Psirenity : Developing its Unique Science of Peace of Mind


The rise of COVID-19 not only impacted the population physically but also has taken a toll on the mental health of the population. The health crisis is still dawned upon us and we still have to adhere to the social distancing norms and deprived human connections. In such circumstances adverse mental health consequences are inevitable. In several papers and articles, it was summarized that symptoms of anxiety and depression (16-28%) and self-reported stress (8%) are common psychological reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, and may be associated with disturbed sleep. Psirenity Inc. is a mental health and Wellness Company dedicated to delivering patients treatment options through its virtual clinic and providing patients seamless delivery of healthcare services.

Psirenity aims to provide patients on a global basis the ability to access healthcare professionals to assist in their diagnosis and treatment. It delivers its proprietary product offerings and protocols directly to patients providing a best-in-class treatment experience. To further strengthen their mission Psirenity intends on commencing a Phase 2 clinical trial in partnership with Jamaica’s Scientific Research Council using both immediate release and controlled release psilocybin in the second half of 2021. With the completion of this trial, Psirenity intends to commence a Phase 2 trial in an orphan disease state. Psirenity believes that psilocybin can be used as an effective and safe treatment for certain central nervous disorders. It considers that traditional pharmaceutical treatments are in many cases ineffective and that patients will benefit from a new paradigm developed by Psirenity for the treatment of mental health and wellness. All the efforts and researches are dedicated with a desire to help patients to reach their personal goals and allow them to lead their best lives through science of peace of mind.

Global Leader in Health & Wellness niche

Psirenity is an emerging global leader in science-backed brain health and wellness, addressing the global mental health pandemic, by offering holistic treatments for today and therapeutic solutions to help rediscover a better self tomorrow. Being the visionary frontrunner in the psychedelic space with advanced psilocybin psycho-educational programs and providing proprietary wellness products through the recently launched Psirenity virtual clinics.

The team of Psirenity is dedicated and constantly pushes themselves to go beyond, to look further, knowing brighter tomorrow awaits. The team does not follow the static traditional norms which have been the motivator to pursue solutions. As an innovator in the industry, Psirenity questions the current thinking rejects the status quo, and thus seek new ideas in the world. The solutions for the curious, the creative, and the confused all can be found through science leading us to a brighter future. Psirenity is optimistic and believes it is on the right path and discovers new treatments for the people suffering. “Through the rigor of disciplined thinking along with an unwavering optimism to keep us going – knowing we’re on the right path. We’ll discover new treatments for healing, clarity, peace of mind. Ultimately, to find ourselves. It’s in our promise. Our purpose. And our people,” asserts Mark Thompson.

Leader working alongside to develop new ideas

Mark Thompson is the CEO of Psirenity and has recently taken up the role of leadership. He is a veteran in the industry and has brought more than two decades of experience focusing on mergers and acquisitions and product development. Mark is the founder of Concordia Pharmaceuticals, now Advanz Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company with a diversified portfolio of more than 200 pharmaceutical products and sales in more than 90 countries. Currently, as the leader of Psirenity, he is working alongside the team to bring Psirenity’s proprietary branded products for the treatment of mental health and wellness to the market. “I am looking forward to building a global mental health and wellness brand that offers patients unique choices in their pursuit of well-being,” said Mark.

We are currently witnessing a rapid change throughout all industry niches and healthcare is no exception. Due to the pandemic, transformation is happening at an accelerated rate. Acknowledging this rapid change, Mark states that the delivery of healthcare services is fundamentally changing and Psirenity is committed to developing new ways for patients to interact with medical professionals to receive mental health and wellness treatments. The principal focus will always be the health and well-being of the patients. He adds, “Psirenity is founded on the belief that patients deserve better outcomes and our goal will always be to serve our patients and help them overcome their impediments to their serenity.”

Expanding the footprint through new facilities

In Psirenity’s journey to success, it has begun construction of a psilocybin research facility at its Norfolk County location. The New Leaf Canada Inc. had announced that it has received approval from Health Canada that will allow its wholly-owned subsidiary Psirenity to begin construction of a psilocybin research facility at its Norfolk County location. The construction of this new facility will establish a real footprint in Canada for Psirenity’s psilocybin and psilocin research once it receives CDSA licensing approval from Health Canada. Besides, the leadership at Psirenity is optimistic that the work will lead to new treatments in psychedelic-enhanced mental health, allowing Psirenity to commit itself even further to developing its unique Science of Peace of Mind.

The CDSA approval holds importance and thus is another milestone in the growth of Psirenity, which is emerging as a global leader in science-backed brain health and wellness. The firm has continually helped suffering patients and focus on providing holistic treatments. Worldwide, more than 300 million people suffer mental health issues, creating a potential market worth $233 billion. Mental health issues might be surging amidst the pandemic but they would not necessarily negate in the post-COVID world. Rather, the stress of coping up with the new normal and then transcending into the post-COVID world will make people more anxious. This uniquely positions Psirenity to focus on providing holistic treatments that help solve today’s mental health pandemic by expanding its understanding and the world’s acceptance of advanced psychedelic-enhanced mental health solutions, while accelerating patient intake and commercialization of its products.

Quote: “Psirenity is emerging as a global leader in science-backed brain health and wellness, addressing the global mental health pandemic, by providing holistic treatments for today and therapeutic solutions to help rediscover a better self tomorrow.”

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