Redefining the Future of Gaming with NFT-Based Play to Earn

The gaming industry is experiencing a radical transformation with the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFT-based Play to Earn games have emerged as the new trend in the gaming world, offering players the chance to earn cryptocurrency while playing their favorite games. This innovative approach has solved several challenges that traditional gaming companies face, such as a lack of transparency and fairness in reward distribution and the absence of passive income opportunities for players.

Furthermore, Play to Earn games that are integrated with NFTs have redefined player engagement by creating a new level of competitiveness among gamers. By providing them with the chance to earn rewards while playing, these games are generating a new economy and giving players a sustainable income from their gaming activities. It is no wonder that the future of the gaming industry looks bright, thanks to the limitless possibilities of NFT Play to Earn games and the potential for exciting innovations that await gamers in the years ahead.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a pioneering force in the gaming industry, creating games that are not only fun and engaging but will also offer players the opportunity to earn while they play. Their inventive approach has led to the creation of games that are both entertaining and financially rewarding for players.

The company has a profound understanding of the gaming industry’s constantly evolving landscape, and they are adapting their games to meet the changing needs of gamers. By providing players with opportunities to generate income while playing, PLAYA3ULL GAMES will become one of the most prominent players in the Game-Fi industry.

A Revolutionary Fusion of Blockchain and Gaming

Formed in 2021, PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a company that is currently making waves in the world of blockchain gaming. It is a pioneering enterprise that is rapidly establishing itself in the industry. The company is devoted to creating and disseminating NFT-based games based on cutting-edge blockchain technology. Moreover, it has launched an exclusive digital currency known as the 3ULL Coin, which functions as the nucleus of the novel marketplace of the company.

The 3ULL Coin is an innovative coin that utilizes the Avalanche blockchain technology to facilitate secure transactions within the organization’s ecosystem. This digital asset has a finite supply and a well-defined cap, which helps to stabilize its value and enhance its scarcity over time. One of the 3ULL Coin’s salient features is its distribution mode. The tokens are disbursed via Master Nodes on a daily basis. This method of distribution fosters uniform dissemination amongst community members while also stimulating community involvement.

The enterprise’s Online Marketplace will be a vital part of the PLAYA3ULL ecosystem and is fueled by the 3ULL Coin. It will enable players to purchase, trade, and sell in-game assets (NFTs) while also offering PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ game developers a platform to showcase their products and connect with players. They are in the process of launching several blockchain-based games that are powered by state-of-the-art Unreal Engine gaming software and blockchain technology. These games include genres such as Action, Farming, Survival, and Trading Battle Card games that have garnered widespread popularity in both the gaming and crypto sphere.

The company is actively developing additional games and intends to continue releasing new games based on the most recent technology. These innovative games will offer players novel experiences that cannot be found in conventional gaming while also providing developers with an unparalleled platform to showcase their artistic talents and engage with players. “Blockchain technology presented the opportunity to convert a costly hobby into a new asset class,” says Jonathan Bouzanquet, one of the company’s Founders.

 Empowering Players with an Unmatched Game Suite Experience

PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a visionary game development company prioritizing players’ satisfaction above all else. They believe that the key to crafting games that truly resonate with their audience is to provide them with an influential voice in the game development process. To this end, the company has introduced a unique NFT system that allows players to purchase a membership in a DAO and contribute their votes toward shaping the direction of the game’s development. This ensures that the main features and changes added to their games are representative of what the players desire, making the gaming experience more fulfilling and rewarding. “The world is long overdue for an ecosystem that not only supports gamers so they can earn and own their in-game assets but also sell them if they desire,” quotes Jonathan.

The company boasts an impressive and diverse selection of games that cater to a broad range of tastes. Among their most popular titles is NEXUS, a third-person shooter MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that promises to keep players on the edge of their seats with its gripping gameplay. On the other hand, for those who prefer a more laid-back experience, STARVIN MARTIAN, a farming game available on both PC and mobile devices, is the perfect escape. Players can manage their own farm while exploring an immersive world filled with charming characters and delightful surprises.

For those seeking more intense gameplay, the platform also offers WAR OF STEEL is coming.  It is a captivating Battle Royale that pits giant Mechs against each other in an adrenaline-fueled fight for survival across a large map that shrinks inwards, forcing the survivors into heightened combat.

Alternatively, DOGS OF WAR will deliver a thrilling survival experience with its DayZ and Rust-style gameplay. Players can explore an extensive open world fraught with danger and adventure while testing their skills against the elements, creatures, and other players in the harsh, unforgiving landscape.

Finally, the company is finalizing ORDINEM, a battle card game with a unique strategic experience, ideal for players who relish deep and complex gameplay. Their innovative NFT system provides players with the opportunity to earn rewards and make money by obtaining and trading game assets in the game’s marketplace. As the Metaverse continues to expand, PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ games will undoubtedly give players even more control over the development process, empowering them to shape the future of the games they cherish.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES is Poised for Success with Sustainable Income Streams

PLAYA3ULL GAMES not only provides players with various formats of games but also provides multiple streams of revenue. We can take the example of the below cases to understand how players can earn money.

NEXUS is a fast-paced, action-packed game that allows players to compete against each other to win rewards and cash prizes. Players can participate in tournaments, pay-to-play matches, or even casual matches, where they can earn valuable in-game rewards like bullets, emotes, skins for weapons, and characters. The rewards range from basic to more valuable ones that can be worth hundreds of dollars. Tournaments will offer large cash prizes for winners, making it a competitive gaming environment where players can earn significant money by winning these matches. Pay-to-play matches offer players an opportunity to enter by paying a fee, and the winner takes the pot. This gaming model is a unique feature of NEXUS, and it will attract players who don’t just enjoy the game but want to add a competitive gaming experience and earn rewards.

DOGS OF WAR is a unique game being developed by PLAYA3ULL GAMES, which will provide players with an opportunity to establish a small passive income by running a game server. This game will allow players to create their businesses within the game by selling slots on a server they build and then run.  They can customize their server with mods and upgrades that other players want, and each server will offer a different experience.

One thing that sets the company apart from its competition is a “business-first” approach. Jonathan has assembled a team of experienced experts in each position, focusing on creating a sustainable and profitable business model. This allows their game developers to concentrate on building excellent ‘A-Level’ games while ensuring that the business side is fully sorted.

The company’s future looks optimistic, with almost 10% of its available nodes sold. It has generated the funding required to produce 30-50 ‘A Level’ games over the next decade. By incorporating the 3ULL coin into their in-game ecosystems.  The platform will continue to offer players a truly innovative experience and a self-regulating environment. As the worldwide gaming industry continues to grow and NFTs and Cryptocurrency become mainstream, PLAYA3ULL GAMES is perfectly poised for success.

 Pull Quote: “PLAYA3ULL GAMES is making games people want to play and giving the directional say of where the game goes in its long-term development back to the gamers”

Company Description: PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a Web3 and NFT game developer creating engaging and entertaining gaming experiences for web and mobile platforms.

Company Name:  PLAYA3ULL GAMES

Founding Year: 2022

Office Locations: Distributed Global Workforce, Dubai, Australia, Pakistan, Philippines, England, USA.

Official Website of the company: PLAYA3ULL.GAMES

Name of the Featured Leader: Jonathan Bouzanquet

Designation of the Leader: FOUNDER/CSO

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