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In today’s fast-paced world, traditional leadership models do not come up to scratch. Thus, leadership qualities tend to remain underdeveloped and undervalued. The theories of these conventional models are entirely confined to black and white. The challenges today are even more dynamic and diverse, which further increases the need for a fresh idea of leadership. 

The changing landscape requires leaders who do not just go by the book but also provide new perspectives. Recognizing this gap, Sally Duxfield set on a mission to redefine leadership development. She comprehends contemporary leadership like no other and is genuinely committed to growth.

The Experiential Learning Method 

Sally Duxfield is an industry leader in leadership coaching, the art of experiential architecture, and mental fitness to inspire change. She says, “Leadership must be experienced, felt, and practiced to become a mechanism for development.” A speaker, coach, entrepreneur, founder, and author, Sally is deeply committed to everything she does. 

Sally understands that experiential learning can best cultivate true leadership. Her company is focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice. For this, it offers experiential architecture, which provides leaders with real-world scenarios, helping them understand the impact of the actions they take. 

Sally’s Journey from Military Operations to Leadership Consultancy 

Sally’s journey toward leadership development began when she helped build high-performance teams in the New Zealand Defence Force. At that time, she realized that lessons are best learned when leaders and team members can see and feel the impact of their behaviors on other individuals. 

Identifying this gap helped her enhance the delivery of transformative and meaningful training. Based on this realization, she went on a mission to revolutionize the manner in which entrepreneurial leaders and organizations approach leadership development. 

After successfully serving as a military operations officer, Sally started Contact NZ Ltd, a leadership consultancy. Subsequently, she fused her passion for the outdoors with her expertise in consultancy and founded Makahika OPC. This venture is an outdoor center that focuses on offering a combination of outdoor experiences and leadership development. 

Like any other entrepreneur, Sally’s initial years were full of challenges that included financial stress, strenuous efforts, and tireless hours. The two major challenges for her were aligning her visionary thinking with the people she was surrounded by and managing cash flow. With time, she realized the need to articulate, slow down, and navigate others along the path.

Having established two self-reliant businesses successfully, Sally started focusing on her passion, which was to study the neuroscience of peak performance. This is what led to the inception of She says, “Having established two self-leading companies, it was time to follow my passion for the last 9 years, the study of the neuroscience of peak performance; thus the brand became my next focus.”

Purpose: Sally’s Power and Secret to Success

Sally is a leader in the industry not only because she wears multiple hats but also because she does it with remarkable authenticity. The secret – her work-life balance. She believes that her recognition of the importance of quality sleep, biohacks, and well-being are what keep her going. “Throughout my studies in the science of peak performance, I’ve learned so much about well-being, biohacks, and sleep. Using those as the foundation for my life, I cannot tell you how important they are for sustained energy,” says Sally.

When Sally is working on designing experiential programs for her corporate customers, she is not only working – she is deeply immersed, and driven by purpose. As a matter of fact, Sally gives her undivided attention to entrepreneurs and executives, even when she is a 1:1 coach or mentor. She adds, “My energy comes from my passion; my passion from living my purpose, and my absolute belief in what I do.” 

The Three Pillars of Sally’s Leadership 

Through the three key principles, Sally Duxfield has created passionate, loyal, and dedicated teams that trust her to lead them. Thus, they willingly put in their time, energy, and skills to the vision they all share. The first fundamental principle of her leadership philosophy is her steadfast commitment to continuous learning. She says, “I cannot emphasize enough the need to learn, every day, something new; be curious, be focused, seek new knowledge and experiences to continue growing.”

The second principle is her leadership which Sally calls ‘Soft Strength’. She places great emphasis on the significance of nurturing her team properly while driving them to attain the collective aim. She believes that driving and nurturing are two sides of the same coin – each is ineffective without the presence of another. 

Last but not least, Sally highlights the significance of storytelling so as to communicate her vision continuously. By sharing her energy and passion every day, she makes sure that her team comprehends the vision as well as works toward achieving it. 

The Vision to Build a Lasting Legacy  

As Sally throws light on her professional and personal achievements, she shares her vision of a future with clear goals and a strategic exit plan. In the upcoming three to five years, she is prepared to sell her bespoke eco-retreat and outdoor center. She will not only be focused on attaining financial goals. Instead, she wants to set the stage for a worthwhile legacy. 

Apart from her pursuits related to businesses, Sally Duxfield has thoughtfully planned her next chapter of entrepreneurship. This comprises a small house in Canada, which will help her to stay near her daughter, and a plan to start a new bespoke eco-retreat in Costa Rica, specifically designed to nurture and grow young entrepreneurs.

“So, as I continue to deepen my knowledge of the neuroscience of peak performance, I will be able to pursue my three loves. Travel, motivational speaking, and the design and delivery of international, off-grid retreats. All the while, fulfilling my purpose; to inspire, increase, and excite every person I meet; serving them to pursue their visions and dreams through, sustainable peak performance,” Sally shares. 

Sally’s experience, achievement, and vision serve as reminders for us that true leadership is not limited to classrooms or boardrooms. Rather, it is about nurturing growth, realizing your impact, and applying theoretical knowledge practically. 

Pull Quote: “I cannot emphasize enough the need to learn, every day, something new; be curious, be focused, seek new knowledge and experiences to continue growing.”

Description: Sally Duxfield is a coach, mentor, and author and is an industry leader in leadership coaching, the art of experiential architecture, and mental fitness to inspire change.

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