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RK Mission Critical, LLC (RKMC) is one of seven business units of RK. RK is a privately-owned enterprise that began as a plumbing and mechanical business in Nebraska over 50 years ago. In 2015, RKMC was established with a focus on modular solutions for the data and telecom markets. Because of its combined experience in construction, manufacturing, integration and service, RKMC is uniquely positioned to support modular solutions and commercialize them to scale. Through its association with RK, RK Mission Critical may be the only company in the United States with the financial strength, capacity, construction, fabrication, and manufacturing knowledge to deliver high volume at above-average lead times in a manufacturing facility that is UL listed and ISO 2015:9001, ISO 2015:14001 and ISO 2018:45001 certified.

Customer-Engineered Modular Solutions

RK Mission Critical is a global provider of custom-engineered modular solutions. It is a single-source solution provider, which addresses all critical activities from “concept to service,” and handles complex, high-volume projects.

RK Mission Critical, LLC

The company prioritizes customer success and carefully listens to their needs and requirements to develop value-added solutions. RKMC current modular solutions include:

  • Data Centers: The data industry is constantly evolving, and RK Mission Critical has the experience and knowledge required to design and manufacture the right solution for its needs. RKMC is a leader amongst its competitors in the design, construction and fabrication of traditional and modular data centers. These data centers are designed in collaboration with RKMC customers and are built off-site in a quality-controlled manufacturing facility, and then seamlessly integrated on-site. The modular data centers are customizable designs that are pre-engineered, pre-assembled, integrated and pre-tested prior to delivery to the customer’s site. They are delivered ready to “plug and play,” allowing connection to the location site infrastructure in a matter of days.Modules are also ideal for existing data center companies that want a scalable expansion method. For example, during a 20-year facility life cycle, technological equipment will be replaced six to eight times. The modular strategy allows customers to apply emerging technologies as they become commercially available.
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Modules: RK Mission Critical elevated the standards of the cryptocurrency business sector by using its 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility and Lean Six Sigma manufacturing and integration processes. THE DISRUPTOR™ 2000 is one of three modular cryptocurrency mining containers manufactured by RKMC. Ordinary shipping containers are modified functionally and structurally to become these state-of-the-art modules. The electrical system within the modules consists of 2 MW (megawatts) of power distribution, the integration of a 3000-AMP switchboard and fourteen 400-AMP custom-designed power distribution panels. In addition, the HVAC system is comprised of 24 custom filtered intake air hoods, hot aisle containment and fourteen 5-horsepower exhaust fans that support the network cabling and hardware of 560 crypto-currency mining machines.

  • Modular Electrical Rooms and Enclosures: Highly efficient electrical systems are a priority for any facility, especially those with power distribution and UPS systems. RK Mission Critical is a forerunner in the design and manufacturing of power distribution centers (PDCs), power control centers (PCCs) and electrical equipment houses (E-houses). These are custom-engineered, environmentally controlled and pre-fabricated enclosures designed to accommodate and protect switchgear, MCCs, VFDs, DC systems, UPS, SCADA and power management systems. The enclosures are built off-site in a quality-controlled manufacturing facility, delivered “plug and play” with all the required certifications, which can be connected quickly to the electrical distribution system at the customer’s location. RKMC technical solution engineers develop the custom-designed electrical modular solution in collaboration with the design team and customer specifications, making it a single-source provider for modular electrical enclosures.

With the extensive customer collaboration and the development of high-performance teams, RKMC not only eliminates surprises and mitigates risk, but is ready to take on unexpected challenges as they arise.

RKMC Team Development & Accountability

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global economy and posed a health threat to individuals worldwide.  During the height of the pandemic, many companies were unsure how to manage profits and employees, causing layoffs and unfair work expectations. RK Mission Critical, however, went the extra mile to protect and care for its employees. RKMC pooled supplies, like cleaning products and masks, to keep employees and their families safe. RKMC is an essential business and continued working, while much of the world’s businesses were forced to shut down. During this time employees were given flexible working arrangements, and individuals with special family situations and pre-existing conditions worked outside the office without restriction. RK Mission Critical adapted quickly to the “new normal,” which ultimately contributed to its success and growth in 2020 and 2021.

Supply-chain became one of the biggest challenges for businesses worldwide during the height of the pandemic. To overcome those challenges, the RKMC team relied on developing strong relationships with vendors to figure out ways to get the parts and equipment needed. While other manufacturing and modular companies struggled to find the experienced individuals necessary to keep up with demand, RKMC worked together to sustainably meet those demands and maintain quality standards for its customers. RK Mission Critical has grown to be one of the leading providers of modular solutions, which has been achieved through dedication and excellence in execution. The team recognizes the essentiality strived for delivering the best despite the volatility of the economy.

Strong and Reliable Leadership

John Marrinucci, President and Managing Partner of RK Mission Critical, LLC, holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, a B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy and is a Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Marrinucci is also a qualified Navy nuclear engineer who served in the United States Navy on a fast-attack nuclear submarine.

Marrinucci is the type of leader who sees his team as an extension of his family.

“I strive to create a safe and stress-free environment so each individual is content, productive and has the opportunity for advancement and the ability to meet their personal goals.”

He offers the kind of leadership that aims to develop and train a high-performance team while also establishing innovative strategies that create a sustainable competitive advantage. Marrinucci is a passionate leader who is driven to attain excellence and motivates those around him to perform at their highest levels.

“Just like the team on a nuclear submarine, I develop my teams here to have similar values: Respect for all individuals and their input equally, well trained, team before self, mission-focused, full transparency, work hard and play hard.”

He believes that an ideal team is happy, dedicated and hardworking, where each individual is familiar with their roles and responsibilities, strives for excellence and makes every effort to grow and learn.

“The RKMC team is one of the best teams I have ever been associated with.”

Developing Market Niches

RK Mission Critical is leading the manufacturing industry into the future through innovation in construction and integration, with a philosophy of constant improvement and excellence. The aim is to continually grow in the verticals it caters to, like data and telecom markets, with existing and next-generation products.  Lastly, RK Mission Critical will continue to develop products organically and through partnerships to establish a propriety position in niche markets, like agriculture, healthcare, etc. Marrinucci states, “Our relationship with our customers is truly a partnership. We work together for the benefit of both companies in a transparent and complementary way. We truly become one team.” It is this way of thinking that allows RKMC to grow and explore other markets, finding new opportunities to create and innovate its modular solutions.

RK Mission Critical Information:

Contact Name: John Marrinucci

Email: [email protected]

Contact : (267) 249-8533

Office location: 20101 E. 36th Drive, Unit A Aurora, Colorado 80011

Website: Rkmissioncritical.com

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