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A company’s culture is one of the most important factors behind its long-term growth. Strong and inclusive culture means the company’s employees are motivated to work together towards a common goal, ultimately contributing to its unrivaled success. Premier Rapport Incorporated, a Newport News, VA-based company is helping leaders create and align their culture through thoughtful, strategic, and genuine growth.

Premier Rapport is obsessed with workplace culture, people, and the environment they work in and is committed to aligning a company’s mission, vision, values, and culture statements to every single team member. The company knows that the secret to business is alignment with people that work there. Following the philosophy of people first, employees second, it believes that profit and long-term stability lies in the success of high-performing teams.

Premier Rapport Incorporated

Robust Consulting Services

Premier Rapport’s robust consulting services magnetize, optimize, and prioritize its clients’ success. The company has something for every client—whether they are business owners, entrepreneurs, or working professionals or they have a startup, established or mature business. Premier Rapport takes a holistic approach to its clients’ unique pain points, understanding the problem and the way to transform it into an opportunity. It analyzes how the problem related to the other facets of business and ultimately councils, advises and guides senior leadership to take strategic action moving forward.

These services are constantly in high demand from Premier Rapport’s customers. Two services, in, particular, are highly requested. The first is creating an internal company university—branded for the company to hire, train, and develop success plans at all levels. The second is defining what right looks like, feels like, sounds like, and making it actionable through the clarification of culture playbooks. This also includes using certifying teams in the entire process as Certified Professional Culture Curators.

Distinguishing Factors

Various factors distinguish Premier Rapport from its competitors. The primary difference between the company and its peers is remaining relevant in the thick of things, not removing itself as a consultant through the work it does with the clients. Premier Rapport remains hands-on, bringing its four decades of experience. It also keeps up with the changing market conditions as well as employee expectations.

Premier Rapport’s services are customized to the needs of its clients and their teams. The company believes ‘off the shelf’ doesn’t work. There is no size fits all when it comes to teams and culture. “Showing up daily, just like the whirlwind does inside each team and each organization. Workplace culture isn’t built in a day, its built everyday,” adds Shelley.

A Multifaceted Leader

Alongside being the Founder and CEO of Premier Rapport, Shelley is a best-selling author and consultant. Her experience over the past 35+ years has earned her a reputation as the Creator of the Culture Inquiry in businesses globally. Her success stems from the strength of her personal approach, asking tough questions to hone in on pain points and areas of growth opportunity and executive presence.

Shelley is also a highly sought-after speaker, executive coach, and business culture inquiry consultant. The most recent of her five published books and 20+ e-workbooks for courageous leaders, titled “How to avoid Culture Big Fat Failures” has disrupted the corporate America significantly. Her cultural approach includes four phases—inquiry, analysis, creation, and curation. Numerous C-suite executives have tapped Shelley for her sharp insight and professional recommendations to shape the culture they have envisioned, increase profitability, decrease employee turnover, and retain top talent—ultimately creating long-term succession planning.

Shelley’s certifications and specialties include,

  • Certified Professional Cultural Curator (CPCC)
  • Talent Optimizer- Predictive Index Senior Consultant, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace USF Muma College of Business
  • EQi 2.0
  • EQi 360
  • Predictive Index
  • Certified Dare to Lead (CDTLF)
  • Professional International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Shelley has won numerous awards including the Leading Ladies 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. However, book publishing, according to her, is the best achievement to date.

A System of Ongoing Applicability

Shelley and Premier Rapport’s journey to proliferation has been intriguing. She took her initial business lessons from a young age in the corporate world. She ventured into larger businesses under the umbrella of Marriot International before moving to the hotel franchising world and owning a consulting franchise. In 2009, she started her own business—moving the messaging and understanding of humans and working together.

Shelley has been documenting her methods of practice all those years and turning it into a system of ongoing applicability regardless of the size of the company or the team. This includes the ACC™, EEM™, and I.M.P.A.C.T.™ module, AoWC™ and CPCC™ (Analyze, Curate, Create) through (Employee Empathy Mapping) and (Impact Measurement Process/Performance Collaboration Time/Tactics) via the (Anatomy of Workplace Culture) becoming a (Certified Professional Culture Curator).

Navigating the Challenges

As a fast-growing company, Premier Rapport frequently comes across several challenges. Workplace culture is usually intangible and difficult to track for most companies. Clients think that workplace culture is ‘nice to have’ instead of ‘non-negotiable to have.’ Every company has a culture—whether it is defined on purpose or not. Shelley mentions that the key is defining it and living it, and this living it remains true to the company’s definition. “Once the leaders connect the dots from people to profit, there is a whole new path and the stress comes down for all and enjoyment of business and life comes back,” she adds.

Premier Rapport works with leaders, owners, teams, and companies that understand this and are ready to level up. The company finds it easy to get clients. As a majority of its clients come from references, the ‘selling’ has become non-existent for the company.

Staying Relevant

Daily messaging and the unwavering understanding and belief that ‘through people, great ideas can happen’ is a key contributor to Premier Rapport’s success. It believes in the notion that creating aligned teams creates long-term profit and satisfaction for humans and companies.

According to Shelley, staying relevant is the most important factor to qualify as one of the best companies in the industry. She adds that Premier Rapports clients/competitors should look out for a continued shift in the employee experience as companies get settled in their decision to remain working in person, hybrid, or 100% remote.


“When we work with a client, we bring our individual experience and expertise to the table to help them and that always feels good.”

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