PulseCath BV: The Perfect Lifeline

During interventional cardiology procedures, it becomes vital for the healthcare professionals to keep the heart functioning till the time it is operated. To do this complicated yet critical job, interventional cardiology devices are used. Among one of the only companies that specialize in the development of percutaneous ventricular assist devices in the world, PulseCath stands invincible as the only one to provide pulsatile solutions that increase a human’s heart’s capacity.

Based out of Netherlands, PulseCath is a based medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets circulatory support systems. Founded in 2007, the company has developed unique and proprietary platform technology to provide a short-term circulatory support system for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. The company’s game-changing product, iVAC 2L, has made the company a market leader with its state-of-the-art technology and affordable pricing. “Our main goal was not only to create devices and technologies that would save millions and millions of lives, but are also affordable by customers in countries like India and China that probably cannot afford high price technology,” says Oren Malchin, CEO at PulseCath BV.  


As the company’s core product, iVAC 2L is a short-term, fully percutaneous, 17Fr transfemoral LVAD that effectively generates blood flow up to 2 liters per minute. The iVAC 2L unloads the ventricle actively and provides critical hemodynamic support in cases like high-risk revascularization procedures, myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock and in other high-risk interventional cardiology cases. The iVAC 2L is a highly flexible, fully percutaneous and cost-effective products that is familiar to execute because of its universal design that integrates with a standard IABP.

But the road to creating a revolutionary product like iVAC 2L wasn’t an easy process per se. Initially, the teams at PulseCath had two product ideas to choose from. One was “Continuous flown mechanism” and the other being “Pulsatile Flow Mechanism.” Due to various reasons, the company finally had to settle on the latter one to set off their journey. But the main challenge in developing their revolutionary product was that the technology that had to be used to develop a product like iVAC 2L was not only outdated, but utterly inefficient. So, not only was it required to improve the already existing technology and improve its efficiency, but also create it in such a way that its small in size and is affordable to everyone. Regardless, the company was eventually able to pull things off by checking all those tick boxes thanks to its highly experienced and skilled team.


Another aspect of PulseCath that makes it stand apart is the way it leverages feedback from its customers, The company believes firmly in the fact that negative feedback is most important than the positive ones because the former helps you learn and improve upon your products better. ”When we say feedback, we don’t only mean the feedback of our products but also feedback of other aspects of our business like the service and even the package,” explains Oren. This constant refinement and reiteration of its product based on customers’ feedback has enabled the company to arrive with a product that is simple to use with short learning curve in comparison to its competitors. “Normally, to use a heart pump, professionals need to buy a special console that activates the pump. But with iVAC 2L there’s need for any of that. It’s because, since we use an already existing IABP in the hospital, the hospital doesn’t need to buy any capital in order to activate our system,” tells Oren.

One of the factors that gives PulseCath a competitive edge as a company and makes it stand apart in the industry is its out-of-the-box thinking and team, without whom the product would’ve never been possible. That’s not to mention the humongous efforts of the management team that facilitated all the required resources and support to the engineers’ team and to other departments. Be it the product development team or the management or the marketing and sales teams, PulseCath has ensured in every possible way that its teams comprise of many skilled and experienced professionals from diverse fields. 

Presently, PulseCath is selling worldwide from China to Russia to Australia and other European countries (among others) except to the USA where it is still yet to get approval from FDA. It also aspires to achieve the mark of selling 2000 units of iVAC 2L per year and complete the development of it Heart Assist Platform that it hopes to launch in the near future. ”We want to create a unique platform that will give the doctor the opportunity or the possibility to have a pump that can be used in a different indication, such as based on the same technology,” says Oren. With a mission is to develop many cutting-edge technologies and become the market leader in the cardiac assist device market, PulseCath is all set to redefine the future of cardiac assist device space.


Description: Based out of Netherlands, PulseCath is a based medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets circulatory support systems.

Company Name: PulseCath BV

Founding Year: 2007

Office Locations: The Netherlands

Official Website of the company: https://www.pulsecath.com/

Name of the Featured Leader: Oren Malchin

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