PROPULSE IT: Your Partner for Success

PROPULSE IT, founded in 2014 and based in Paris, is led by Olivier Morichon as the General Manager, with Laurent Duhal appointed the President. Morichon boasts 25 years of experience in IT business engineering and management, spanning various sectors like publishers, outsourcers, and digital service companies, which offers him a comprehensive understanding of industry activities. The company has been recognized for its growth, earning the title of Champion of Growth for five consecutive years by the French economic newspaper Les Echos.

How Are PROPULSE Addressing Industry Challenges?

One common challenge in the fast-paced IT sector is swiftly finding the right people for projects and teams. This can be tough for both IT operations and buyers seeking efficiency. At PROPULSE IT, we simplify this by carefully selecting freelance consultants for each task and consistently delivering tailored solutions within budget constraints. Moreover, we understand the importance of timing in project execution and ensure that deadlines are met without compromising quality. By leveraging our network and expertise, we provide reliable support to clients, enabling them to confidently navigate the dynamic IT landscape.

What Are PROPULSE Services, and How Do They Operate?

We at PROPULSE IT stand as a comprehensive solution provider, addressing a multitude of IT and non-IT needs across various industries. Our expertise extends beyond conventional IT services, encompassing strategic projects vital for developing and enhancing information systems departments within organizations. This agility is inherent in our freelancing model, enabling us to adapt to the ever-evolving market and technological landscape swiftly. Whether it’s augmenting existing teams or spearheading transformative initiatives, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and experienced consultants tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that companies receive optimal support, driving success in their endeavors.

What Are the Key Factors Driving PROPULSE Growth?

The Top 500 ranking sheds light on PROPULSE IT’s impressive growth trajectory. What fuels this expansion? Firstly, our adaptable approach through live referral agreements allows us to cater to clients with the same efficiency as major IT service providers. Fostering trust through robust partner relationships with freelance consultants, subcontractors, and clients bolsters our growth. Moreover, our commitment to resource targeting ensures we consistently propose the most suitable candidates for each role. Additionally, our capability to swiftly fulfill all client needs and seamlessly replace positions contributes to sustained growth. Lastly, the stability of our shareholding provides a solid foundation for continued success.

How Do PROPULSE Stand Out in the Market?

We set ourselves apart with our distinctive strategies regarding IT service management and recruitment. Over the past decade, we have nurtured an unparalleled network of recommended consultants facilitated by our innovative “business contributor” system, which fosters trust and collaboration among experts. This network is our primary talent source, ensuring top-notch skills and human values. While our current focus is on serving clients in France, we harbor ambitions for international expansion. We aim to replicate our successful model across various countries to cater to the increasing demand for IT services in Europe and beyond, adapting to diverse market needs and preferences.

How Do Human Relationships Influence PROPULSE Success?

Human relations take center stage in our operations, as highlighted on our company’s website. This focus on relationships plays a crucial role in our success. Emphasizing interpersonal skills alongside technical expertise, we ensure seamless integration and adaptation within new IT or business environments, both domestically and internationally. Acting as facilitators, we consistently match clients with the right individuals at the right time, fostering a virtuous cycle in commercial relationships. This approach propels us towards becoming a key partner for IT organizations, further solidifying our position in the market.

How Does PROPULSE Connect Independent Consultants with Client Needs?

At PROPULSE IT, our process of linking independent consultants with client requirements is methodical and thorough. Initially, we delve into our extensive internal database, boasting over 18,000 consultants within our co-opted network. Simultaneously, if needed, we advertise on prominent job boards in the French market or target databases in other countries catering to domestic and international clients. Through meticulous sourcing and targeting efforts, we compile a highly qualified shortlist of candidates for the specific position. Each potential consultant undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure technical proficiency, alignment with the mission’s objectives, and cultural fit. We meticulously assess the candidates ‘ suitability with the aid of technical experts or digital tools. Once the vetting process is complete, we facilitate introductions between the consultant(s) and the client. Approximately 50% of the time, the mission is confirmed to us, marking the beginning of the mission’s follow-up phase.

How Does PROPULSE Ensure Quality in the Service Delivery Process?

In our operations, maintaining quality is a key focus. Throughout the service delivery process, we ensure quality by remaining attentive to clients and consultant teams. This entails staying updated on project progress, assigned tasks, and objectives. Consistency in quality is vital across all phases of long-term missions, often spanning several years. Effective communication and information transfer play a crucial role in stabilizing missions. While the current monitoring is conducted manually, we are preparing for future growth phases by actively developing automated systems to generate quality-oriented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for consultants and clients, whether they are IT operational staff or buyers of IT intellectual services.

How Does PROPULSE Ensure Client and Consultant Satisfaction with Over 18,000 Professionals?

With over 18,000 consultants in our network, we employ proven processes to maintain high service levels and satisfaction. We prioritize offering engaging positions that add value and opportunities for growth to consultants, ensuring mission stability. Additionally, we provide targeted solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs, fostering satisfaction on both ends of the service spectrum.

What Is PROPULSE’s Customer Engagement Process Like?

In our typical customer engagement process, we first engage with IT service purchasing departments to secure inclusion in their list of approved providers through meetings and persuasion. Once listed, we receive rapid requests for unit services or job descriptions to be fulfilled. Upon deciding to onboard a freelance consultant recommended by us, clients issue either a specific contract or an order, with assignments often spanning several years. Periodically, procurement departments review suppliers, potentially opening opportunities for new entrants to join the panel. We have maintained consistent quality and satisfaction levels throughout the decade, fostering renewed trust from our clientele and motivating us to continue serving the IT community in France and beyond.

Quote: We will continue to serve our customers in order to generate relevant solutions at the key moment for their projects.

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