Realiz: Diversified, Smart Investment

Most investors look for simple access to diverse investment opportunities with the potential for high returns. However, this can be problematic for many since the process can be overly complex or the entry ticket can be extremely high. Brice Vandevoorde, being one such investor himself, recognized the problem and decided to do something about it. He believes, “Investments should be open to all individuals, and asset owners should be able to free their equity in order to further contribute to global development.”

Brice noticed that blockchain with tokenization has enabled new ways to create financial instruments that offer transparency, efficiency, collateralization, and fractionalization. In France alone, individuals have $500 billion sleeping on their current bank accounts. Moreover, 97% of institutional investors agree that tokenization is capable of revolutionizing asset management. Taking all this into consideration, Brice, in his own words, took it to “building a stock exchange for digital securities based on real-world assets to democratize investing around the world in a regulated environment from 500 euros only.”

Realiz was established in 2022 with a straightforward approach, which involves searching for ideal investments, meticulously researching them, and relying on expert assessments. Nonetheless, what makes it stand in the marketplace is its fusion of French and Asian cuisine. The company amalgamates the finest elements from each domain to yield the best results. Besides, with the understanding that aspirations vary from one individual to another, Realiz places great emphasis on diversification. 

Easy Access to Investment Opportunities

Realiz will soon launch a platform wherein investors can experience how easy it is to take control of their financial future. Brice says, “The platform allows investors to easily access global investment opportunities, benefiting from REALIZ’s expertise and extensive network of partners. REALIZ offers a unique value proposition that combines cutting-edge technology, rigorous risk management, and a deep understanding of the latest trends in the investment industry.”

In order to stay up-to-date, the team at Realiz frequently travels to engage with industry stakeholders, participate in conferences, and attend training sessions so as to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills.

Investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in a range of high-quality assets, including real estate, industrial, ESG, yachting, private equity, and art collectibles. Further, through the platform, investors can browse among the company assets selected by international experts, create their portfolios, collect revenues, and manage their portfolios. Besides, the minimum investment amount is just EUR 500. 

The Journey of Realiz Since its Inception

Brice believes, “Opportunities arise when you’re actively engaged in solving genuine problems.” As a matter of fact, he faced numerous challenges during the establishment of the company. The major issue was to involve friends and families in the real estate projects. Following came the difficulty of accessing significant financial investments due to high entry barriers. 

In the quest for solutions, Brice says, “We explored various legal structures, which, despite some setbacks, ultimately led us to a meeting with the Consensys team in New York during the spring of 2020.” The encounter opened the door to the world of tokenization. Since then, Brice has been tirelessly dedicated to its implementation. Even though the overall journey has been marked by several failures, each one has served as a stepping stone for improvement. 

Standing Out From Competitors

Realiz has a regulated framework for reaching out to investors in 27 European nations along with a comprehensive network for both sourcing as well as distributing assets. Realiz does not only stand out from its competitors due to the services it offers but also because it does not see them as rivals. Its collaborative approach is not just limited to the team. Rather, it extends to partnerships with businesses in its ecosystem.

Brice says, “Together, we aim to create an exceptional framework that unites tokenized assets and investors through advanced technologies, shaping the future of capital markets. Our goal isn’t to hog the spotlight; rather, we prioritize harnessing the diverse talents and distinctive qualities of all industry stakeholders. Instead of viewing others as competitors, we view them as potential collaborators.”

The key cornerstones of their relationship are camaraderie, integrity, and trust. Many of them have shared over a couple of decades of history, both as collaborators in business and as friends. Through the ups and downs, they have built a bond of unwavering reliance on each other. Brice believes, “Life is a delicate equilibrium, and we are committed to ensuring that every team member, partner, and consultant attains their life’s aspirations.” Besides, the company’s coach, Lance Diaresco, shared a piece of advice, which was to not strive for perfection but to aim for excellence. 

Future Aspirations of Realiz 

Presently, Realiz has offices located in France, Austria, and Japan. The team has a strong roadmap for the months and years to come. However, with the fast-moving industry, it is crucial to be an opportunist. Hence, once the company’s position as a leader in Europe is established, it plans to explore the partnerships being built in the United States and Asia.  

Pull Quote: “Opportunities arise when you’re actively engaged in solving genuine problems.” 

Description of the Company: is a company that connects European investors with asset globally. 

Company Name: REALIZ.IO

Founding Year: 2022

Office Locations: France, Austria, Japan

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Brice Vandevoorde

Designation of the Leader: CEO & Co-founder

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