Promoting Early Identification and Support for ADHD

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that frequently goes unnoticed or receives misdiagnoses, resulting in individuals being deprived of the crucial support and interventions necessary for effectively managing their condition. This unfortunate reality is compounded by the limited availability and accessibility of specialized clinics for diagnosing and treating ADHD, particularly for those residing in rural or remote areas.

Early identification and intervention play a pivotal role in addressing ADHD, as the disorder can profoundly impact an individual’s attention span, impulse control, and hyperactivity levels. Without proper diagnosis and suitable treatment, individuals with ADHD will probably experience some or all academic underachievement, diminished work performance, strained relationships, and an elevated risk of developing co-occurring mental health conditions. Investing in early identification and treatment represents an investment in the overall well-being and future success of individuals grappling with ADHD.

To tackle these issues head-on, it is imperative to raise awareness about ADHD, its symptoms, and its far-reaching effects. An increase in the availability of education,  and awareness programs can empower healthcare professionals, teachers, and parents to identify the signs of ADHD promptly and ensure timely referrals for diagnosis and treatment. At the forefront of the mission to address neglect in treatment and provide comprehensive care for individuals with the disorder is ADHD 360, an organization that recognizes the need to take immediate action. ADHD 360 is dedicated to assisting ADHD patients by offering comprehensive support at an affordable price point. The organization’s primary focus is to provide a wide range of services and resources that support individuals with ADHD throughout their journey.

Transforming ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

As a specialized clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, ADHD 360 has gained significant recognition in the medical domain since its inception in 2018. With offices located in Lincoln and Sheffield, UK, the company aims to provide comprehensive and personalized treatment packages that empower individuals with the disorder to achieve their full potential. The clinic goes beyond mere diagnosis and offers a range of tailored services to cater to the unique needs of each individual, this sets it apart from others in the field.     

At the core of the organization’s success is its team of highly qualified clinicians. Every clinician at the organization is a graduate of the prestigious ADHD Academy, a CPD-accredited program that ensures clinicians possess the latest knowledge and expertise in ADHD. Following their training, clinicians undergo an extensive preceptorship program, which includes supervised assessments by senior clinicians. To maintain the highest standards, the company implements a rigorous continuous assessment process, including comprehensive audits and monthly appraisals. The company’s commitment to clinical excellence is exemplified through its “6 categories of clinical excellence” framework, which evaluates clinicians based on their approach to professional development, behaviors, feedback from both the team and patients, prescribing standards, and supervision outcomes.

Limited accessibility to ADHD diagnosis and treatment is one of the primary challenges ADHD 360 aims to tackle. Recognizing the need to provide affordable services, the firm has carefully designed its treatment packages to cater to individuals with varying financial circumstances. “We also don’t build up waiting lists, we employ and train more staff, and we opened up our own training academy for this purpose,” says Dr. Phillip Anderton, the Managing Director of the company. The company’s training academy ensures a continuous supply of qualified clinicians. By emphasizing accessibility and affordability, the organization is dedicated to removing barriers and ensuring timely access to high-quality care.

Moreover, ADHD 360’s mission extends beyond accessibility to encompass the quality of interventions. Driven by a commitment to excellence, the company collaborates with leading experts in the field, including individuals involved in the creation of national and international guidelines. By combining its expertise with a patient-centric approach, it aims to redefine the standard of care for individuals with ADHD. The company’s dedication to excellence is consistently reflected in the positive feedback it receives from patients on platforms like Trustpilot. With a clear focus on both accessibility and quality, ADHD 360 is revolutionizing the ADHD diagnosis and treatment landscape in the United Kingdom.

ADHD 360’s Holistic Approach to Treatment

With a focus on comprehensive and affordable care, ADHD 360 offers a wide range of services tailored to meet all patient needs. Unlike many providers who prioritize their internal risk mitigation, the clinic places the patient’s well-being at the forefront, considering the broader implications for both the patient and society. The treatment process begins with an ADHD diagnosis. Diagnosing ADHD necessitates specialized evaluation rather than relying solely on physical tests. The organization addresses this by offering a no-fee initial screening service through its internal system, Chrysalis. This screening indicates potential ADHD diagnoses, prompting patients with positive results to undergo a secure ADHD assessment with expert clinicians within the organization. By employing rigorous evaluation processes, ADHD 360 ensures accurate diagnoses and sets the stage for effective treatment.

At ADHD 360, patients who receive an official ADHD diagnosis benefit from a regulated treatment plan and constant support from a team of experienced ADHD specialists in medical, health, and well-being domains. This commitment to ongoing support guarantees that patients have the necessary guidance and assistance throughout their ADHD journey in the UK. Medication is widely recognized as an effective treatment for ADHD, and is a key component of the treatment plan, targeting the brain’s neurotransmitters associated with attention and impulse control. ADHD medications enhance focus, reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity, and improve task engagement and behavioral regulation.

The company offers three treatment packages: the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. The Silver package is a special offer designed to provide affordable services to those who receive UK government Universal Credit financial support and require assessment and treatment. The Gold package is the most subscribed package that covers all the core services. The Platinum package includes additional time for essential tasks like letter writing or liaising with schools, providing comprehensive support. Throughout the treatment process, regular follow-ups are conducted to ensure optimal treatment outcomes. Clinicians maintain frequent contact, typically via phone every three weeks, and remain available via the advocacy team on the phone and by email. This personalized approach guarantees tailored ADHD treatment for each patient’s unique needs.

Once the treatment plan has facilitated the patient becoming stable and optimized on their regime, ADHD 360 schedules periodic reviews and ongoing care. Furthermore, they collaborate with the patient’s general practitioner (GP) to explore shared care, enabling long-term prescribing. By prioritizing patient well-being, offering comprehensive treatment options, and providing ongoing support, the clinic empowers individuals with ADHD to achieve improved outcomes and lead fulfilling lives. In Phil Anderton’s words ‘their best life’.

Transforming Lives: Inspiring ADHD 360 Success Stories and Future Plan

ADHD 360 has transformed lives, as seen in two inspiring cases. A female delivery driver struggling with anxiety found a remarkable change in just 12 weeks of treatment. Her anxiety decreased, boosting her confidence and relationships. Improved organizational skills tripled her income, fostering financial independence and ending reliance on government support. In another case, an unmotivated male adolescent with low self-esteem found a new purpose with the help of treatment. Later he excelled in his studies, pursuing a business degree while holding a managerial role in healthcare. These success stories highlight how ADHD 360 unlocks potential, guiding individuals toward a fulfilling and successful future.

ADHD 360’s exceptional work has garnered well-deserved recognition, including being awarded SME of the Year (Lincs) in 2022 and reaching the finals for Growth Scale Up Business of the Year 2022. Looking ahead, the company aims to become the preferred provider of neurodiversity services in the UK while expanding its reach internationally, with promising progress in countries such as the USA, Australia, and the Middle East. Furthermore, the organization has recently introduced an Autism service, which shows significant growth potential and aligns with its vision of becoming a leading neurodiversity service provider. ADHD 360 is poised to revolutionize neurodiversity services globally, unlocking limitless potential and transforming countless lives along the way.

Pull Quote: “We also don’t build up waiting lists, we employ and train more staff, and we opened up our training academy for this purpose”

Company Description: ADHD 360 is the leading provider of ADHD diagnostic and treatment services in the UK.

Company Name:  ADHD 360 Limited

Founding Year: 2018

Office Locations: Lincoln, Sheffield UK

Official Website of the company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Dr. Phillip Anderton

Designation of the Leader: Managing Director

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