Provider

Option Care Health is committed to delivering excellent, and affordable solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is driven by the purpose to provide extraordinary care that changes lives through a comprehensive approach to care along every step of the infusion therapy process including intake coordination, insurance authorization, resources for financial assistance, education, and customized treatments.

In order to ensure that all patients are successfully transitioned to post-acute care swiftly requires an advanced infusion provider which holds expertise in multi-disciplinary teams of Clinical Care Transition Specialists, infusion nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, patient registration and reimbursement professionals ensure any patient that can go home, can go home by offering the following support:

Comprehensive clinical support: It offers access to clinical care 24/7 assistance by a pharmacist or nurse, with a personalized treatment plan developed for the providers.

Extensive preparation: Before discharge, the patient meets the Care Transition Specialist who further gives assess of social, psychological, and financial readiness for unhindered post-acute care. Also, to reduce complications, the team closely monitors the patients at timely intervals.

Option Care Ambulatory: understanding the complex nature of post-acute care, the company offers Option Care Ambulatory infusion Suite through which the team helps facilitate transportation for patients lacking these resources to make sure they get the treatment they need.

Financial counselors and Assistance: It offers a dedicated team of financial counselors to work with patients who are uninsured or underinsured so finances do not come between the treatments they need. Option Care also partners with hospitals to extend services to uninsured patients at home through their Charity Care programs.

These services are built on compassion and convenience for the patients. Patients are the core of what they do and hence they expect quality solutions to turn in better outcomes and reduced costs. Being a market leader in offering specialized infusion treatments for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions with access to the most innovative therapies and drugs available Option Care is now a popular name in the industry. “Our national footprint enables the development of a customized care plan that fits the needs of each patient for at-home or infusion suite administration, optimizing outcomes and resulting in higher patient satisfaction,” quotes John C. Rademacher, CEO at Option Care Health.

Guidance of the Veteran

Option Care Health’s imperative solutions are the result of collaborative efforts from the team and leaders, who are striving to live by the mission to transform healthcare every day by re-imagining the infusion therapy care experience. John is a veteran in the healthcare industry with more than two decades of experience. He has leveraged this expertise to deploy technology solutions and expanding professional services capabilities. Under his leadership, the company has transcended to become an innovative leader in home and alternate site infusion services, with best-in-class care and improved clinical outcomes leading to high patient satisfaction and cost efficiencies for all stakeholders.

John joined the company in 2015 as the COO and was responsible for the development and execution of the strategic plan to significantly transform the company’s operating model through the investment in people, process, technology, and facilities. Later, he served as the interim CEO since August 2017 and was named as the CEO of Option Care in January 2018. He has been successful in binding the team and direct them towards a single goal. He explains, “Everyone has the same goal. We work together as a team and we just want the same things no matter what area of the business you’re in. It’s all about the patient and making sure they’re taken care of—someone always has your back, people are open to ideas and you’re not alone out there.”

Patients are Priority

Option Care Health prides itself in nurturing a unique environment where all can work independently. Even if the team is not working side-by-side, they are all heading in the same direction and aim to assist the people. The team is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to offer the extraordinary care the patients deserve. These team members are the distinguishing factor for Option Care Health as they are committed to the highest standard of care, and are empowered to take actions that deliver exceptional results. “24/7/365 access to clinicians and pharmacists enables us to put patients first and respond with a sense of urgency that truly changes lives,” said John.

Amid the global health emergency of COVID-19, Option Care Health is uniquely positioned to treat patients in the safe environment of their own homes and the infusion suites. The team is continually monitoring the CDC guidelines related to the coronavirus outbreak and accordingly upgrading the plans, policies, and guidelines. As pandemic is no excuse, Option Care Health continues to accept and service referrals to care for patients.

Quote: “As the nation’s largest infusion provider, we are uniquely positioned to treat patients in the safe environment of their own homes and our infusion suites.”

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