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Psoria Shield
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The National Psoriasis Foundation has reported that Psoriasis affects over 8 million people in the U.S and 2 billion persons worldwide. Though the symptoms usually start at the age of 15, it can start at any age. The diseases are equally damaging for both genders, regardless of age, or skin color or economic status. Psoria Shield Inc. (PSI) was established to address the skin diseases that nearly 50% of the world population suffers from in some form or another. The PSI motto is “image enhancing light”. Since 2009, Psoria Shield continues extensive R&D to determine how to effectively treat serious skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitiligo, and more.

One of the greatest challenges they faced was to integrate several technologies to work in unison to deliver an energy source that was not previously available to practioners. Psoria Shield’s new energy emission format delivers all the beneficial aspects of antiquated gas chamber excimer lasers , while eliminating the costs and maintenance required by this old technology.


PSI management has invested in perfecting the technology. PSI started working on the technology when a technology transfer from NASA was reached in 2011. The team spent the next 7 years R&D interval to identify and provide solutions to the problems associated old technology based lasers.  

Clinically efficacious and versatile

PSI designed and engineered a solid-state chip on board (COB) technology that was developed to integrate with solid-state electronics and custom software to produce a small portable device, which requires no consumables and delivers the purest form of UV nanometer light energy. The energy emission has a +/- 1/10,000 deviation variance.

PSI’s new COB array technology, AURORATM, is both clinically efficacious and provides fast treatment times.  AURORATM is a revolutionary chip array Phototherapy device intended to treat a variety of dermatological (skin) conditions in a fast, safe, and efficient manner without the use of biologic or topical ointments.”  AURORATM is a compact portable device that is fully FDA approved to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis quickly and effectively without the limitations of routine maintenance (gas refills, chamber calibration)  and the need to periodically replace optics. AURORATM has the most advanced technology for clinically proven skin treatments available today. With the help of PSI’s AURORATM, patients are obtaining faster and more complete clearance of their skin conditions. This provides them a positive ‘image’ vs the disfigurement associated with skin abnormalities. Thus, enhancing their “ Quality of life”  

Least Toxic Treatment amongst others

The key distinguisher for Psoria Shield is that its unique technology provides physicians a faster, more reliable, maintenance free, safer device to treat a large variety of skin conditions and pathogens. AURORATM’s increasing popularity is due to  the benefits its solid-state electronics, custom software, and advanced diode array technology provide. AURORATM’s dual-band technology enables physicians to treat numerous conditions with a single device vs three devices.

The healthcare providers are aware of how diseases can affect the patients’ Quality of life. They are seeking treatments that are the most advanced, effective, and least toxic form of therapy to enhance the QoL for their patients. Psoriasis vitiligo and eczema are autoimmune diseases. Pharmaceutical biologic preparations further stress an already compromised autoimmune system when prescribed to patients suffering from those diseases. AURORATM offers a “natural” “sunlight” therapy which doesn’t systemically affect the patient’s physiology. UV light, whether laser or sunlight generated,  provides UVB energy to afflicted skin. AURORATM provides therapeutic UV energy in the safest most effective  way to patients.   

AURORATM was built to be expandable. The PSI team is working on new technology to expand Aurora further and allow new nano-meter emitting handpieces to be ‘plugged” into the base to increase the use parameters of the unit. This new energy format can be used to treat other medical conditions non-invasively as well. The unit is expandable to accommodate several additional diode-based COB handpieces: “Plug and Play” or “Plug and Treat”.

Expanding to treat new medical conditions

Healthcare providers are aware of the importance of the quality of their relationship with their patients and how that affects patient retention, new patient referral, and treatment outcomes. Patients demand the latest in technology when it comes to medical devices. AURORATM is incorporates the latest technology available.

The Managing Director of Psoria Shield, John A. Yorke says, “ASK If your healthcare provider has a targeted UVB phototherapy device, If your healthcare provider does not offer targeted UVB phototherapy or is not aware of this important therapy, let them know about it!”  Direct them to the NPS [national Psoriasis Foundation] website. NPS recommends NB UVB phototherapy as the first choice to treat psoriasis”.

Psoria Shield is striving to advance photonic medical treatments. PSI’s management and engineers are dedicated to achieving the corporate goal of educating physicians and patients on the benefits of using solid-state photonic energy to enhance the “Quality of life” of patients with skin diseases.


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